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Lowest moment of the game?

Jul 31, 2013

Bottle-AudienceThe two strong teams of Group B, Three Star Club from Nepal and Team BJMC from Bangladesh had an eventful 96 minute match, yesterday. Three Star Clubwon the match with a goal in the 67th minute. But there was much more to the game.

Although Team BJMC had seven on target shots against Three Star Club’s 3, the team was crippled once again by a red card in the 58th minute. The card was given to Team BJMC’s left back, Tara. Like their last game against United Sikkim, Team BJMC had to once again play with only 10 men for most of the second half.

Comments on Referee Laba being biased did the rounds among the audience. Referee Laba’s decision to give a yellow card to Team BJMC’s #41 Conte in 72 minutes ended up with the match being stalled for five minutes while officials discussed the referee’s decision.

What happened next was unexpected and undesirable. Bottles, both plastic and glass were aimed at the referee, and security had to take action. It was definitely the lowest moment in the game.

Substitutions were made by both teams towards the last few minutes and BJMC made gallant efforts to the post, but in vain.

While Team BJMC was given a red card and three yellow cards, Three Star was given two.

Three Star’s only goal by Pukar in 67 minutes proved to be their winning goal. The goal displaces Manang Marshyangdi from the top spot in the King’s Cup table, and places Three Star Club firmly as No.1 for now with seven points.

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