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The Government launches Meet-the-People Program

Aug 24, 2013

MeetThePeople-GovenrmentThe Government launched, “Meet-the-People”, one of their 100 day pledges in Thimphu, today.

Meet-the-People is one of the programs the People’s Democratic Party’s had pledged to initiate during their campaign. The initiative allows the people to meet the Prime Minister and his Cabinet every week to address the grievances and issues affecting them.

Chencho, a fresh graduate from the Royal Thimphu College, was the first person to meet with the Prime Minister at the opening of Meet-the-People program. Timid yet composed, he sat across the Prime Minister, who was accompanied by the Agriculture Minister, Yeshey Dorji, discussing his grievance –finding a job.

 “I have been unemployed and that is why I came here hoping that the government would help me. I have told the Prime Minister that I am interested to find a job in a media fraternity,” said Chencho.

A 30-year-old Sangay Tenzin, the deregistered staff nurse of the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital who was made to compulsorily retire due to his drug problems, appealed the Prime Minister to help him re-register his medical practices.

“It is quite difficult to get employed elsewhere if you have been deregistered. I have applied to the Punatsangchhu as a nurse and not having a certificate of your medical practice; I doubt if I will ever get employed.”

Dr. Vagwat Bhandari, a dentist by profession, waited for his turn to meet the Prime Minister with a hope to get a job soon.  He had resigned in 2011 hoping to find a work in one of the hydropower projects.

Just like them, there were 16 others who had come to meet the Prime Minister. Their grievances varied from security clearance, standard bidding procedure, project proposal and transfer cases. But the job-seekers topped the list.

The Prime Minister had given each of them a letter addressed to agencies concerned, if any, with his signature on it.

Meanwhile, Chencho got a letter addressed to the head of one of the up-coming private television stations.

11 Comments for “The Government launches Meet-the-People Program”

  1. Eak Raj Ghalley

    Meet-the-people program is a very good move initiated by the new government. This program enables the general people to express their problem to the prime minister and find a solution. This program should be made availabe to the grassroot people too, however traveling to Thimphu is a problem for them. Therefore, government representative may have to visit the rural area to interact with the people.

  2. sonam toka

    Very good program PDP. people would appreciate such kind of initiative
    thanks and good luck our new PM

  3. karma

    Only those with connections will get to talk to him. Whether the case is genuine or not, whether there is seriousness or not PM writes to that organization and thereby destroying the procedure of an organization. It is not job of PM to provide kidu. Is he going to write thousands of letters to various organizations every year??? which means he will write to every agencies in a small nation like ours?? Sounds like a joke.

    • sonam

      Is it only for the people who are living in Thimphu? or Will PM able to do this all over the country; Dzongkhag wise, gewog wise, chiwog wise? or Do MP expect every citizens who felt to raise their issues come at Thimphu and meet him? In deed it is a good idea, and we know that you are trying to imitate someone who used to do this earlier. But at the same time it should be feasible and think over the whole country, not only in Thimphu. We do not want to see people migrating from rural areas to Thimphu and become more crowded for the sake of raising their issues there.

    • sonam tobgay

      karma………why are you not appreciating the new intiative taken by our new government.pls think positive.

      • DUBA

        there will always be some people who will blame even if you do a good job. So as long as you are convinced of your intention, go ahead.

    • goodgirl

      @ karma maybe its joke for brainless person like u. negative people never satisfy with anything.

  4. chotenduba

    it is a very great idea dat our new government has ever made la.we appreciated the way of solving the unemployed problem in our country and we hop that this kind of program will continue forever la. HAT OFF to our new PM and new GOV.

  5. pema

    On the other hand in one ministry, there is no money to pay the monthly salary, coz the Minister has taken all the money as advance for his official tour..

    How ironic… haaha

  6. sangay d yangzom

    This is the good la, all the people appreciate your new idea

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