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Both parties promise to solve Tsamdro issue

Jun 29, 2013

Tsamdro-Merak-SagtengThe highlanders of Merak and Sagteng in Trashigang are hopeful, but also doubtful at the same, as both their party candidates promise to solve the Tsamdro issue.

Tsamdro has become an apple of discord among the community after the Land Act of Bhutan 2007 regularised it as a government land.

All Tsamdros fall under government land as per Land Act of Bhutan 2007. This has caused a lot of confusion and dispute among the highlanders, who depend on livestock for their livelihood. The DPT government, while in power, tried to amend the Act but was pushed to the next government in power, as it needs more deliberation.

Although the highlanders have been asked to use their Tsamdros as it is, it created a lot of inconveniences and disputes among them. Even when the two candidates are now promising to solve the problem, the highlanders are still skeptical.

In the meantime, as the community prepares to vote for the new government, they are concerned whether the Land Act will be amended in their favour or not. Their only hope from the new government is to retrieve their full traditional rights over the Tsamdros.



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