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Singye Dzong sees the biggest congregation

Oct 19, 2013

singye--dzong-One of the most sacred sites in Bhutan, Singye Dzong in Lhuntse has seen the biggest congregation of devotees this year. The calm and peaceful site was flooded with thousands of devotees for over two months.

Thousands of devotees from across the country trekked to Singye Dzong in the last two months. Singye Dzong is three days walk from Khoma village in Lhuntse.

Two Rinpoches, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse and Dudjom Yangsi Tenzin Yeshey Dorji conducted a nine-day Drupchen in Singye Dzong following the completion of a month long meditation. The Phurpai Namchag Pudri Drupchen was performed from 6th till 14th of this month. The Drupchen was performed for the peace and prosperity of all the sentient beings.

“It is also performed to revive the sacredness of Singye Dzong, which has been diminished over the years,” said the Coordinator, Lam Rinzin Samdrup.

Devotees received Phurpaiwang and Nguldrup Lawang from the two Rinpoches. Besides attending the Drupchen, the devotees also visited numerous sacred sites of Guru Rinpoche and Khadro Yeshey Tshogyal.

Singye Dzong has eight dzongs all embedded on rocks. The dzongs are believed to be the eight manifestation of Guru Rinpoche. Besides the dzongs, the devotees also visited Lake Tshokar, Tshonag and Terdha Latsho to offer prayers and receive blessing.

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