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Bhutan is not turning north: DPT

Jun 28, 2013

DPT--Press-ConferenceDruk Phuensum Tshogpa’s letter to People’s Democratic Party says Political Parties should not allow domestic and foreign media to abuse Bhutan-India relationship. The statement was in reference to a recent article by the Times of India, titled “Bhutan’s road to democracy leads to China?”

In a press conference held in Thimphu today, DPT’s officiating President, Yeshey Zimba, said the implication that Bhutan is turning to north is not true. No Bhutanese should let any politically motivated articles or debates come in the way of Bhutan-India relations.” He added India will continue to be the closest neighbor and largest development partner.

However, he said, the wording in the newspaper looks familiar to what they have heard here before. “In any case, when there is so much of news in Bhutan and in media and in the political discussions about Indo-Bhutan relationships, about where Bhutan is heading, what is not going right, obviously becomes news and therefore is only natural that will be covered by the Indian newspapers.”

But, Yeshey Zimba said the article does not reflect the views of the government of India. “It reflects only news as seen by some people and have put it as the news item.”         

Don’t make Bhutan-India relations electoral subject

The DPT’s letter to PDP also stated that Parties should not allow domestic and foreign media to abuse Bhutan-India relationship.

Yeshey Zimba said, in their letter to PDP, they have requested People’s Democratic Party not to drag Bhutan-India relations into electoral subject. “Relationship between Bhutan and India must be kept beyond and above party politics at all times,” he said.

He also said the debates during most of the common forums are portraying Bhutan-India relations at the lower edge and that people have been told that Indian Government is no longer going to support Bhutan’s developmental activities.

“We have excellent relationship. The government of India has assured us time and again that friendship is something that will be there for all times to come. They have assured us that they will give us support during the 11th plan as they have done in the past.”

Yeshey Zimba said India has played a critical role in socio-economic development of the country. He added that mutual beneficial bond between the two countries must be nurtured and sustained by all Bhutanese and political parties. 

“But when we have repeated coverage in the media as well as common forum or at the debates, where the candidates… sow seeds of fear and distrust in the minds of the Bhutanese people, as well as in the minds of the Indian government, they are not doing any favour to anyone.” He said instead, this is a serious mistake. “It is a very dangerous step that they are taking which may damage the excellent relations between India and Bhutan.”


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  1. nobody

    DPT does grt…wish u come back soon..

  2. Good Job

    Absolutely, actually, PDP members including Tshering Tobgay mentioned about india bhutan friendship in media many times…

    They shouldn’t be doing that…

    • Namgyel

      DPT is always in denial mode. If there are no problem why isn’t there any budget pledges from India so far?

      PDP is telling the truth.

      • Mongggar

        Dear Namgye,
        The interim government can’t and won’t solicit for fund. It for government of the day to sought fund. If DPT wins it, DPT should do and if PDP wins, PDP should but then 11th Plan has to be finalised which is possible after formation of government.

        Surely, I think that PDP wants fund ready to be solicited by DPT so that PDP can run government easily on work done by another party..

  3. Solar

    When will Tshering Tobgay get matured? That is why I say Damchoe dorji would make a better president who acts matured. God know what will happen to Bhutan if we have such people and news media. They are ruining Bhutan. So sad.

    • karma tshering

      will u pay us the extra tht goes for cooking gas?…………if not be quiet

      • truthbetold

        india is also having a currency crisis. so simplest solution for them is to raise the price of gas and in the near future the price of fuel too. would appreciate if you could keep shut when you dont have a clue about economics. m pretty sure u flunked in high school. =.=

  4. dorjip

    Thank you so much Lyonpo for taking this initiatives and reminding PDP. For the sake of getting votes political parties should not bring such sensitive topics. This will be very damaging for our country’s security in the long run. We know that we share very good relationship with India and it should continue for the mutual interest of both the countries. Bhutanese medias should also refrain from covering on the foreign matters as it is not going to serve anything good for them and the country.

