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Cabinet decides to lift ban on furniture and alcohol import

Jan 29, 2014

CabinetThe cabinet has decided to lift the ban on import of furniture and alcohol. The decision came upon the recommendations of Multi-sectoral Task Force.

A press release from the Cabinet Secretariat says the restrictions did not serve their intended purpose in the economy and were not in line with bilateral and regional trading arrangements.

The Multi-sectoral Task Force Report also identified vehicle import as major contributor to trade imbalances and Rupee shortfall. The Task Force further recommended for appropriate fiscal measures prior to lifting the existing restriction on vehicle import.

The release also says the cabinet agreed to lift the ban yesterday in the spirit of renewing the bilateral trade agreement with India.

The Task Force recommended the government to frame fiscal measures to supplement monetary measures in order to ensure smooth functioning of the economy.

It also recommended the government to review duty and tax structure to promote local industry and if deemed necessary, reduce alcohol consumption through fiscal, education and other measures.

The ban on import of vehicles will be deliberated later upon consideration of the Pay Commission’s report.

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