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A petition to spare their pastureland

Yeshi Gyeltshen, Paro
Jan 29, 2014

A petition to spare their pasturelandThe villagers of Wangtsa in Haa say they have lost about 880 acres of pastureland to development works. If this is to continue, they fear, they will be left without grazing land soon. They have put up a petition to the Dzongkhag Administration for the second time so that their plea is heeded to.

The Tshogpa of Wangtsa Chiwog, Phub Dollay, said the only pastureland left for their village is the little patch of land located above the petrol station. He said about 35 households share the pastureland which measures just about an acre. “There is no scope for expansion because the pastureland lies in between private land and land belonging to IMTRAT.”

In 2009, the pastureland was marked for community forest. But before it was certified as a community forest, the area was given away as a substitute land to someone. The villagers say they have not been consulted and that they suspect foul play.

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The Dzongkhag Forestry Officer, Gem Tshering, said the pastureland hadn’t been leased out to the people of Wangtsa and thus consulting them was not deemed necessary.

He added the decision to give away the pastureland as substitute land was made in the presence of Katsho Gup and Mangmi. The Dzongkhag Forestry Officer also said the pastureland had to be identified as substitute land because there was no other land available in the gewog.

“Municipal office took over a private land for the Water treatment plans and then there was no other available land to be given as substitute.”

Gem Tshering said the Land acquisition and exchange committee, headed by the former Dzongda, went to the location and did research. “They found out the land did not come under the Community Forest plans and so it was identified as substitute land.”

Villagers are waiting to hear back from the authorities on the petition they have submitted before they decide their next course of action.


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  1. tblaksam

    Someone who keeps good watch over Parliament proceedings can capitulise on the decisions made on issues closed for some time ago. If such wishes have to be considered, then there are 100s, if not in 1000s, which have kept themselves shut for the sake of the country. We should not prioritise if such pleas come from which section of society, Shar, Lho, Nub, Jang?
    The benefits reaped out of such issues are visible…..and there are examples…

  2. Dugay hap

    Since the land is there in the community’s thram the topic of giving it to the community does not exist.Why should some one take the land which is there in their own thram. Also if it belongs to govt. then why did the committee members include Gup and Mangmi. In this case DZFO was just bullshitting for the sake of speaking only. Why BBSC could not announce the name of the person who got the land . Why BBSC is saying some one. If their motive is to protect him then why did they report in the first place. All these things says corruption is growing at a very fast pace in our country.

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