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Dr. Pema Gyamtsho to head the Opposition

Jul 24 2013

Dr-Pema-GYamtsho--Opposition-LeaderDr. Pema Gyamtsho will be heading the Opposition. Druk Pheunsum Tshogpa, in today’s meeting, decided that Dr. Pema Gyamtsho will be the Opposition Leader instead of DPT’s President, Jigmi Y.Thinley.

Hailing from Chhoekhor-Tang Constituency, Pema Gyamtsho (Ph.D) became the Agriculture Minister of Bhutan’s first democratically elected government.

He has a Master’s degree in Agriculture Science from New Zealand and a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He has also worked in many countries as an international expert in Natural Resources Management.

In his pledge, Dr. Pema Gyamtsho had said he wants to help steer Bhutan towards a safe, secure and prosperous future and contribute towards building a strong, self-reliant and independent nation of selfless people.

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40 comments on “Dr. Pema Gyamtsho to head the Opposition

  1. Damworng on said:

    Congrats to Lyonpo PG. You should be boldly raise your head to the ruling govt.

  2. Jambay P. Dorji on said:

    Congratulation to Dr. Pema Jamtsho
    It is very wise decision made by DPT Seniors to select someone younger to continue the legacy of DPT. We really appreciate JYT and his team.
    Tashi delek

  3. dorji on said:

    Y not JYT?

  4. domangtashi on said:

    TRASHI DELEK la. But do not forget to let the concerned agencies clarify 15 points petition submitted to HM. This is very important for better future. Hope ruling party will support too, so kindly seek help from ruling party, who is behind bhutanomics.


  5. Kams on said:

    Congratulation Lyonpo. We look forward for your dynamic role as an opposition leader. With your leadership we expect the opposition to play positive role in the parliament. prove to the people of Bhutan the role of opposition party is not to oppose but to correct the govt if they are wrong.

  6. Logical on said:



  7. ata yongba on said:

    while we appreciate the DPT’S decision for the new opposition leader people need to understand why the change in leadership. To me I see this as a possible move to avoid confrontation between JYT & TT. I think this is a good move on the part of DPT.

  8. yeegzin on said:

    Congrates la but we are very much upset that our PM JYT is leaving his opposition post to DR.pema Gyemtsho.HowEver,BHUTANESE PEOPLE WILL NOT FORGET YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE PEOPLE of BHUTAN AND TO THE WORLD.


    • domangtashi on said:

      Our Ex-PM will alys be the President of the party and look into the party, of course to the Tsa-Wa-Sum. Dr. have been appointed for the long run of the party.

  9. Shyam on said:


  10. Laksam on said:

    Now it seems that DPT is forced to sit in the opposition which actually not good for the future generation unless ECB or relevant institution solves the 15 point issues related to election. we all know that election was never free and fair and DPT by siting in opposition wants to have repeatation in future.
    Please firstly fix the issues and then if it is satisfactory one only accept the role. DPT you guys are becoming blunt.

  11. Dorji on said:

    What will JYT do?

  12. guest on said:

    You are the right person beside JYT to lead opposition and I am happy. I am hopeful that you will make valuable contribution to our democracy.

  13. pema on said:

    Good for our new opposition leader elect, we wish him all the success, we know he is the right person to ensure the sovereignty and security of a united Bhutan.

  14. Pemba on said:

    One way it is good for Dr to oppose PDP as future PM candidate of DPT but why JYT wants to be a back bencher.JYT does not want to hold any post below PM or what.He is yet to know what is democracy.It is good that DPT lost election this time else we would have horrible time under JYT.Pema Gyamtsho would have never been PM if DPT won election.

  15. Denagchung on said:

    BBS, intead of telling us about his qualification, (which we are already aware of), why don’t you find out why the party president is not going hold this place.

  16. Chhewang Dorji on said:

    Congratulation and best of luck.

  17. It sounds good to have such a committed person like Dr.Pema Jamtsho as a future leader. Like his predecessor Lynchen Jigme Y Thinley, he is also not less but a farsighted and able leader as we see. We should be happy to have him as a OPL to whom we hope that he could do far better than the earlier OPL. He definitely has 14 strong comrades to help him. But we would like Lynpo Pema not to be like earlier OPL who was found to be all the time digging graves to find something for his own gain. Gone are those days under diff. rule,now it is democracy started in 2008 so always find things and talk about it to either praise or punish the person.Don’t ever dig the graves of the past,we are fed up to hear such useless news at time.

