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PM-elect will not take up additional ministry

Jul 25, 2013

Prime-Minister-elect--No-Additional-MinistryThe Prime Minister-elect, after a unanimous decision from the executive committee, will not take up the additional Ministry.

According to the Party’s Spokesperson, Tandin Wangmo, the decision is in keeping with the interest of the nation. PDP had earlier pledged that the Prime Minister will assume the portfolio of at least a Ministry, during their first 100 days of office, to ensure that there is no need to have too many ministries.

It is the decision of the executive committee that the PM does not take up the portfolio of another ministry keeping in mind the best interest of the nation and also for the purpose of good governance,” she said.

Tandin Wangmo said it was unanimously decided today that the PM will refrain from taking any other portfolio.

43 Comments for “PM-elect will not take up additional ministry”

  1. sonamwangmo

    Haha PDP already broke one of their promises even before assuming their office. Way to go..I knew that Tshering Tobgay promised that he will take additional ministry only to get vote but now that you won, you forgot to keep your promise

    • stobgyll

      Hahaha….from the beginning its bending.. forget about the rest….. PROMISE BREAKER IS WORSE THAN SHOE MAKER. PDP

  2. Frustrated

    PDP’s fails 3 promisses/pledges even before they assumed the office:
    1. PM-elect not taking additional minister portfolio
    2. the Prime Minister hasn’t taken up a ministry as promised in their Manifesto.
    3. “9 months maternity leave” promised during campaign has become “9 months flexible timing”.

    Let’s see what happens next.

    • Logical

      Including not doing away with PE for graduates…failed 4 pledges…hopeless promises..bullshit

    • Ugyen Tenzin

      No. You’re wrong. The PDP scheme was to reserve the ministerial seat for Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup by arranging a bye-election within the next 100 days. Since Honorable Lyonpo probably declined the offer, the pledge has been rendered meaningless. Congratulations to Lyonpo SAngay Ngedup for his very thoughtful decision. Leaders of your insight and caliber are rare these days.

  3. Dorji

    Another promise broken by PDP. First they broke promise to people of zhemgang by not appointing Leki Dorji as Ministry…

  4. Dorji Dukpa

    Ok…One Pledge down, 33 more to go! Please do not disappoint us!

    • shhhhhh

      don’t break promise of increasing salary and giving 20% allowance for house rent. If this two is met then it’s fine for CS

  5. tshangla

    What so ever I am eagerly waiting for 20% house rent allowance and pay revision.
    This promised must be decided in this coming NA.

    • Logical

      It has to be…PDP won against DPT by Huge Margin by Postal Ballots…they were from CS..please do it this pledge as soon as possible…we are dying becus of economic crises and price inflation..


  6. guest

    TT did not realize that PM taking up ministry would hamper his work before election? Or he said just to win votes?

  7. Shaugay

    Very Good Start as said Promise Breaker is a Shoe Maker. PDP will remain only making shoes.

  8. Thinley Namgyel

    It is my earnest request to PDP, please do not let the citizen of Bhutan point fingers at you. Do your best from the initial period itself. All the best and do the best.

  9. Observer

    Slowly the party(PDP) which people voted for is now going their own way round.If he (TT)was farsighted he should not have said that in campaign for the sake of garnering votes.Now you are saying that its Executive’s decision to not take any ministry.What other promise you want to break…..Full form of.PDP=People disgusting Party…

  10. Kezang

    Dont forget about Prelims of Civil Service Exams. I heard that helicopter is already on the way. And Indian Government is gifting Boleros.

    • Lawa

      PDP Please dont forget to pay us 20@ house allowance and pay revision in 100 days ………otherwise think of 2018

    • Patriot

      Boleros are not gifts from India. We are buying from them with our money.

      • Sonam N

        Yeah, PDP government is going to buy for our money. But, citizens of country really get worry how PDP government is going to procure these many vehicles?????? From the dealer of Bhutan or government going to buying on tender basis.

  11. Kaktar

    Keep on counting… u should know how they won and the same will be the outcome

  12. tashi

    PDP is playing with the voter. TT already know that he cant take up ministerial portfolio but he just said that same during the campaign so that his team will have more merit. he mentioned that PM taking up ministerial post would ensure less expenditure by having one less minister ( no need to buy pool vehicle Prado, other parks & privileges). that is why many including educated lot believed him. but i knew it was there in the campaign only to lure votes.
    NO Problem, you keep breaking the promises. you are now supreme power. its all in your hand. BEST OF LUCK IN BREAKING SOME MORE PROMISES.

  13. Paksam Jenshing

    Guys, don’t be hurry. there is time for things to happen. Nothing can be done in over night….Seems this forum users are really hungry. No heart to serves the country, looking for some benefits only.
    Very ridiculous….

  14. Hannah

    Dear PDP, did voters said PM need not have to take up additional ministry. Where is Wangtse chirpel when you are deciding your self. And most funny, you are saying PM not taking up additional minister portfolio in the interest of nation. What dos it mean? Do you mean PDP had no national interest than to get votes during election or does it mean Tshering tobgay promised minister portfolio for many candidates to gain votes. People are disheartened and mind you, 2018.

  15. citizen

    only you will realize the importance of people when they are not in the scene. During DPT, at least they did not break promises before assuming government post and there after. See PDP has already broke the most important promise, i.e, PM taking up one Ministry.

