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“Why isn't Lekey Dorji a minister?” Questions Zhemgang’s constituents

Jul 26, 2013

MP-elect Lekey Dorji

The People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) Dzongkhag Coordinator from Zhemgang is in the capital to meet the Prime Minister-elect to find an explanation as to why their MP-elect Lekey Dorji isn’t among the ministers chosen.

Tenzin Lhendup said it was important to find an answer, since PDP’s president, Tshering Tobay, during his campaign in Zhemgang, had announced that Lekey Dorji will be given a ministerial berth if PDP comes to power. “He had also specified that Lekey Dorji would be the minister of communications, considering his background and expertise.

Many people, especially the constituents of Bardo-Trong in Zhemgang, are also disappointed after the ministerial portfolios were announced yesterday.

They say the Prime Minister-elect is not keeping his words. “We were told that Lekey Dorji will be one of the ministers during the election campaign by the Prime Minister-elect themselves,” said Lhakpa Dorji, one of the constituents.

Another constituent, Kinley Wangdi, said he voted because they were promised a minister. “We need a minister from Zhemgang. Then only will the under-developed Zhemgang will see development.”


58 Comments for ““Why isn't Lekey Dorji a minister?” Questions Zhemgang’s constituents”

  1. ngawang

    We all voted for LekiDorji to be a Minister but it all went in vain..Why is this so..we want him to be the Minister because he is well qualified then other minister. I feel so sad.How will our dzongkhag be developed..

    • longsharang

      you all deserved like this hahahah……..khengpas coz you all khengpas neglected dpt.

      • Anoush

        It’s rightly said that if your Boss is Khengpa then surely you are deemed to collapse. By giving no Ministrial post from kheng have done great Justification. I have no any gurdges to above individual but from my experience, unfortunately, I work under a Boss from one of the place from Kheng- I know his conducts. If such learned man has such attitudes then think about rests. As age old saying goes, ” Birds of same father flocks togather”.

    • Advisor

      It is very interesting to read that you voted Mr Lekey to be a Minister. So you voted him only for that purpose and nothing else?
      The justification that Zhemgang is backward and poor does not hold because our national poverty survey finds Zhemgang much well-off than many other dzongkhags.
      And that Mr. Lekey can serve the Dzongkhag better by being a Minister also does not hold true because, if you truly see the way an MP works, they are better at serving individual dzongkhags and constituencies by being an MP and not a Minister.
      I think the key issue here is that you are all playing the Lekey card with a sinister motive.

      • drukpas

        its not about being minister or mp, either way they are elected to serve the nation but the thing here is manipulating the public with false promises.because this very promise to appoint him as a minister lead people of Zhemgang to vote for him. so no offence dude, it matters sometimes.

        • Advisor

          Mr. Lekey and his Party were fighting tooth and nail with the PDP and DPT just around one month before the election. And now you saying that voted him to be a Minister is the height of Khengpa absurdity. All of us know how ambitious Khengpas are and to what extent they can go to get that but sometimes you got to learn to eat the humble pie too.
          If the people voted him to be a Minister and not an MP, then that is fundamentally wrong promise from HIS side and not from PDP.

    • Phang Pai Norbu

      vote is only once. Think well before you really vote. too late to think now. sweet sweet

      • paal

        it,s not that khengpas are stepping behind,but those corrupted bureaucrats pulling khengpas back..
        it,s not that we want a minister,but we are not happy because of the negligence to our capability and sincere hard work.he can be a capable minister.so,we always hoped for him. please never misunderstand between ability and locality…

  2. citizen

    I am sorry but we kengpas never think before we do something. DPT gave us one Minister and now PDP have denied us a Mister. So, think carefully and take a calculated steps… so wait till 5 year…

  3. Jigme

    Zhemgang have one minster already last time for 5 years and I hope he served people well. This time chance for other Dzongkhags are also necessary. Otherwise if all dzongkhags demand minister then 20 ministeries will have to be made. Besides qualification and cleverness, good character, being good human being is most important.

  4. Sonam N

    Mr. Lekey, Sorry…. I know your dream is not fulfill what other colleague of DNT’s had.

