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Cost of LPG and kerosene doubles

Jul 1, 2013

LPG-Kerosene-Price-HikeThe price of domestic LPG and kerosene will increase to more than double the current price from tomorrow. 

A cylinder will now cost Nu 1,196 from Nu 504 in the capital. The LPG prices will be increased by Nu 612 to Nu 693 in different parts of the Country.

The price per litre for kerosene is increased by Nu 40.30 to Nu 41.73 . In Thimphu, a litre of kerosene will now cost Nu 55.22.

According to the press release from the Department of Trade, the increase in prices is due to the withdrawal of subsidy by the Government of India.

SlnoNameCIDCollege/ Institute
1Tshering Dema10202001195Sherubtse College
2Sonam Penjor11904001645Sherubtse College
3Kinley Yangden10802001192College of Science and Technology
4Choney Jamtsho10712000682Institute of Language & Culture Studies
5Changa Dorji11504002572Institute of Language & Culture Studies
6Phub Gyem10808002077Sherubtse College
7Kipchu10502000549Sherubtse College
8Sangay Chezom11606000252Sherubtse College
9Sonam Pem11107001924Sherubtse College

48 Comments for “Cost of LPG and kerosene doubles”

  1. dorji

    Media should give reasons for the hike or else they will politicize again. PDP is good in politicizing everything. The hike is coming from India and it is for the whole Indians. So the price hike is going to reflect same in Bhutan as well.

    CHeck http://www.ndtv.com/topic/lpg-price-hike

  2. wiseman

    I sincerely feel that, I am the one who is commenting first on this issue. My humble appeal to all the citizen that, if you could convince at least 5 members from your side to still asleep people about unthinkable DPT’s poisoning you are making greatest contribution to the nation. Can anybody just imagine now what situation is going to be faced by our society.

  3. wiseman

    Right now only subsidies were removed. Think if trading is banned like DPT has banned importing automobiles from India? Already our money value gone down and on top of that such revision on essential commodities will further nothing than breaking heart. I wish if our King retake us inside his arm if again same govt holds the power.

  4. Pema Wangchuk

    Who withdrew the subsidy by the Government of India?

  5. Tshajangbomye

    Today we are importing expatriate workers @ Nu.300/- to 500/- a day. I pray to almighty, don’t let us to export our people to outside just to earn Rs.50/- a day.

  6. doji

    Can government introduce electric stoves and electric ovens with stoves as a substitute of increasing LPG gas. Bhutan has no LPG gas anyway, and we have excess electric powers.

    • Pema Wangchuk

      For cooking and heating, the cost of electricity will be still higher than the current price of LPG. I think the price of LPG is still low when compare with Electricity.

  7. NDND

    Very good news. Congratulations to giant industries.

  8. karma tenzin

    This is unbelievably unkind of India to have hiked the LPG price in such a drastic way. But again, something must have compelled them! Does anyone know the root cause? We need to be informed.

  9. rocky

    Now I belived the PDP worried and also is our worried too

    • Sangpang

      dont talk rubbish..say thanks to indian government..for this period india have given us a lot..understand the fact..if the phuntshling gate is sealed we all die….lets hope that the case will rest…and once again we can enjoy the subsidy ….

  10. Namgyel

    One after another things are happening bad
    1) Indian Government has withdrawn the sugar quota to Bhutan
    2) Now the Gas/Kerosene quota is withdrawn

    Next i guess would be the Petrol and Diesel prices?

    Oh god whats happening

  11. Kaktar

    Sudden withdrawal of subsidy on domestic LPG and Kerosense oil is all due to unnecessary issue “India Bhutan friendship” made by those uncultured dirty minded PDP candidates for want of vote. It’s just the beginning the poor citizens are going to more because of those dirty politicians.

    • Drangpo

      helo kaktar! i know you r by any means kaktar n not humble. people like u shud live in thick jungle. u r not fit for societal living. in such situation, how can u blame PDP or DPT. After all we are one citizen society. Rather than blaming, think of solution, i know u r great thinker and an asset to the nation.
      Let politics keep aside, n share for solutions. don’t alys praise DPT or blame PDP, both are doing for the well being of nation.
      I guess u r strong supporter to DPT. Be wise in your judgement and then point finger… other wise be quite! Be asset, not liability. “One nation, One people”, doesn’t meant only DPT, or PDP….