    • HAAP on said: have to dig out fault and do same as what the TSHERING tobgay has done before,even though the DPT doing well in all aspect.12 lakhs EYES are watching now if not the govt.will be dissolving soon.

  18. bamin 55 on said:

    He deserves minister’s post and more of Opposition leader and if wins in 2018 election as a Lyonchen. Rightly elected at the right time. No more other old old Lyonpo should be elected. They have served adequate since before democracy is declared. They have done enough for the country and forthemsleves. I deeply congratulate newly elected Opposition leader who is very spontaneous and capable at this point of age and time.

  19. Damworng on said:

    Why Bhutanomics is alwys after DPT? No slightest mention about PDP. Whole citizen need to join hands to study on this.

  20. good news for me and all of us so we all congratulate you ….

  21. Tashi Delek & best of luck

  22. ugyen on said:


  23. The world is watching on said:

    I really wanted to see ex PM as the OL at least this time. Why? May be ex PM is resigning; who knows.. sth is going on this time with OP

  24. Bhim Tamang on said:

    Tashidelek honorable lympo Pema Jamtsho. we all look foward to see new changes under your leadership

  25. karma on said:

    tashi delek. right person to lead bhutan forward with young blood within.. please don’t go the old babu/feudal style.

  26. Changzay on said:

    He is a lucky person to become a opposition leader in having won as a opposition party otherwise he wouldn’t have become Lyonchen if DPT has won the election. Any ways heartfelt Tashi Delek to him.

  27. Choki on said:

    Common, one should know and aware that old lynpos did a great job to form the 2008 where it had not allowed or given a chance for any spectators from outside world to see and analyze how our young democracy would function. Nobody in the world had found it funny but had received lots of praised and appreciation from others as we see.
    It is good that JYT didn’t take up OPL,because by 2018 all the old lynpos have to resign as per their age according to the constitution and it would be the fact that they wanted to groom the new members as a future leader. Any how hats off for DPT members.

  28. rabsel on said:

    Congratulation to our New OL, please bring strong changes in our Country that such things will not happened (like 2013 election) in our small Country again.
    Big Big Big bow to our Lyonchhen Jigmi Yoezer Thinley, will never forget your good things done for the Country la.

  29. Kencho on said:

    Congratulationa la. I am happy of this new leadership with Your Excellency taking the OL role. I foresee constructive discussion and debate, which will only go towards further strengthening democracy in Bhutan. Forget the 15 points….. start fresh.

  30. Kuenzang on said:

    What ever is happening it’s happening for the good. Let’s join the great deal new government and new opposition, both of them I believe strong like our White snarling dragon. They both have the blood of our dragon. I am sure about the good upbringing of our people and nation.
    Let’s say everybody….leksooooo….!

  31. leoman on said:

    Congratulations la, for accepting OL post. We hope u will rescue the sinking ship of DPT. We are very disheartened to know the JYT is not OL.

  32. fanta on said:

    Your Excellency,
    Congratulations for assuming the post of OL. We are positive to admit that we wish to prosper under your benevolent leadership with the credo of Equity and Justice. Your competencies and ideology is gratefully appreciated and we look forward to advance our country towards the absolute abode where people finds the true law and justice, where people can dwell happily without fear. Though some miscreants snatched DPT’s vision of self-reliance etc. but the achievements is thankfully cherished by all. In primordial stages some people took advantage of DPT humble and simplicity, our request, henceforth be defensive and arrogant so they learn how they feel when they mischiefs….
    DPT set good example how to govern; and we pray that let the DPT show how to be the Good OL.

  33. Dorji on said:

    This is a nice political strategy on the part of DPT. DPT was often criticized for being old fashioned and elitists. This image will be minimized by Dr PG as OL. Besides, as a OL, his mettle as next leader will be tested. DPT is also projecting next president and PM-candidate by electing PG as OL.

  34. chuuks on said:

    Congratulation la and best of luck for the upcoming activities. We are really proud of DPT for taking such a wise step la and it is an excellent decision, thumps up la!

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