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Lyonchhoen assumes office

Jul 29, 2013

PM- Tshering Tobgay- Indian Ambassador- VP Haran.The new Prime Minister, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay, formally assumed office this morning at the Gyalyong Tshokhang. Soon after assuming office, Indian Ambassador to Bhutan V.P. Haran met the Prime Minister.

Lyonchhen and the Indian Ambassador discussed wide range of issues including the recent subsidy withdrawal by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

On behalf of the people and the Royal Government of Bhutan, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay requested the Ambassador to restore the subsidies which were removed earlier this month. The Ambassador informed and conveyed that the Indian government will restore all subsidies from the first week of August this year.

Ambassador V.P Haran also conveyed the Indian Government’s invitation for Lyonchhen’s visit to India. Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay thanked, accepted, and assured that he would make a visit to India at the earliest.

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  1. pelbar

    Why is it so important when India had already declared that they will reinstate subsidy cuts to Bhutan. We want PM to send Indian army back to India so that Chinese will also back up. Chinese are intruding because they found many indian army camps in Bhutan. And the PM’s important job is to solve border issues with China once and for all.

    • Truth

      If you are good citizen, you must understand, India is the backbone of Bhutan, without which we will not be able to live even a day. We must thank India in every aspect of its deeds. Please be educated and loyal to them bot people of India and the Government.

      • Dorji

        What you mean to say is you will eat from India at the cost of national security. You don’t want Bhutan to independent.

        Kezang D Wangmo of PDP shouted so much on Chinese incursion, I want to see how PDP stop that by letting India interfer

    • kuukpa

      the new government should solve the border problem because it is the national issues since many years back. The boundary mark has to be constructed like between India-Bhutan. hope, this issue may be solved before 2018 and this would be a great achievement of new government.

  2. domangtashi

    Your Excellency, you used to say that former PM takes big group along with him when he was on abroad. Hope you will not take big group to reduce the govt. resources.

  3. nima

    It is welcoming to hear that LPG subsidies will be restored from 1st August.

    However, do we need 100% subsidy in LPG? I am quite sure that at least 20% of the total households in Bhutan would fall in higher income bracket. Do these people need their LPG to be subsidized too?

    If we keep on taking these subsidies, when would we see the end of the India Dependency Tunnel. Does the LPG subsidy fall as a responsibility of Royal Government of Bhutan?

  4. citizen

    Of curse, it is good to know that the first one is Indian diplomats.

    Why Subsidy cut in the first place, if it were to be restored, right after election ????

    i am wondering in 2018, what subsidy or other if any will be cut, to be restored right after election.

    Perhaps, needs more justification or should do away with subsidy- one day this will have greater impact on the general public…

    hope new ideas and policies would be in placed for the present and future benifit…

  5. Cherokee

    India is our friend and neighbor. They mean well but sometimes they nudge us just to remind and say that they are still around. Coming to subsidies, India should never again do such a thing. I don’t think Bhutanese people will take such a threat with the same fear and apprehension in the future.

  6. udee

    We want our Haa Dzong back from the Indian Army. That was the pledge made by MP Kinley Om. please work on getting it back. our dzongkhag administration is quite small.

  7. dorji.

    PM when you are going to solve Bhutan-China border issue.It is very important issue to all Bhutanese,first of all make it our border clear.. we all are waiting….

  8. Ugyen Tenzin

    It’s high time that the Royal Govt. began providing the subsidy to the required bracket instead of always requesting the Indian Govt. as if Bhutan was another Indian State. We are thankful to India for her generous support all this while but we should want to learn the art of catching fish rather than always requesting them to provide us with it.

  9. Dorji

    You became PM because of change and uniqueness people wanted about our democracy. If you fail Bhutan and its people, the people of Bhutan will never have faith in leader and democracy. You were also firm against the Corruption in Bhutan before and during the campaign period. We hope to see you set very good example during your time la. You already set example by returning the Prado and hanging the Kabneys. Hope you will set more examples in future.

    Long Live PM TT

  10. harmony

    Why do we think there are Chinese intrusion into Bhutan’s territory: Because, they feel we are giving more important to India and everywhere there is Indian army based in the name of goodwill friendship and safe guarding our country’s sovereignty, they are establishing their base in Bhutan and in fact already established where no govt. can take action and ask them to return and then replace by our military.

    By ever increasing number of Indian army presence in every nook and corner of Bhutan only concerns the citizens of this nation, Hope the fate like Sikkim will not be fallen on Bhutan.

    Although we are grateful for India for all support but their actions are always suspicious and thankfully we got PM who promised to return the Haa Dzong to the people of Haa which is a positive note despite the suspicions and hope this will be fulfilled sooner than never and likewise, give importance to diplomacy with other countries which will keep in check what is happening in the country.

    Well done, and may PDP serve the people of this great Nation with sincerity and dedication.

  11. Kams

    I have decided to use less LPG and more electricity so that I am not totally depended on LPG. This way I will contribute in a little way to mitigate shortage of Rupee in the country. I hope others too will follow me.