  5. Karma

    Shemgang Dzongkag being one of the most backwards, it deserves atleast one cabinet post so that people of upper and lower kheng can inspire and look to their Minister as their role model and leader. It is disheartening for the people of Kheng by this news of MP elect Leki Dorji being excluded from the cabinet family despite his capability. When Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi became first ever Minister from Kheng region, Khengpas all across the country felt that their Government has not yet forgotten them and that there is hope for Kheng-Rig-Nam-Sum people to catch up with the rest of their Kingdom. Several developmental works took place, the most important one being the Gomphu-Panbang Highway. Now the dreams and journey of people of Kheng to catch up with the rest of their Kingdom seems to have defeated now.

  6. dorji

    One lie after another is PDP, people’s deceiving party. First TT said he will not campaign on india bhutan relations and later he denied. a lie.
    he put in his manifesto that PM will hold one of the minister’s portfolio to minimize budget, but now he says national interest. You blind criticizm and fake promises is coming out now. There will be more to see as time goes by. We are still waiting for those promises that you will fulfill in 100 days. I am sure you will come up with another excuses. We all know you lied to the ccountry.
    You also lied about LPG gas prices and kerosene. Indian ambassador has clarified it and what you said proved to be a lie. You and Terton karma ura should appoligize to the poeople of this nation if you have any decency.

  7. PDP Vs DPT

    Zhemgang must have developed in leaps and bound with Dorji Wangdi has the misister for the last five years. Let other district also get some development.

  8. tshangla

    very simple as we are fooled for votes.

  9. kuukpa

    There may be two reason why leki Dorji is not being elected as minister?
    1. He may not be capable for the minister post.
    2. PM-elect do not want to develop Khanhri-Namsum of Zhemgang Dzongkhzg.

  10. Lengo

    BBS doesn’t have better things to put on your news? What is your objective for publishing such news? Is Lekey Dorji so indispensable for the progress of this nation?
    Can he not contribute his expertise without being a minister? AND WHO THE HELL is THIS TENZIN LHENDUP?

  11. tashi pokto

    aye, if every constituency demands each minister then that will be challenge to pdp. But its a good idea. Keep it up. Even gelephu gopal gurung also eligible for home minister. Tsirang there is 2 eligible health n education minister. Get party coordinator n meet PM. Who knows luck may blast over them in the stake of drukyul.

  12. Dralha

    I am a strong lover and Supporter of PDP until the Ministers Candidates are announced. But after knowing that to become a Minister from PDP Party one has to be either very rich like Tandin Wangchuk and Namgay Dorji and has to be Good orator and Kachra like Norbu Wangchuk and DN Dungyal. If you are Capable,qualified,Experienced and simple like Mr.Leki and Dawa Gyeltshen PDP doesn’t care. From here I understood that PDP Stands for Rich and Chamchas. I am not at all Happy with Few Minister Candidates. Those peoples are not even fit to be GM of few Companies. Hope EC of PDP will look into the Matter. Mr.Lekis Name appeared in the Public Forum anonymously which clearly states that People of Bhutan need him as Ministers. We have never seen Tandin Wangchuks name every where. We even hard that there is understanding with PDP that Namgay Dorji and Tandin Wangchuk will be given Minister Portfolio from the beginning irrespective of their Qualification and work Experiences. This is totally a Conflict of Interest. People of Bardo-Tong should protest against PM promise and if it didnt work let Mr. Leki Dorji to resign beacuse you people have voted for Him.

  13. Yeshey Tshogyal

    Now nothing can change the decision because Today they will be conferred with Dhargyen by the HM. It will be better for the people of Bardo-trong Zhemgang to make Leki Dorji resign because people over there have full right as you have voted for him . IF PDP president have promised him for Minister Portfolio he should held responsible for building hopes in minds of people over there.

  14. domangtashi

    Don’t say bad about Lekey Dorji and abt the party co-ordinator, instead blame TT who failed to fulfil the promise.

