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Strike in Assam affects Bhutanese farmers

Jul 23, 2013

Strike--Potato-FarmerThe two-day strike in the Indian state of Assam is affecting the farmers who are bringing potatoes for sale at the auction yard in Samdrup Jongkhar. The strike began this morning.

Many Indian traders had arrived at Samdrup Jongkhar, during the weekend, to inspect potatoes at the FCB auction yard. But they are refraining from buying the produce. They say they don’t want to take risk. “The strike will not allow us to transport potatoes,” said an Indian Trader from Assam, Ajit Chowdari.

Another trader, Bhuwandas from Daranga, Assam, said even if they buy they will not be able to get cash from the third parties which will in turn add to price fluctuation.

The Bhutanese farmers from the eastern dzongkhags are worried that they will not be able to get the return of their year-long hardship. “Even the strike continues, our potatoes will begin to rot,” said Samten Tshering a farmer from Trashigang.

Some said waiting for the strike to get over is proving to be a costly affair. “Having to pay for accommodation and food is expensive for farmers like us. It would be helpful if auction can be done in Trashigang,” said another farmer from Trashigang, Sherub Dema.

There are already about 10 truck-loads of potatoes at the auction yard. Some more are expected to arrive this evening.

3 Comments for “Strike in Assam affects Bhutanese farmers”

  1. Dorji

    It just shows that we are too depended on others. Its high time that the government find alternatives to solve the problem.

  2. HAAP

    PDP party & TShering tobgay should be responsible for finding alternatives and your wangtshe chirpel should arrive here.

  3. The world is watching

    Not sure Indiapendent or independent Bhutan. There should be a trade and all going on with the neighboring countries but not from every commodity .. Everything happening in India is affecting Bhutan..mm

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