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Reticulated python rescued

Sep 10, 2013

ReticulatedPythonA reticulated python, similar to the Indian rock python, has been rescued and brought to the Gelegphu park office today. The female python was caught by Indian people from nearby forest in the airport area. It has suffered several injuries on the body. It will be treated before it is released in the forest.

The python is 14 feet long, one foot two inches in girth and about 35 to 40 kilograms in weight. It is a non-venomous, rare snake that is found in northeast India and eight other countries. It usually preys on small animals like rodents, fruit bats, birds, jackals, civets, deer and wild boar. The snake  grows up to 19 feet.

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  1. Bingo

    looks like Russels Viper….Inverted V mark on the head prominent

  2. Sither Tenzin

    Commendable job!

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