  15. nala

    Let us not go against the decisions of the PM and the executive bodies of PDP. May be they have done wisely keeping the national interest. The people supporting Leky Dorji sud rather thankful to PDP for giving ticket after he lost in Primary round. So now it is high time we look for government to run. We r already late to form the government……Let,s say THREE CHEERS FOR MAKING LYNPOS

    • Zao Guzi

      PDP should nominate the Minsiters accpording to their Qualification,Experience and Seniority in thier Service not that Rich and Orators who might spoil the Nation. Really their is Conflit of Intrest in Selecting the Ministers.

  16. NORZIN

    Leky would have been very much Educationa Minister, and retire Minbo dukpa as soon as possible, he is useless and he will doomed this education policies what ever we have so far…

  17. sonamugyel

    hey guys u want all DNT guys to be minister ha ha that is soo funny. PM TT did the right decision by selecting the party loyal members instead of hoppers.

  18. Karma

    Constitution allows “If their MP-elect is not fit in the parliament bcoz of poor health, inefficient in representing his constituency or not well represented in the government as promised, then the people has every right to revoke or withdraw or replace him/her from representing their constituency”. This provision can apply to MP elect Leki Dorji from Trong-Bardo constituency.

  19. Kuenzang

    We, the small poeple are useless to talk about the politics. Politicians know their best to politicise the nation, may be in a very good way, I say good way because we all are guided by our strong constitution of 2008. Always remember of that we are protected by our sting constitution. Thank you all.

  20. Podu

    What guarantees a dzongkhag can be developed having a minister? Trashing got two ministers from DPT whom in the end both are convicted.

  21. dorji gyeltshen

    Why are people making fuss out of nothing. Why is Lekey so indespensible? WE have not heard of any significant achievement when he was working for Bhutan Telecom. Instead, he resigned when the office is in need of trained and qualified people. He also was not trustworthy for floating from one party to another and back to the same party. All these were considered and PM TT is not foolish. There are also many other candidates who were equally good and competent but we should remember that there cannot be 20 ministers. The EC of the PDP has considered all factors meticulously while selecting the ministers. Ministers have to be able to push things and get works done and therefore qualification and intelligence is not the overriding criteria.
    As far as I know both Namgay Dorji and Tandin Wangchuk are man who walks the talk and they can really put the staff to task. We want ministers of that category and therefore I am personally fine with the choice of cabinet even though I do not gain anything.

  22. Karla

    PDP,not a post but a role,
    Congratulation PDP, with the start of taking up Ruling do not forget the welfare of people and security of our nation.
    Remind of the following thins
    1. Maternity leave one year, who will work instead of person who will be away for a year. some women will get conceive again, then she may maternity for 2 years.
    Incase of urban schools, school will be closed if you implement one year maternity. think future not for vote.
    2. Tractor: tractor in each chiwog will not be successful in terms of management, maintenance, fuel and there will be misused it.
    3. How you will develop and progress the nation, if only buy helicopter, tractors, bolero. if you buy bolero for all gewogs, all the Ayang gups will be happy and Bolero will travel else where with them. How the poor people will be benefited. But they voted for PDP.
    Gups only 205, people made your votes differences but gups are going to Tangtari/Good luck.

  23. ngawang

    dont bark benind the bush,

  24. bhutanvisitors

    We are happy with the decisions taken by Opposition leader(PDP) and his committee and i think he took the right decisions

  25. thinley

    old peoples,
    its not about who and where a minister is from,its not about the dzongkhag.this is BHUTAN not kheng not sharchop not parop not punap I have no region(dzongkhag) to fight for; i am a bhutanese , and I am a citizen of bhutan.
    R.well atleast thats what i got from my teachers.
    disappoints us when you olds start to act cunning over one thing.yes he may be capable but i guess the present deserves it more.
    ““If we, citizens, do not support our leaders then we sacrifice our future our hope and we end up believing in nothing and having worthless dreams.”

  26. opposition

    if I may, let me share u something tht is constantly stricking in ma mind laaa…..if PDP cudnot do something tht they talked in face to face wth u ….do u reli think tht they will do wat they hav written in manifesto??????? this is wer our politicians stands…..no use of raising ur sword afta thr bear…..they got it wat they wanted …..they wont listen to u now as they did b4 election cos even a single vote counts…..who is the culprit?????????….it’s “US”….who blived thm????….it’s US……now who is being cheated????…..US…..