  5. Drangpo

    i, being one of the innocent citizen, felt that the DPT has done nothing in respect to the Indo-Bhutanese Frenship during their 5 yrs of tenure. i have never seen DPT making any trip to India during their tenure.
    it won’t be at the cost of frenship, but the possible reason could be, DOLLARS are much valued than RUPPEE, coz TA/DA always come to picture. more than 20 diplomat relations with third country would mean, they have earned millions of DOLLARS as TA/DA.
    who would wish to earn few RUPEE as TA/DA when chances of DOLLARS remain at doorstep, in the name of Diplomat…..
    for 7 lacs population, what type of development we would need. our people are not that expectant, rather DPT made it in the name of development when it is for their personal benefit.
    keep in mind, “TA/DA means cost to nation”…
    Just my thought, i apologize if its untrue.

    • choden

      oue ex PM alone has visited India 9 times in these last five years.his first trip as bhutan’s first elected PM was to india. just before the end of dpt’s term, he visited indian and met the indian PM to thank him for all the assistance they have extended so far and to get assurance for continued aid to bhutan. this is just for your info as you seem to be under the impression that a trip to india was never made.

    • Judgeman

      Wai Drangpo infact you are yorpo not a Drangpo if you are drangpo you are foolish Drangpo. You have not listen BBS news and not gone through the news papers. If you done so then i can say you have not understood the English. So may i ask you one question regarding the PM’s visit to India regarding the Indo-Bhutan relation, When PM or any minister is going to visit do they need to ask permission and write report to such a foolish people like you? You are so concerned about the TD/TA it really shows that you are concerning through experiences which is practised by your self. Do you think people like you are fit to be a Bhutanese i feel ashemed to see and read such foolish statements blauffs by foolish people like you please do examine before you made such blubderious and if not please do keep away from writing such things.

      • Drangpo

        Helo Judgeman! M really happy that you have gone through my statement, and i thank you for your clarification. actually, its not like what you have judged, your Judgeship is a coward judgement judging from sympathy or else to say you are the one in adding crazy foreign diplomats.
        can u share me, with 28 additional foreign diplomats, what are the present and future benefits we have envisaged? what are we gonna do with all those relations, export GNH and import GNC (Gross National Crisis)?
        if DPT wins, they will again add another 30 foreign diplomats n make nation GND (Gross National Diplomats)

        Still room for clarification, m really blurred. Please help me to understand more…….

  6. Sharchokpa

    if DPT is very found of their friendship with india than quietly tell the details of the 11th plan budget, That’s it….

  7. sonam gyeld

    Please tshering Tobgay .. don sell our Bhutan .. please dont follow such attitude.. we know Dasho Tobgyal and Dasho Ugyen Tshechup is doing all things from behind

    • S Norbu

      OH Ho Ho Ho! Really? bad luck for these guys. Soon or later, their effort made from behind will be wastage. It is good, our public is getting something from these guys because of crazy idea

  8. tshewangteizin

    As the faithful citizen of this country, I am bit worrierd when both tha parties poundering their debate on Indo Bhutan realationship. This is not the topics to be debate over and over. The fact is that this topic to be debated during the forum or local campaign is baseless nad usleless one. plese do refrain from talking during th forum or debate talk. Both the party are reminded to focus on their menofesto.

  9. Penden

    I was disturbed by the PDP’s repeated lies on the status of Indo-Bhutan relationship. Thank you DPT for taking such noble initiative for the cause of the country. Even the supposed intellectuals and cream of PDP members are getting into Trickster Mode. These guys can do anything to get the power. Watch it carefully!!

  10. dolphice

    The 2nd Bhutanese Parliamentary election is going to cost a lot.Why not the Parties just involve to discuss and share their Manifesto to the people rather than taking all sensitive issues and making things prone. this is just the 2nd time Bhutan is electing the government,when we witness these party supporters and contestant so brave and un-healthy in bringing up issues, what will be the Future and where will Bhutan stand? hopefully not with Rotten Tomato and BATA CHAPAl on their Heads. lets do justice and pay respect to the Greatest Solera our 4th and 5th king gave. lets vote for future,by electing the BEST. this is One Nation & one People,”People”

  11. Dorji

    PDP should think of Bhutan and her citizens first before their greed to become parliamentarians. They are not at all sensitive to issues that concern our foreign relations and our sovereignty. The article in Times of India is a result of PDP mentioning time and again that relations with India has soured. The timing of the article and its intentions are very questionable. Yet PDP is capitalising on this article, I don’t know how they can call themselves bhutanese.