    • Tandin Tshewang

      Dear concerned authority,
      Whats happening? are we really doomed?? we the Bhutanese citizen are pleading to the authority to look into the matters and do something about sudden hike of LPG please! its becoming very expensive to live in heavenly country.
      There are questions popping in our mind.

      >Did our government do something wrong to disappoint Indian government?

      Do anyone have any idea why its happening? if so, please do clear our doubts..

  12. bamin 55

    Big surprised. Who will negotiate the price to keep as it is. MoA, we are retrospectively bound to back in olden oven. Plenty of dead wood for fire but may have have to go for green log when depletes driedwood in the forest. So we want government to negotiate or govt. should continue the subsidy for the welfare of the poverty stricken public….. Democracy creates chaos, havoc, commotion to the public. Any of goverment coming in this election should negotiaten the fuel price of LPG & kerosene.

  13. Dragtshen

    BBS shame on you, You bought the news here but you didn’t elaborate it in a way it has to be.

    We want to know you India Government has suddenly withdrew the subsidy that we have enjoyed till date,what was the main cause of such issues.

    When did it happen,why people are not informed.

  14. Dargo

    increase in unaffordable way “pa khoray” what is all about subsidy or quota why such a huge hike all of a sudden. what is happening? if i am not mistaken the next would be hike on ST Gold

  15. dorjidhorlo

    Bhutan is really at its danger.no party needs to politicize it.its so apparent issue of indo bhutan relationship.some party supporter may not admit it. but its the truth.

  16. doro007

    Congratulation to PDP bring up the issues of Bhutan India….Actually we should not bring this issue in Public. …Anyway….poor people are sufferer….my view only

  17. dorjidhorlo

    @dorji, plz check your NDTV link. that news is almost a yr old, and does not talk abt the recent hike.

  18. rocky

    Any way we the citizen of this country have our Beloved King and hope that our King will solve this problem for shake our people…
    We want your Majesty’s blessing

  19. Tenzin Dorji

    Hey Guys this all are Politic by Govt,of India.We Bhutanese people should be understand now.

  20. what-matters

    nope, no price hike in INDIA.It’s only in Bhutan. Hope our GNH and rich culture will rescue us. This hike sends more Bhutanese into Poverty.

  21. WHO AM I?

    I am little worried for this new fiasco for me atleast, but for what; i am really worried is to those, whose earning is just 3000-5000 per month. Poor people were denied their right to use LPG. I know RGOB can do little on it, but can bargain for it. From July 2013 power tarfif is increasing.
    I cannot comment more than this????? TOTALY CONFUSED

  22. Drup

    I dont think it is due to party politicking issues here. IT is not PDP, How far we completely depend on india? Politicians, Economist, researchers and fellow bhutanese ,have to think deeply how we can be self sufficient with the different means of survival.

  23. what-matters

    world record! within one day LPG and kerosene mostly consumed by lower income group has become twice or thrice expensive. GNH? what are you?

  24. nobody

    great Job…political candidates and leaders debating on Indo Bhutan friendship to gain political mileage and this is the price what we the people are going to pay for it….we salute u..PDP and DPT

  25. semso

    if indians are trying make our country so dependent on them, why cant we hike the electricity charge..we are independent and we are longer dependent on india when it comes to our foreign policy. Our king is far better than indian government..we know who to deal with other country.

    • Citizen

      Another rotten PDP supporter is making noice here looking for more problem on Indo Bhutan friendship.

  26. Chindray Paythay

    We must now produce of our own. Lets not consume only ready-made and readily cooked for us by others. We see somebody grown too fat and has to go for exercise every morning and evening to reduce excessive fats as they eat too much and have no worries for others who can not afford a meal a day. No hurt feeling…

  27. Kams

    Time to use electricity and depend less on LPG. Its the only solution. There are always means to overcome a problems. Dont worry.

  28. trashi

    Really worried

  29. Drangpon

    Warmrong –constituency Karma Tenzin said in Live debate “ LPG Gas is increased due to DPT” I just wanted to say that Please don’t espouse excuses and blame on DPT, How do you know all these? . Don’t generate story by your own and spread rumor… I m not supporting DPT or PDP I stand here only for TRUE not falsehood or fake.

