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2,400 graduates attend NGOP

Sep 30, 2013

Orentation2013This year, with the theme “In Quest of Productive Citizen”, a total of over 2,400 graduates, are attending the National Graduate Orientation Programme. The programme started yesterday.

It is being held at two venues, at the YDF hall and at the swimming pool complex in the capital.

At the opening ceremony, the Minister of works and Human Settlement and the Minister for Labor and Human Resources spoke on unemployment issues, and the government’s plans and policies to address them.

According to the Minister of Labour and Human Resources, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, the government targets for 97.5 percent overall employment in the 11th five year plan. He added, to meet this target, some of the important policies in place are, youth employment policy, unemployment allowance, and overseas employment, among others.

He said, the graduates should not only aim at working for the government, but also take equal interest in private sectors. Graduates were also advised to take up self-employment and entrepreneurship programmes, with financial support from the government.

The main objective of the one week-long orientation programme is, to familiarise the graduates on the government policies, culture and tradition, and also to develop leadership and positive values among the graduates.

Over the week, the graduates will meet with the prime minister, heads of institutions, Ministries, Constitutional Bodies and the opposition leader.

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  1. Anna

    The problem is not about job availability but willingness to work. This is the transition period where under degree posts should be now filled with graduates, such as office asst, accountant, office secretary etc. The graduates can fill these posts and release under degrees for blue color job to address labour shortage problem in the country. However there is high sense of labor dignity, due to this the present graduates are not willing to take up these jobs but expecting high post. There is somewhere mismatch of job and post. I think MoLHR should self esteem such thinking and level dignity of all labours through various strategies. So many vacancies are announced in the media but none of them are filled by these graduates, if MoLHR find out why and address the issue then some of the unemployment problems would be solved rather than just thinking about creating more posts.

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