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10 years work experience mandatory to contest for National Council

Jan 30, 2014

NC-10 years work experience mandatory to contest for National Council. Anyone aspiring to contest in the next National Council elections must now have a minimum work experience of 10 years. This was decided by the National Council today while discussing the National Council Amendment Bill 2014.

The member of the National Council’s legislative committee, Karma Yezer Raydi, who put forth the proposal, said the requirement was felt necessary as the National Council is an important institution with its foremost responsibility to review the government and issues of national interest.

After a lengthy discussion, the Chairperson settled on deciding the matter through a show of hands. Of the 24 members present in the house, 16 supported the move. 

10 Comments for “10 years work experience mandatory to contest for National Council”

  1. kezang choden

    what will happen to those already elected council members after this term is over. some of the member of council dont even have a 1 year work experience so after their term is over it will be only 5 years work experiece.. and what will happen to them?? will they be able to contest again???

  2. Karma Dyenka

    A very wise decision. I totally agree with councilperson Dasho Karma’s justification for proposing this. This example should also be followed by the National Assembly.

  3. sangay



  4. Karma

    In stead, they could have fixed age as 35 years but working experience of 10 years will bar many from contesting and only handful of people will be eligible. Probably only the incumbents will be re-contesting for NC member.
    It’s sad and very hurting to see our highly paid and select few are coming to this sort of mind boggling conclusions. God save this country of GNH.

  5. migto

    Such decision of NC has surprised public and especially the young and talented graduates. The BBS should collect public views on this.

  6. Kinzang

    This is a risky move i guess, what if a Dzongkhag like Gasa which is said to have few graduates and with 10 years it would be even smaller in number.In 2018 NC election if people with 10 years experience does not want to contest election because it is risky as people have to resign from job and getting elected is not sure, what would then be the situation, would the election law be relaxed to let fresh people contest? Or again the it will be amended?

    I personally feel 5 years experience could have been the best.

  7. Kangaroo

    What a stupid decision,,

  8. Haap

    Ambiguous and very stupid rule. Undemocratic and this shouldn’t raised in the parliament . How about past NC do they have to resign? How about Sangay Khandu and and all it is just a crap.

  9. nadola

    While their intention may be appreciated, I see it as an indirect attempt of violating the provisions of our constitution. I’m afraid NC is further complicating the prerequisites by indirectly increasing the age criteria and presumably promoting inappropriate experience. In the west students study and also work at the same time. They can come out with graduate qualification and also with experience. Do you think that would serve the purpose?

    While adequate experience is certainly paramount, let’s not forget that experience alone doesn’t necessarily makes a best person. It is more to do with other human qualities such integrity, loyalty and patriotism.

    This is a smart way of undermining our voters but our people are clever enough to choose the person who they think is the best regardless of age, sex or experience. Are we not limiting options to our voters through the introduction of this additional clause? We tend to talk a lot about freedom as part of our democracy and limiting right and freedom on the other hand is something that needs to be questioned.

    On the other hand, this is unfortunately a huge discouragement to our youth who theoretically enjoys highest priority. Our system should at least have provisions for our competent youths to partake so that they will get to enhance their skills to become a better leader tomorrow. Weather young or old, experienced or inexperienced; we have our people to choose. So, why additional clause?

  10. Dor

    Probably after next election , I can see Bhutan (NC particularly) run by Baby Boomers.
    We the youths certainly got to think of how to envolve ourselves in decision making if NC is going to cut down youths opportunities .
    “Charity starts at home” .
    Well If policy makers out there are going to set the highest bar for whatever reasons for youths or at least pupil without 10 year job experience , How the hell will they reach up in policy making status.
    Are youths and graduates only capable to be flushed out Overseas to work as office assistants, english teacher, nanny etc..
    Common I can see policy makers giving space to youth out there.

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