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PM receives audience with His Majesty

Aug 29, 2013

PM-AUdienceThe Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, received an audience with His Majesty the King, today. The Royal audience was sought by the Prime Minister to report to His Majesty on his ensuing visit to India and receive Royal Command.

Lyonchhen will be on an official visit to the Indian capital, New Delhi from August 30 till September 4. The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh had invited the Prime Minister to visit India soon after the election result was declared in July this year.

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  1. Dorji

    So much for the bold statement promise of 20% housing allowance. Now they sound like DPT who said the raise will be decided by Pay commission. All those bold statement meant nothing but empyt promises. And yet some people has guts to come infront of the TV to make such opposite statements in a months time.

  2. Tshangla

    One conformed theme the Bhutan PM will table with his Indian counterpart is about repatriation of Bhutanese refugees in eastern Nepal camps,but PM should remember in what way will convince the people of Bhutan (insiders).

    • Advisor

      I don’t think, this is an issue anymore. Most of the refugees have been taken by other countries and there are reports that those who wished to return to Bhutan, after seeing how prosperous those who went became, have also changed their minds to go to those countries.

      So we all should be happy that a substantial number of people who were in the camps have made future for themselves and their generations. Good things were all along, wished for by our leaders, no matter what the political status of those people.

  3. sandy

    we hope hon’ble PM visits to India will not go in vain

    Tashi Delek

  4. natharam44

    nice to near

  5. dada

    All the best Lyoenchen and his team. We are proud of your official visit which in turn benefits our country and its people at large. May Kencho-sum considers and blesses your team. Hope for the best and come out with flying colours. Good luck!

    • Gyamso

      We have learnt infinite lessons from this year election.

    • Chencho Nidup

      The official visit of our PM to India was very remarkable. I am very proud n happy that our Loyenchen has made his first official visit India, which in result will strengthen our country bilateral relationship and improve our country economic. I wish my newly appointed PM safe journey return with fully accomplished.

  6. sharma

    we all are full hope to Pay increment & house allowance. by new govt.

  7. environmentalist

    Congratulations to our honorable PM for being successful in convincing our Indian friends to support the implementation of our 11th FYP. Please do not follow the footstep of the former government which half-way though the implementation of the 10th FYP showed its back to the country that has supported us for so long. Please foster India-Bhutan Friendship.

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