  27. Drup

    Do you think only ministers can develop their own Dzongkhag or region? why not MP’s? i feel it is all same. After all Zhemgang already had a minister where as other Dzongkhags dont have a single so far.

  28. Bhutan Mirror

    BBS, which one is more important – one person not getting a ministerial post or the offering ceremony of 10 ministers? If the latter is the case, why there is no update and news about it?

    Does it mean the BBS is not happy with it or is it biased in news coverage?

    Your stand only goes to show your one-sided professional outlook. You are a very hopeless organization indeed, bent on making only money!

  29. bhutanese9999

    I m absolutely astonished to see very cheap and silly views and demands of people here. What u need, “development or minister”? Ok if your MP is appointed to Minister then he has to look after whole Bhutan’s development whereas now he can sufficiently care about your dzongkhag common men!

  30. rightwaytothink!!!

    If our candidate is capable then definitely he will bring development in our place no doubt. Just hope for the good coz ministers were elected after thorough study among them and assigned according to their suitability. Gud-luck!

  31. bamin 55

    I totally agree that the post for minister is only 10. But the great mistake was the TT who publicly said that Dasho Leki will be given one of the minister during his campaign. For me it is satisfied for being elected MP and all MPs has no seat for minister. Only we want is the pledges as civil srvant 20% houserent allowance and 20% pay revision. Rest Zhemgang is poverty stricken Dzongkhag and we look ahead for changes in the society. Bolero, BDFC, blacktop road, BOD, 2M,in Gewog level, nine months maternity leave, lunch allowance for eledrly people and many others will be looking forward to happen in 5 years tenure of PDP. If these pledges is fulfilled we are satisfied and grateful to his Excellency TT.

  32. Jatshola

    Let us not waste our time and effort on the past. We have many things to do on our table. As many opined here we cannot have ministers for all Dzongkhags – limited vacancy. Unless DPT comes to power who promised to revive Dy. Ministers posts. One thing, I am wondering why BBS bring up that article only on Lekey Dorji, why not other left out candidates whose names where there in online forum – Yogesh, Dawa Gyeltshen, Chetri, and so on. Why there is several posts majority supporting Lekey Dorji, is it that Khengpas are always online poring their frustrations – I am unable to come up with any conclusion on this out come. May be others too confuse here.

    The above observations give food for thought that selection of such posts need to be very careful and should have some kind of system/check & balance/ accountability/ transparency.

  33. Keki

    Give some break. Poor Leki must be having bad dreams as his name is being mentioned again and again. At the same time people from Kheng must not be so selfish. Other dzongkhag also must get some opportunity. Your justification that you had one minister during DPT’s government does not at all justify that you have to have another one now.

  34. Demkhong

    We dont need a minister from every dzongkhag to see the development. Development is a strategic plan of the government and ip planned properly will see that each and every dzongkhag is developed equally. So Leki Dorji not being selected as Minister should not be a big problem. Moreover if selected he would have been selected for MOIC which is the least influential and involved ministries among all for any decision. If you guys are really worried about Zhemgang’s lack of development then you should all raise your concerns to MP Leki Dorji so that he can take it to the NA as he has all the opportunities to raise his concerns there. And with PDP’s brilliant mandate of Nu. 2 million for every gewog for every year for next 5 year will ensure uniform development of each and every corner of the country. Hope this helps.

    • Jigme

      In the Democracy…..People have only right to Vote…….After election result..People do not have right to vote for Minister, bring developments…etc….
      …..People Just Have a Right to Vote Only…no other rights..

  35. Gyamso

    This is how we were taken on a wrong board through false pledges provided if they have really spoken that Zhemgang will have a Minister. There is a proverb: “Consult others but decide yourself”. It is crucial to look back and analyse whether you made a wise decision and prepare for good in the future so that you do not have to regret. All said and done and has no means to fulfill your dream to have a minister.

    Now, what is more important is we all must respect and support the government. At the same time, it is our collective responsibilities to check whether pledges are taken care and achieved.

    Unless we provide strong support, any government can fail to serve the Tsawa-Sum.Lets remain united.

