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Men booked on suspicion of chorten vandalism

Jul 23, 2013

Chorten-Vandalism-PgatshelTwo men, aged 36 and 26 have been arrested by the Pema Gatshel police on suspicion of chorten vandalism. The suspects are from Yurung Gewog in Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag. The chorten was vandalised on July 19.

They were arrested after the police found the mobile phone of one of the suspects from the scene. Police are however, investigating the case. Eight chortens have been vandalised in Pema Gatshel this year alone.

3 Comments for “Men booked on suspicion of chorten vandalism”


    such cases shud take very strictly. Leave them not, kill them..

  2. dev

    The media should disclose their names…

  3. Kuenzang

    Chorten is part of buddhism, every part of Chorten has buddha’s body , speech and mind embodiment. Therefore, people vandalising it should face the sin of punishment as the bad karma. But the bad karma often befall on people living in the same area that the miscreants live. That’s why Pema Gatsel’s candidates could not make out their luck in ruling gorverment not even to hold the chief of opposition. That’s why we have to becareful of such miscreants in our village and in our own country to avoid future bad lucks.

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