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Convoys for those travelling through Assam

Jun 29, 2013

A notification from the Royal Bhutan Police today, states convoy will be allowed twice a day at 7:30 am and 10:30 am for vehicles traveling in Assam area from July 1 onwards.

No vehicle movement will be allowed during other hours.

It also states, legal action will be taken against those not following the given timing.

3 Comments for “Convoys for those travelling through Assam”

  1. wiseman

    How long? It has always been noticed that RBP or other concern authority never maintain consistency with their own set-up. after few months themselves starts letting the pvt veh in odd hours.

  2. Dhogpai Dhogpa

    It would be most grateful that such good arrangments are arranged/made during the peak seasons of travelling(especially during summer break of schools/institutes etc.) of students and trainees who requires to travel through this route in order to save all from such bad incidents.

  3. bamin 55

    I agree to the points of Mr. wiseman. Consistency is required. Another issue is to suggest that are we really needed convoy? For me I felt that by providing patroling duty by the side of route in given time will be more effective beside taking in line with the escort. Just suggestion.

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