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Special economic zone rouses economic optimism among locals

Dec 27, 2013

Special economic zoneMore than 730 acres of land have been identified at Jigmeling under Dekiling gewog in Sarpang Dzongkhag as a special economic zone. About 40 acres of private land were also acquired and compensated for accordingly.

The special economic zone has made many locals optimistic about a better economic future. The area at Jigmeling above the Sarpang-Gelegphu highway will be developed into an industrial estate by Druk Holding and Investments (DHI). Private land belonging to at least 40 people have been compensated for with land, and money for the houses that were dismantled by DHI.

The Gup of Dekiling shares that the people are happy with the compensation and are hopeful about the industrial estate benefitting them in the long run.

We can market our farm produce within our own community. We will not have to travel all the way to the Sunday market to sell our produce. Also there will be employment opportunities created,” said Dekiling’s, Gup Gomchen.

The only issue appears to be related to drinking water. The people are worried that the industrial estate could cause shortage of drinking water. At present, the inhabitants of Jigmeling depend on the ratey khola for irrigation and drinking purposes. Anticipating the problem, locals have already identified another source in Bhur Khola. With an immediate problem seemingly tackled, the people are looking forward to the quick development of the industrial estate.




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