    How many more will be broken, it is obvious. PDP was desperate to win, because many debts is pending to be paid by our tax money… ha ha ha … all the best

  16. bamin 55

    I am also the one waiting for pay revision and house rent allowance. For me thats enough. But generally the pledges must fulfil and bluffing is alergic as doctor never repeat the same drugs once idnetified it is alergic to particular person, means it is alergic to public to vote in 2018. Please mind itla………..

  17. Zongda

    Tshering Tobgay better do the pledges to public,if not your ruling party will dissolve within a month or later….if you don’t fulfill the promises….whats the use of your manifesto. After getting the vote, don’t decide to benefit yourself….your shoe maker……..

  18. ugyen

    PDP = people deceiving party. PDP prime minister deceiving people by not meeting his promise to people and regional imbalance of minister post as central region has only 1 minister against 3, 4 or 5 in other region

  19. domangtashi

    Never try to convince the people. Promises not fulfilling one by one. Already one promise broken. Shame on you PDP, TT and spokes person….don’t try to tell us lie.

  20. Sonam Toka

    Well what Tandin Wangmo is doing now? She was shouting too much. Shame on her

  21. Damworng

    PDP beware of LPG gas and kerosene subsidy cuts in 2018. It will be your chance of downfall.
    Breaking of promises-we already knew that your promises will dripped down one by one as they have been crafted with faculty design on the weak foundation. it’s no wonder we can only witness with fun and some sections of lots will have to digest what they have taken as a sugar can juice.

  22. Kams

    Its not possible to be PM and minister at the same time. As a Prime Minister he will have to govern the country which is a big responsibility. There will be changes but it should be in the best interest of the country. Just my opinion.

    • Dorji

      But why did he tell he will take up then. He should have realized before election if he realizes before taking office

  23. Yeshey

    You should not be surprised just by breaking this two promises, you will see begger receiving slap instead of bread at the end of the day. TT had started breaking his promises even during the campaign like he said he will not bring issues of India -Bhutan relation and again as if he is only man on earth did repeated.
    Lets how he will break the darkness of east.

  24. haap


  25. Tobgye

    I don’t see any good reason for breaking any of the promise made prior to election. Because all the pledges made by the PDP were in taking consideration of situations and information available to them which wouldn’t change for foreseeable future. Therefore, providing reason now as the “best interest of the nation” does not justify breaking promises. The Nation had the same interest now and before when the PDP made pledges.

    Therefore, whatever reasons offered for not meeting any pledge are intolerable. Please do not take voters’ confidence for ride.

  26. Thinkwise

    PM-elect not taking up any Ministry? He promised during campaign saying country should reduce debt through such small steps. And voted for genuine and noble idea. But, now, i can see he only promised just to garner people’s vote. Please don’t break any campaign promises. Let us see how PDP leads our nation.

  27. doro007

    Haha….how TT can take one ministry……all elect- MPs has a dream of becoming minister….as stated by one elect-minister.

  28. Shab

    The promises made before any election in any democratic nation is a part of what we call “Political Politics”. Many of such promises usually don’t last long after the election. What we want to see now is what usually known as “Developmental politics”. Taking the country forward to the next level by keeping aside political politics.

  29. Rinzin Wangchuk

    i personally appretiate any kind of lead governmen for our country..but..its kind of disguise for private sector employee…that.. it seems like we arn’t considered as bhutanese citizent..Every promises wer made for civil service sector…like..20% house rent allowence..pay revision..n etc….Now there is big “???” who is gonna luk after private employee……is there any support..or promises for private sector…?

  30. Pema Jungjey

    PDP..please aware that entire nation is watching you very closely. If you fail to perform your duties as promised and pledged , we have every right to question and seek your clarification. Your executive committee is not above the electorate. You have promised that people will be consulted in every decision that you take but you never consulted us…your wangtse chirpel miserably failed even before you assumed your office formally. Such failures puts us big doubt and suspicion that the road ahead is not that comfortable us the Bhutanese. Its ver easy to point finger at others but when you are in their shoes, you know how difficult it is now..as Bhutanese saying goes “La Apai betsey jam jam dra, zey amai za sey zhim zhim dra”so better be cautious and perform intelligently. You might have not expected to form the government when your Executive committee drafted your manifesto..so now you are charged with huge responsibilities which you may not have even dreamt of …….

  31. Aumgyem

    I am now starting to believe that all PDP’s pledges are made to eye wash people just to get the votes. It is merely cheating people making unrealistic pledges. My question to PDP is who comprise of PDP executive committee, aren’t these same people who made this unrealistic pledges. Before assuming their job, PDP failed the Bhutanese people.

  32. Sonam

    What ever it is ….I want MR PM to be approachable by people…People shouldn’t hesitate to express their views to him. I feel our new PM has seen and experienced common man life and now he should translate our hope and expectation. And above all we should have many foreign diplomatic relations with many nations as possible. I hope Bhutan should join ASEAN to make its presence feel as nation.

  33. rightwaytothink!!!

    My prayer to God is “MAKE BHUTANESE PEOPLE CIVILIZED HUMAN” coz still they don’t respect to dignitaries & elders. These people did same thing to our Hon’ble Ex-PM, now started barking towards his excellency The PM who took the office hardly a week ago. Anyone feels bad may think, it is written for you but not for: Paksam Jenshing/Rinzin Wangchuck & Kams whose comments are brilliant.

  34. Manus 2013

    My, God, I wonder why people are making so much fun about our new government

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