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Annual meeting of religious heads begins

Nov 23, 2013

ChoedheyTShogpaThe second annual meeting of religious heads began in the capital, yesterday. Close to 130 religious heads from across the country are attending the two day meeting.

The Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, was present at the opening of the meeting.”Our country is a Buddhist country and it is important to preserve our religion. It also important not to differentiate the different order of religion, as such Kagyudpa, Nyingmapa or Hinduism.” He said religion is one important aspects of life in achieving Gross National Happiness.ChoedheyTShogpa.

The Home and Cultural Affairs Minister, Damchoe Dorji, also the Chairperson of the Commission of Religious Organisations spoke on the importance of the “Religious Organisations Act of Bhutan”. The act was enacted in 2007 by the Parliament.

“The government felt the need for a Religious Organisations Act of Bhutan to have a comprehensive law that would provide for registration and administration of religious organisations while protecting and preserving the religious heritage of the country”.

Lyonchhen awarded certificates to nine newly-registered religious bodies as well. There are now 127 religious bodies registered with the commission. During the two-day meeting, there will be discussion on travel and visa issues, among others.


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