  12. Tshering Nidup

    Regarding what I saw in Indian media is one thing that worried me very intensely. Rather than playing childish blame game over again and reminding one another it is better now to get all these political problems have solutions though never easy. If our government waits to get it solved then it is a big blunder. It doesn’t mean that when somebody writes there is no truth in it but if we take into consideration and try to find whether it is just whistle blowing or otherwise then it would lead to better solution. I do not want any party to play such game but be prepared to confront such herculean task though not fully in your fist, rather than pondering only on rupee crunches and other foolish political excuses. one thing that i must blame media is that they always keeps on reporting the same monotonous political blame games but what if you people try to dig such issues and find the reality? If you have no specialist then it’s time for you to ring the bell.
    As requested by Sharchokpa above I am also eager to know the agendas of 11th FYP.

  13. Sonam Tobgyel

    It is my prediction that if PDP comes to power, they will definitely sell our Country. So people of Bhutan should know whom to vote during general election.

    We are afraid of TT.

  14. Mahakala

    People are blaming unnecessary the DPT govt….if you hav more expectations..whoever comes in power..such type of person will not satisfied…untill 7 unless his/her mind is pure…i should rather say that DPT has done more than we expected…onli God knows who is doing the best..I kno even the God will not 4give who blame DPT for their good doings….DPT cheers

  15. sonam

    This time no vote for DPT. We care for the future of poor children. we want them to get adequate education that is able to compete with affluent children’s. It really pains to see the girls getting married to arm force and struggles to live a better life after completion of class ten and twelve. Poor parents cannot afford to send them for higher studies in abroad and else where in India. Young boys with similar issue struggles to work at home with parents and even in daily wages work. They feels they are not fit anywhere in the societies and ultimately they resort to abuse drugs and other criminal activities. Matured bhutanese parents should consider this issue very seriously and vote for.

    • fugitive

      I am a youth of Bhutan, Vote to DPT…i know all the consequences of the youth issues, DPT will do best rather than PDP talking baseless issues. Youths are better and don’t have to teach to whom to vote.

  16. Demong

    Before,The Election there is no any news regardig the Relatioship between Bhutan and India. How comes during the Election campaigning times. There is some suspicous to this context. Therefore, We the people request If DPT win the election kindly dig out this matter consultation with GOvernemnt of India, who has done this and If Found any one Guilty, please do as per the Law of Kingdom,
    Hope to do this very serously.

  17. Drangpo

    only 9 times visit!!! what a gesture. let me brief: 1 times in his first election, and at end of his govt. = 2, he has visited each end of the year to present State result = 5. which was necessary required. that means, only twice he has visited (i.e. 9-(2+5)=2). Too less when comparing to additional 28 foreign diplomats.
    the result is known, RMA selling another 200m USD for INR.
    as an innocent, i am really concerned what will be the situation after 5 yrs, if DPT wins another term. they will make another additional 30 foreign diplomats, no proportionate development, increase TA/DA in dollars, excess Dollars, no RUPEEE, no RUPEE…… for 7lacs pop. how much do we expect? till now INR was sufficient aid and has brought much development, but now only corruption and crisis.
    please correct me if m incorrect.

  18. bamin 55

    I agree Mr/mrs sonam. Time has to change, it is wise to have limit, otherwise richer will be the richest and poorer will remain the poorest. Many armed forces family and children are noticed staying in the worst stage of socio economic. Have they ever visited their colony and quarter? I am doubt. They are really struggling to maintain the daily basic need. But some are always like in heaven in high post earning hepty salary not only during but before democracy is launched. High time to change and time of oppurtunity to others. This is my personal feeling and feeling of equity as today’s candidates are very capable with broad skills.