  36. Dego

    Among others, the following could be the deciding factors:
    1. National interest – It goes without saying that there must be a fair distribution of ministers across the country. Zhemgang already had MP Dorji Wangdi from the last government. It seems some Khengpas now claim that they wouldn’t have voted for PDP if the party hadn’t promised a minister in Leki Dorji. I don’t think there was a better alternative anyways. Given that PDP has become the govt. I don’t think they would have gained anymore by voting for the DPT candidate. On the bright side, they have a competent candidate within the government now (who could be more effective than a minister while addressing issues in their constituency).

    2. Party loyalty – PDP would have met its end if it wasn’t for some loyalists who were there for PDP when the party was in real deep waters. This should play a big part.

    3. PM’s relation to MP Leki Dorji – It seems not many are aware that the two are distant cousins. The PM’s father may be from Haa, but he is equally from Zhemgang where his mother comes from. The PM should also be invested in the well being of the Khengpas as much as MP Leki Dorji. The two will work together in the interest of all the Khengpas. If it all matters, the Khengpas shouldn’t discount the fact that they too have a PM.

  37. Tshewang

    If the development of a dzongkhag does not need a ministerial candidates I wonder why such a promise was made during the elections.

    By the way I agree we are all Bhutanese and we should not be broken on regional, religious, etc. grounds. But why the promise? I fail to understand.

    I think it is good the media is playing a critical role for all elected leaders. This will ensure that leaders in the future do not carry out unscrupulous activities with everyone watching. I guess in this case we can praise the media for sticking to their guns.

  38. dorji

    Lekey Dorji back-stabbed PDP when he left the party for DNT. So, it is tit for tat. Serves him right for proclaiming himself the next minister during his campaign in the villages.

  39. rocky

    Dear all,

    what you should know is, you cannot have one Minister post from same Dzongkhag all the time. During the DPT, Lynpo Dorji wangdi from Khenri Namsum and this time again you can’t have from the same place. Other Dzongkhag should have chance.

    Therefore, you all are not khenpas but you are the citizen of this country and we are Bhutanese too. There should not have any heart feeling for not having minister. I know personally Lekey Dorji. He deserve to be minister but should think for others also. He as being MP, I am 100% sure he will do better and bring more changes in your Dzongkag rather than being minister. You just see definitely our Prime Minister will surly support his request and the changes in Zhemgang Dzongkhag will be faster.

    • Gyamso

      Though what Rocky has mentioned is true. However,PDP President should not have promised it during campaign if they are not stringent with their decision. This is what one can consider as sheer lie and misguiding pledge. Any party should plan properly through critical analysis of the situation before they make decision and inform the people.

      We can not have Ministerial portfolio for dzongkhags on a rotational basis depending on need. It should be done keeping in mind there is no imbalanced composition of the ministerial posts being identified.

      It has taught us a great lesson not to get carried away with such short-lived attractive pledges. lets start thinking on where we have gone wrong and right and take extra care to correct the former and strengthen the latter.

  40. chedog

    he will be Minister on 2018…and his name was in wait list.

  41. citizen

    MP leki serve the nation even without being minister…Mr. Leki is also very capable but but we think he had weakness in expressing or speaking…his oratory skills needs to be improved..and u cannot stammer while giving ur points in the NA. …bbs please print our comments and show broadcast. Zhemgang people should not act greedy.

  42. readme

    yes many sentiments of kheng is hurt today and PDP will take less time to count the votes during 2018 election la,

  43. Dilemma

    Dear All,
    lets watch how PDP will rule the country and its consequences of their promises. Hope they will rule the country transparently and Develop accordingly as per their promises.

  44. Migto

    I can understand how the Kheng electorate felt when their elected person is not a Minister in the government. However, one must understand that as far as there is a government accountable to the people, the development activities will go on smoothly. For your kind information, any elected government is accountable to the people of Bhutan through the Parliament. So as a advice, please make sure that you inform your problems to the THREE elected MPs of your Dzongkhag over phones, through notes and on meetings, personal visits occasionally. Every person in 20 Dzongkhags should make their elected MPs responsive to their problems.

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