  30. bhutanesecitizen

    I am scared and wander about the present happening in our peaceful country. There are uncountable problems coming within this short period of 5yrs like rupee crisis, no import of vehicle, rising of LPG & kerosene price, kidnapping of our citizen, loan beyond the limits and many more. like in the past, these things weren’t happened.so I wander what could be the reason. one way it shows the sign of development & in other way, the DPT has done something dirty politics to benefit the selected high rang people. so I would pledge the BBS to get the reason from the concern authority and I also remind all the citizen of Bhutan to think before you vote in the forthcoming NP election.

  31. Dawa

    As you are “Drangpon” you really said truth. This is what i am feeling too.

  32. pemgyl

    The hiked in the price of LPG is unexpectedly high. The news came as a shock. Now for a poor person like me, i will instead go for rice cooker curry cooker and water boiler(for preparing tea). We are blessed with rich water resources and electricity is far cheaper than LPG. It would be the worse situation for the citizen of bhutan, if India banned exporting rice, oil, salt,etc…. to bhutan. Lets pray this thing never happen. Its the lesson for us, lets practice to be independent (self sufficient) and prepare for the worse. No body knows, what will happen tomarrow.

  33. Pema Wangchuk

    Can somebody introduce lpg in our own country with a cheaper price like before?

  34. sam nyc

    Ooh my god whats going on in bhutan.. cant believe its happening in bhutan, our Government should really act soon with this problems…our peoples will be suffering like hell…

  35. bhutanesecitizen

    The unexpected hike in the price of LPG & kerosene might have worried the employee of BOD and the trade officer more than everybody in our country. the hiked is double. keeping good relation with trade officer, I have heard that they are mixing the kerosene with diesel and petrol and making lots of black money. now with raising price of kerosene, I don’t know what they are going to mix with diesel and petrol. may be their option would be water. And moreover I have also heard that they are also making a LPG cylinder to two LPG cylinder by transferring gas to empty cylinder.so in order to safeguard our self from such victim, better we weight the cylinder before we take home.so if this is really truth, then the trade office should take extra initiate in this case so that the citizen of Bhutan wouldn’t be the victims of BOD. the trade office should make the awareness to the people about how much weight that single cylinder should have and yes the trade office should also force the BOD to keep a weighting machine at every station so that everybody can weight the cylinder before they take home. now the time has come that every individuals should wake up and be aware of every changes. its also high time for all media and anticorruption to dig out all truth behind this case. GUYS IF YOU ALL ASLO HEARD SAME THINGS ABOUT MY VIEW, PLEASE COMMENT.ITS A CONCERN OF ALL CITIZEN.

  36. bhutanese

    yes your right, I have also heard so many time, but I’m waiting for right time. and yes every citizen should be aware and try to prove the truth.

  37. Pema Thinley

    Media especially like BBS, Kuensel and Bhutan Observer are puppet of DPT and who ever rule the Government they will be always puppet. They dont bring clear information why LPG and Kerosene have increased the price in Bhutan by Indian Government before we used to get subsidy. Please dont bring issues like due to low purchasing power of Indian Rupee or given in the Indian News like Times of India. I want clear justification why it has increased more than 200% in Bhutan there is something hidden message here. We merely accept if Indian government hike was 20-30% in Bhutan that is reasonable due to such and such issues. But suddenly more than 200% is questionable? Please note that neither i am DPT supporter nor I am PDP supporter. I want clear justification as to why it has huge hike in Bhutan? please dont bring Issue of Indian economy this is different case. one thing if i am not wrong even if there is hike the hike not same as like Indian citizens, before we get low price compared to Indian Citizens and logically the hike of these commodities will be also low compared to them but why same hike as like Indian Citizens? Thank you

  38. yes

    Who do you all think is responsible then????????????? can’t even think of what is going on. we wish who ever forms the government takes serious considerations on those issues rather then fattening their bellies and people suffering ultimately! People have to be critical this point……

  39. Pema Thinley

    Any way I am happy that MOEA has requested Indian Government to reconsider the subsidy and hats off to the concern ministry. If at all rejected the requisition put forward by MOEA to GOI then the only solution is reduce the electricity tariff in Bhutan so that way Bhutanese people can sustain through substitute of goods. Other wise if there is no hit towards solving this problem please be prepare to hike our voice in the street for searching the solution for better situation. Thank you!

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