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Right time to start involving private sector in Hydropower Development: BCCI

Jul 25, 2013

Hydro-Vision-ConclaveExperts and businesses urge government to open more opportunities for Private Sector in the Hydropower development. A country whose vision is to generate 10,000 megawatt of electricity by 2020 has not seen any of the Bhutanese private sectors in the Hydropower development.

The sixth edition of Hydro Vision Conclave had one common concern when it comes to Hydropower Development –that is non-involvement of Bhutanese Private Sector. Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) said this is the right time for the government to start involving private sector, especially, when the country has a huge potential to construct many hydropower projects. The

President of BCCI, Ugen Tsechup Dorji said involving private sector would fast track in realizing this potential.

 “We don’t have to start big; it can be small projects- 35MW, 40MWS, 50MW to 100MW can be given to the private sector. It can be done on the FDI model, smaller the project it can be done by a local contractor with expertise from outside.”

Ugen Tsechup Dorji said they can follow different model but the process should start now. “If we do not start now, then once we finish with 23,760 MW, we will still be looking back and saying where were the contractors/private sectors that could have actually gained the experience and knowledge from the huge potential that Bhutan has.”

The Founder of ENERTIA, Professor A.G Iyer- who is also the organizer of the event Hydro Vision Conclave, said the government and policymakers should now move away from the psychosis of regulation and controlling Hydropower development.

 “We are now moving towards society of facilitation. Government’s role is as facilitation enabler rather than obstructive, regulating or a controlling medium.”

In the last four decades since the development of 336 Megawatt Chhukha Hydro Electric Project, most of the contracting works were and are given to the Indian Companies. It is also technically estimated that Bhutan has a potential to produce over 23,000 megawatt.





13 Comments for “Right time to start involving private sector in Hydropower Development: BCCI”

  1. Pema

    i do not agree. give the work to BPC and other corporations, let them have some experience who do the jobs later. Giving it to private sector, it will be like mining business where few richer group of people benefits while nation at large gain very less.
    Yes BCCI chairman its the right time beacuse its your government now

  2. fanta

    Do BCCI has the authority to decide it???? Started to take advantage now…..

    • chuksss

      Giving it to private means to make the money which benefit just one or two. I would appreciate if this keep as same. This man is making a lot of noise for his gain. It is like his govt now and I am sure he will take advantages here after for another five years. I am very happy for closing mining in few different places. This people looks very hungry and they are trying to use all the resources we have, not saving for the future. They are just against to the philosophy of GNH COMPOSED BY OUR visionary 4th King. This people do not want to respect. May God Bless the people of Bhutan.

      • Yamraj

        Your point is right mr. President but you are the wrong person to advocate this initiative. Well, I get a feeling that ultimately it will be your family benefiting the most from this whole deal. Eat what you can chew

    • Sonam N

      Hello Fanta,
      You Foolish fellow…. why you are writing this. Even the few great man like JYT, YZ, KW & WN are fooled this time. Anything and everything is going to happen in this little land with greedy people

  3. Kailash Shongbhen Rai

    Lets try socialist type of governmence……involving private companies pose a danger of revenu being taken by private person. How do I as a general citizen of a country benefit?

  4. Chhewang Dorji

    Idea is not bad. But very sensitive and too early getting private sector in Hydro Projects by the new Govt.

  5. Ugyen Tenzin

    The Bhutanese Pvt. Sector must first prove their worth in general construction sectors like roads and buildings before attempting Hydro Power, which they have yet to prove. It’s not a bad idea however to nationalise the sector altogether in the form of Govt-Pvt partnership. Otherwise cost will only increase since all our Bhutanese Pvt. Sector does is front even to run a General Store (eg. Phuentsholing town sleeps during election in Jaigaon).

  6. Haha

    I laugh cos I ve seen Bhutanese contractors unable to complete the construction of approach road to dam when Indian companies could almost complete the tunneling works. Hahaha.

  7. Pema Jungjey

    Before coming into hydro power projects, please show us one quality bridge, road, school, hospital built by Bhutanese private sector. So far we have seen none. The moment new construction is complete, the next new months even before it is formally handed over, the government have to provide budget for maintenance etc. Private sector in Bhutan has been provided huge opportunities till date but they failed to prove their worth. Its only few individuals becoming richer at the expense of govt coffers. Please think thousand times when putting up such demand. As mentioned above, we would like to see one quality project done by our private sector…please..

  8. Yeshi Wangchuk

    Think very nicely and try ur best(15 people) in joint sitting (32:15 and then 25 to think positively) to pass the bill for private sector in Hydropower cos it will benefit only one group.

  9. Sonam Tobgyel

    Not possible at moment la.

  10. rightwaytothink!!!

    Yeah Mr. Ugyen Tenzin what a perfect example laa but this will go long way sir coz our people is habituated to enjoy with easily earned money and showy. I feel the vision of GNH will remain as food for thought while looking our peoples’ way of leading their life style. The Govt can’t do much alone, we are also equally responsible to bring up but nobody cares.

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