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Two trucks intercepted for carrying illegal sandalwood

Jan 31, 2014

sandalwood-ParoOfficials of the Jigme Dorji National Park in Paro seized two trucks carrying illegal sandalwood on two separate incidents. The first truck carrying around 900 kilograms of sandalwood was apprehended on the night of  January 26. The illegal timber had been hidden under cement bags and was to be exported to China.

The second vehicle was caught the next day at around 11 PM. This vehicle had about 920 kilograms sandalwood concealed under bricks which was also to be transported to China.

The offenders will be penalised under new rules. The perpetrators will be fined Nu.50,000 along with a compensation fee of Nu.750 per kilogram. The vehicle owner or the drivers will also be levied the same compensation fee of Nu.750 per kilogram of the illegal timber.

The new rules state that the penalty will be doubled and the vehicle seized for a repeated offense.



4 Comments for “Two trucks intercepted for carrying illegal sandalwood”

  1. Sangla Dorji

    As per my knowledge the quantity of the Sandal wood carried by both the Trucks are more than 1500Kgs, But the foresters who have seized the woods have considered have considered around 580 kgs each. With this I would like to remind the concerned authorities to check the seized products because there is high chance that Concerned Forester might Sell difference which is about 1160kgs amounting to 2320000.00

    We also heard that there are lots of informer from forestry officials who informs those Sandal wood vendors timing and dates where special checking are going on which makes difficult forester to Catch Them.

  2. thinley

    well, this seems goon…

  3. Ngawang

    My suggestion for this timber business should ligal because they r buying fron India n send it to china benefit is going to Bhutanese people it give benefit for bhutan what do you all think?

  4. rocky

    My humble request to the forest Division is that better seized the truck and that will be the lesson for truck drivers. In next time they will not listen to carry all this illegal things. Great guys…Service the country like this…salute you all

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