  19. The Messenger

    The irony of Bhutanese Media is one paper writes something bad on Indo-Bhutan relationship and another party supporting it. Where are other media papers ??? are they not professional enough to case study the Indo-Bhutan relationship and bring the other side of the story, rather than attending a press conferences called by another paper. Am seriously doubting the capacity of our so called print media/news papers and their journalist. Wake up…guys

    • Mongggar

      Debating foreign relations for votes is outside mandate of political parties…

      They shouldn’t debate…

  20. Pema

    We, Bhutanese choose the government and not India. Our interest must be looked at first. For Bhutan, our northern border is also important. We saw Chinese closing in from the north for past decade. If we do not maintain friendly relationship with the north, we will risk closing chinese border into Bhutanese territory despite the best relations with India.

    India has bigger heart than TT and PDP. They understand our helplessness in shaking hands with the north. India is still the best friend of Bhutan but we can still maintain good friendship with India. Even India is maintaining good relations with China. The world is trying to be friend with China. What is wrong in shaking hands with China? I will not be surprised if TT refuses to shake hands with chinese premier. People like him will do such things.
    I am worried. I am worried that PDP might come to power and sell the country.

  21. dorji

    PDP’s campaign tool on Indo-Bhutan friendship has done enough damage to the strong and exemplary Indo Bhutan friendship…………………….

  22. Demong

    Dear dranpo, you are not a drangpo, we know are the Supporter of Zimdra, Singye, Damchen. We also know to whom this agency belong too. You are supporting Army because they are innoncent can be easily Birbed by your money. We are heard through some army asking their relatives to voter for PDP, as some high level person are taking them to Picnic and distrubiting Nu. 10000/-each for getting supporting. DPT should also asked some of your Relatives, who are in the Army they will eagerly tell you the truth. Now by hearign this such incident happening in bhutan, we the People are loosing faith to the High level people in this earth. We want Dpt Governemnt to be strong for this purpose. It is Democray country, if they don’t want to be alike in this post, People should think. We should also think the deabates of PDP are all simalar point around the country, that means this is due to the order of the High Level Person. But We the people should not go through this, instead kick off this point from the other side of the ear and only vote for DPT who can only protect our country from the danger end. People should know who is 1.Singye Company. 2 Damchen 3. Zimdra and so on many companies lying with this people.

    • Drangpo

      Dear Demong, I thank you for visiting my statement. When u r citing some of the firms, u should be wise n critical. those dealers are not from outside, even though i don’t have any relation vt them. m neither DPT nor PDP supporter, indeed m thinking from the nation as a whole.
      Have u noticed, Mr. Lhatu from DPT saying city bus were on tender basis. Any Chinese product will win the Tender coz, its much cheaper and too the dealer is DPT’s relatives. this is just one example. try to understand Edu. city center, GNH center at Bumthang, P/gatshel Dzong at Denchi, and many more, more…..
      Now the GoI has stopped subsidy n we experience the effect. Gas n kerosene by more than 50% rise n too the grosary items. What does this mean????
      Does this really show that DPT has kept good relation. Indeed they have Exported GNH for dollars, Yen and pound, and at last they imported GNC-(Gross National Crisis). If again DPT wins, it will be GND -Gross National Diplomats…….. Diplomats for pocketing, not for Nationing….
      Think, Think, Think………

  23. Dorji Wangchuk

    I think we are heading a wrong way. Political parties, media houses and all others who are present in the social media must never trade off the national interest to personal gains. We really need to take the moral responsibility to think of the country’s security, as a true citizen of the land of happiness. Let’s not let our weaknesses go beyond the boundary. Our deemed leaders, please think of Bhutan’s sovereignty and stop taking those internal affairs in the international arena. Prayers………..

  24. dorji

    PDP getting scarier and riskier for Bhutanese. We must realize this.

  25. bhutanesecitizen

    I think that PDP is saying right, because so many bad things are happening within this 5yrs. ruling period. I think now DPT is scared of PDP

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