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LPG and Kerosene subsidies to be restored from tomorrow

Jul 31, 2013

SUbsidy-Withdrawl.The subsidies on cooking gas and kerosene will be reinstated with effect from tomorrow. People can now be able to purchase at prices that existed before July 1.

A release from the Ministry of Economic Affairs says a cylinder of LPG gas in Phuentshogling will now cost Nu. 452, Thimphu Nu. 504, Samdrup Jongkhar Nu. 458 and in Trashigang a cylinder will cost Nu. 501.

A litre of kerosene in Phuentshogling will cost Nu. 13.94, Thimphu Nu. 15.35, Samdrup Jongkhar Nu. 14.28, and in Trashigang Nu. 15.72.






14 Comments for “LPG and Kerosene subsidies to be restored from tomorrow”

  1. karma

    Beautifully orchestrated!

  2. Wangchuk pelden

    Great to know

  3. harmony

    good news for people of Bhutan. This beautifully orchestrated drama will always remain in memory forever in most if not all the Bhutanese people.
    Lessons are drawn, we cannot live our life dependent on others and sure most of we Bhutanese have explored new avenues available within to live through this difficult period.
    2008’s memory of election, friction between the supporters of two parties were resolved soon after and people came to terms easily but 2013 election will go down the history for the result decided by different factors including the foreign force’s silent intervention.
    Thank you India for all support but Bhutanese too need to be reminded that we are sovereign country after all and pray not to meet the same fate as that of Sikkim.

  4. Ghawai Migseer

    We poor section of people wholeheartedly thanks to our kind govt. and are feeling happier and tension-free of unaffordabilities within our income level. This can surely contribute to our Poor People’s Gross Happiness.
    With due respects.

  5. Dorji

    great outcome but will the business people who sells LPG gas and kerosene give us coz they bought it when the prize was hiked…..its a doubt.

  6. Kadrinchayla

    Thanks and we are feeling more happier. It adds more plus to Gross National Happiness.

  7. Kams

    Sale of LPG has gone down after the increase of price. It shows that there is alternative in the kitchen. Lets make use of the alternative even if the price is down. Lets us focus more on what is cooked and not on what is used to cook.

  8. bamin 55

    Very very grateful to His Majesty The King, the past and present ruling government for loking the wellbeing and welfare of people. Luckily I had adeqaute cylinder just filled in June averted me to buy during hiked price. Thanks a lot lot…………

  9. Damworng

    Nonsense political intent has been achieved and its now back. I don’t know what tactics could be used in 2018.

  10. Logical

    Its nice and happy to hear that becoz of new government we the poor people got again privilege to consume as usual. But very sad and concerning thing is that WHY brother like India done such thing at very eve of election????
    Why again right after winning of PDP immediately done away with increment in fuel rates??? Would India have done this if DPT govt.is in power at present???? We Bhutanese citizen must need to analyze properly and try to go for alternatives. Don’t always think of depending on other government. There is a chances of losing our sovereignty, Independent and Happiness if we keep on depending others.

    And one very sad story i would like to share here with all the respectful readers and commentators that, The Paper so called “The Bhutanese” is not updating just and fair news or articles. When ever news or comments or any articles which are against PDP is not uploading or sharing with the people, whereas, in other way around, it immediately updates as well as comments are also immediately uploads. I was really frustrated to see when my important messages was not uploading..
    Therefore, my main messages here is to say that, such media/paper which is not fair and just may create huge disharmony in our societies or nation as a whole. Actually as per the media act and regulations, any such media or paper should be fair and just in informing the nation on timely issues without being any bias..we are really worried about this paper’s intention!!

  11. T

    Requesting for LPG Gas cylinder and kerosene discount remarks.

  12. rightwaytothink!!!

    harmony, why u r soo anti to nation’s happy nd evn dnt care 2 menson sikkim out here? 4 de sake of ur gudness nvr wrt such thing whch’ll not othr thn grilling u at last. nvr tke 4 grnted dat u won’t b traced & nvr 4get dat ur infomation is undr secrt jst by IT. If Govt wishes, it’ll tke no time to apprehend u.

  13. awakening

    Yes lesson are drawn and Bhutanese also received wake up call too. But most important thing is to find solution. And the best alternative solution is to go for bio gas especially for rural population which consist 70-80% of Bhutanese people. Honorable PM please intensify bio gas projects in rural areas of Bhutan..Thanks

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