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Local film makers urged to make quality films of international standard

Nov 29, 2013

LocalFilmMakersThere is no denying the fact that films and documentaries can promote tourism. But, what kind of films and documentaries? During a three-day workshop on roles of films and documentaries in promoting regional tourism, local filmmakers were urged to work towards producing films of international standard.

Film makers and other stakeholders from the SAARC region gathered in Thimphu to discuss this. The Bhutanese film makers were urged to produce movies not just for the Bhutanese audience but for the international audience as well. “As a GNH society we need the balance,” said Dasho Kinley Dorji, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications.

“We don’t need a society with only politicians and business people but we need artists to come up.

“Bhutanese society, strongly characterized by creative people, artist, singers, dancers, has been very much part of our daily life.  It is very important that this is developed and also we have a very rich bank of mythology, epics, folk tales, contemporary stories- we need to convert those into quality films,” Dasho added.

Dasho said that if Bhutanese film makers aimed at only Bhutanese audience then they were already aiming at limited audience that would sustain limited number of films. “I hope our film makers will built up to international standard and make films for the world. Films, preferably about Bhutan for international audience.”

Besides joint production of documentary films among the region, the Director of SAARC Information Centre, Laxmi Bilas Koirala, said there are plans to organise a documentary film festival around next year.

“The documentary film festival is aimed at promoting cultural, historical and natural ecotourism and other development aspect and also in the cooperation of SAARC development,” he said.

The workshop, organised by SAARC Information Centre, in coordination with the Department of Information and Media, ended today.

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