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Key highlights on HIV/AIDS discussed

Aug 30, 2013

15th-National-Commission-meeting-on-HIV-AIDSThe 15th National Commission meeting on HIV/AIDS was held at Terma Linca Resort in Thimphu, today. Today’s key highlights were issues related to the screening of migrants workers at the border entry gates, provision of Anti-retroviral Therapy for migrant workers, Revitalisation of Dzongkhag Multi-Sectoral Task Force and Sustaining Lhaksam as an Independent CSO.

During the meeting, the National HIV/AIDS and STIs Control Program under department of Public Health appraised the members on the status of HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country with the key highlights of the program achievements, gaps and ways forward.

The decisions and recommendations from the commission provides for policy reforms to accommodate recent developments in fight against HIV/AIDS and STIs.

The core mandate of the commission is to formulate policies and advice the government for prevention of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections in Bhutan.

The meeting was chaired by Health Minister, Tandin Wangchuk.

4 Comments for “Key highlights on HIV/AIDS discussed”

  1. Dekso

    ‘The 15th National Commission meeting on HIV/AIDS was held at Terma Linca Resort in Thimphu, today”.

    Why should it be held at Terma Linca Resort? MoH do not have a conference hall? Why unnecessarily waste money? Our economy is in doldrums and conducting such conference in resort is definitely not becoming wise enough. Even a penny saved counts!

  2. Phuntsho

    Yeah why it was held in Terma Linca? MoH has two conference halls in the Ministry building. They are wasting precious budget by hosting the meetings in expensive hotels.

    • Tshela

      Cabinet discussed the austerity measures to cut short of unnecessary budget, but its sad to know the same thing is practiced by Health Ministry…haha the butcher is changed but the way of butchering is not changed…how the economy of Bhutan will improve by throwing money unnecessarily…..

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