    • kuukpa

      Yes Kams….yes. U r right. why not we use electricity which is very cheap & less polluting the environment. India is guiding us to protect our nature by not using LPG. we people should think thrice than twice. In my life- before LPG I was using coil stove, before coil stove I was using-kerosion stove, before kerosion stove I was using old tradition stove made of 3 standing stone on the soiled floor. Bejelly stove use bayrung ma toob mindh may na la. RANSHE NYETANG LU PHENPA BOM DHUG KNOWMEY………..

  12. stobgyll

    haha… what a joke..before election they withdraws the LPG subsidies and the ambassador never comments on that lapse but after the election they again restores the subsidies which was immediately withdrawn without any notice. It clearly shows that they puts their hands in bhutanese politics.

  13. Sonam

    This news is sweet as honey but be aware and be careful of future needs of such cooking gas especially for larger section of Bhutanese population who lives in villages. Let us not make them too much dependent on LPG, instead this government should find alternative such as bio-gas ,produced from cow dung and encourage them to use bio-gas. This source of natural fuel is very cost effective.Really it will help rural people to save lot of money instead of buying Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) which is depleting from the face of the earth. Ihe LPG is non-renewable resource ,which is fossil fuel. So switching to bio gas in rural setting will be the best option to be self reliant to some degree. Thank you

  14. Karla

    Big Confusion?
    What a big confusion right after the new Lyonchhen take over the charges, Subsidy of LPG had restored, Politics is politics. Who had written in the kuensel at the time of general election. Dasho Karma Ura I believed. Reality must be there whatever we write or think.
    Be wise to be a wise.

  15. rightwaytothink!!!

    Yeah Kams, u r absolutely right and I utterly admit your ideology. Thanks for contribution. Let us wish for further betterment under new govt. though the previous has also did their best. May all the success be blessed to our lyonchhen by almighty where ever he goes. TASHI DELEK.

  16. Dorji

    As much as India cherishes her own independence so do we Bhutanese of our country’s independence. As it is quite clear that India has played a big role in PDP’s so called victory, I am sure our new PM shares a very unique relationship with them. As a citizen of a sovereign country, I would like to request PM to ask India to stop treating us like one of their states and respect our sovereignty.

  17. Shuwachen

    Its not too late, if not will be late forever for the Bhutanese people to think and lament over what a disgusting role Indian played for 2013 Bhutanese election, an election truly and only meant for Bhutanese. I began to realize what our Ex-lyonchen did to open up bilateral relation with the northern giant was not at all a mistake, especially when a small yet independent Drukyul has to balance for its survival. Recent scenario set by India only indicates how dependent Bhutan is to India. I think this is a wake up call for all the Bhutanese to work hard even harder to be self reliant, above all to be independent and remain independent. I wish, the present government would use all their brain cells to really tackle well with the southern giant. We can never be bullied by their mentality. Palden Dukpa Lha Gyalo!

    • kuukpa


  18. karma

    withdrawal of subsidy by india in first place at important time of election hides depicts their gloomy character to smear our democracy. is this subsidy really that important for us to exchange with dignity of our long soveriegn nation than india had been. is india only nation that will bring subsidy to our country. many neighbouring nations are weary of indian politicking to tear them apart, which we should be mindfull of. although india had helped bhutan for quite long, and as time pass we need to look beyond india, and move with time.

  19. Drolo

    Sorry guys..he TT can’t do anything now. He have to go with whatever INDIA says otherwise he will not get the salary from India. I think TT should cut down some allowances of the parliament members to reduce the rupee crises coz they are paid double..from india n bhutan.

  20. Dorji Tenzin Thinley

    Before 2013 election, almost 90 % of Bhutan might have liked India. Now may less than 60% liked India. At this rate, India just may lose strategic partner and close friend Bhutan by playing big brother..

  21. Gempo

    Seems there is no issue other then LPG subsidy. More important than it the Ruling Govt. got to march ahead with those promises they made….

    I have started to think that India was really behind the PDP and Bhutanese Politics. Right after PDP’s victory Bhutan and India are on LPG subsidy only.. India is and will be major “Developmental” partner for Bhutan for years to come… Talk on those things not always about subsidies that were stopped by India… Bhutan can march ahead without LPG and Kerosene. Bhutan is matured enough to tackle those problems now..

  22. citizen

    The Picture story that appeared in the kuensel 31st July 2013,indicates that the PDP was backed a a bunch of Indian business men from p/ling. watch out carefully, the policies that the new government will propose… i am bit worried about invisible hands meddling in our country’s state affairs. Work towards the Goal of self Reliance, design how to substitute LPG etc as we dont have to beg all the time…

  23. Namdsa

    we should not be depending too much to India. One day they may put us under them.who knows they may be already planning for this. So PDP should be cautious of too much depending to India. Ofcouse India is old good friend of Bhutan but never know with change of time and politician.

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