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Officials sentenced for illegal encroachment

Sep 28, 2013

Sentence-NganglamCourtThe Dungkhag Court in Nganglam in Pema Gatshel sentenced a former land record officer, former Gup and a businessman to prison terms ranging from one to three years. The verdict was passed on Wednesday.

They were sentenced for illegal encroachment into government land between 2005 and 2010. The court has also seized some 44.16 acres of land and resituated it to the government.

The former land record officer of the national land commission secretariat received a non-compoundable sentence of three years.  The Former gup got a one-year prison term, with an option to pay thrimthue in lieu of imprisonment. The businessman from Ngalam received a two-year sentence with an option to pay thrimthue.

3 Comments for “Officials sentenced for illegal encroachment”

  1. Eagle Eyes

    To help curb such corrupt practices, the land dealing officials/govt.servants must be transferred every two to three years like the Engineers and accountants. This systems of transfer excercise seems working in helping corruptions as far as we know. Thanks and this is in support to help corruptions in our country. We want to help curb such corruptions.

  2. Chhime Zom

    From now onwards, we must wake up and try our best to help curb corruptions in our common wealth like land and money. Such people alike must be subdued from our society.

  3. Zaypar Gomatsug

    Being a concerned citizen, we are worrying thinking that how can we stop such corruptions played by such power/authority holders at their behest.
    LAND is our common wealth for all of us and it should not be lost to such powerful corrupted people. Because of such corrupted people, the poor remains poor and corrupted people are silently getting richer and millionaires. We want to help curb corruptions but corrupted people seems powerful.

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