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PDP prepared to take matter to court

Jun 27, 2013

PDP--prepared-to-take-matter-to-courtThe People’s Democratic Party’s President (PDP), Tshering Tobgay said PDP is prepared to take the matter to the Court for the remarks made by Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) against them.

“The DPT’s president’s allegations are extremely dangerous. PDP challenges the DPT’s president to prove the allegations and name the rich and influential people who are behind PDP,” said Tshering Tobgay in a press conference yesterday.

He said if Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s President cannot prove the allegations and name the rich and influential, Jigmi Y.Thinley will be exposed as a liar, “And failing which PDP is prepared to take the matter to the Royal Court of Justice for defamation.”

PDP filed a complaint with the Election Commission of Bhutan, against the remarks made by the DPT’s President, today.

Tshering Tobgay said PDP had a difficult time clearing their debts, last year.  He added their campaign funds unlike DPT are running on a shoe-string budget.“DPT is the Party that is enjoying the support of many rich and influential businessmen in our country. They own large industries, many quarries, heavy equipment and they are the largest contractors in the country.”

He said it is a clear case of outright defamation and lie. “We must stop this and prevent campaigning to degenerate to this level.”

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  1. waha

    Allegations & counter allegations, lawsuits & counter suits. We can’t get transparency, so let’s see how much can be exposed about our parties; and see who has the most skeletons in the closet.

  2. panday ruke

    i believe both the parties are liars since they are pointing to each other….if Dpt is to prove PDP’s allegations then i think the case is not over. since PDP has to prove that DPT also owns large industries, many quarries, heavy equipment and they are the largest contractors in the country.”

  3. panday ruke

    PDP president should prove what he has remarked …“DPT is the Party that is enjoying the support of many rich and influential businessmen in our country. They own large industries, many quarries, heavy equipment and they are the largest contractors in the country.”………..

  4. dorjip

    It is interesting PDP had been defaming DPT all the way through but now they cannot even accept the return action by DPT. It will be very interesting if public is informed how PDP cleared the BOB debt and got their clearance.

  5. tsatsipoktor

    what ever may b the case, I expect former Gasa MP Damcho Dorji to be the president of PDP so tht I can vote based on his words. Best of luck

  6. Mongggar

    Now sissy TT is whining.

  7. Dorjip

    PDP is digging their own grave yard. Look the number of defaulters such as bribing in Haa, illegal meeting in Pemagatshel and Norbu Wangchuk in. Tashigang.. This itself shows which has better integrity.. All these verdicts are given by the Dispute Settlement Body in respective Dzongkhags… Voters have to think twice while pressing the button on 13 July…

  8. tt

    Why Tshering Tobgay is making lots of noise like a parrot? We know both the parties can’t prove to each other? Please show a peaceful election process of 2013. It is the people of Bhutan who will decide, which party or candidate will take us to the right path to GNH. Please STOP! STOP!

  9. Sonamwangmo

    Haha if DPT is backed by rich businesses, then PDP will also have to name out the rich DPT supporters and DPT will have to name out rich PDP supporters. It is as simple as that.

  10. karma chokey

    Whatever it be we the peoply of Bhutan should not suffer later.

  11. darji

    Dear worry PDP.
    We are here majority people to support and give DPT’s Justification and prove. As we all know who has defamed and critised fisrt, begining of the primaries debates, we are quite enough, now to hear such blame from PDP Tshering Tobgay. Don’t think people cannot prove, it is democratic country and whatever, prove either high or low people’s name we are ready to expose out. But we are bit scared it may harm your party by loosing the people faith on you.
    Please keep in mind, If you are really acting like mad man surely majority people of Bhutan will support only DPT, we will act like during 2008.

  12. darji

    We the people are always parying to loose Mr. Tshering tobgya from his Constituency, so that Dasho Damchoe will get Chance to became either PM or OL. We like Dasho Damchoe but not Tshering Tobgay, that why we are supporting for PDP.Oherwise, we are fedup with this ego Tshering Tobgay who acts like a 5-6 years old child.
    WE always pray to loose Tshering Tobgay and win Dasho Damchoe.

    • Dragtshen

      hahahahahaha another chagey here. Who made Tshering Tobgay as PDP President. Became PDP president not by his own whim and wish. The core member of PDP found him as capable and vote him as PDP President after LSN. Dasho Damcho is capable and gentle man, he can become good either as minister or Speaker but I dont think that he can become a PM. He talks only good about others and hardly talks bad about others that why you TSHAGAYS like his attitude. In democracy Leaders has to be capable and has to be Best with Good peoples and Worst with Bad peoples. Hope now you would have got my point.

  13. Penjore

    Please stop blaming and pointing fingers at each other. We do not want to hear and see all these blame games, allegations and counter allegations. The parties should talk about the country, people and their needs, problems and solutions.

  14. Echo sound

    It is good to learnt that PDP is going to appeal matter to the Court.
    Do you think Mr. Tsheirng tobgay court is only yours. The judiciary of bhutan is for all the nation living in bhutan. When you shoot something beyong the capacity, the object will reflect back. When it reflect back it will heart you. Remember this saying. Some houts ago, PDP is very good parties but now the parties became very dirties in the world becoz of ego president. Even Tshering Tobgay doesn’t know the situation and creation of our country how he can became PM, It is notorous game playing.

  15. rocky

    very interesting thing.. now both the party PDP and DPT going to have case in the Royal Court. Lets see who will win the case.
    Mainwhile, when the PDP and DPT are with the case in the Court, the Election can call the DNT and DCT to come for the 2013 election contest
    ha h ah…

  16. sonam

    I see PDP voicing and challenging the DPT mostly…is it due to strong backing…as DPT seems nt challenging or in charging mood.

    And the latest news of fines, penalties and warning seems more fingers to point toward PDPs dirty tactics…
    So do something to show DPT is also in dirty game…try proving…
    hope people will understand PDP if so…….

  17. dorji

    TT is such an aggressive man. His whole life has been an aggressive one. He keeps on criticizing DPT. We all know from the first presidential debate itself which was aired live on BBS. And now, he complains that he and his manifesto is being criticised. If you cannot handle criticism, you should not criticize others in the first place.

  18. Anna

    PDP can be selective on the defamation cases, for example DPT calling as coalition is good for PDP, since the educated people know that it is not, for laymen it simply means the other parties are also anti-DPT. PDP might be wiser if they calm down and be less counter attack.

  19. Namgay Penjor

    PDP should stop using words like “Liar”. This is a very strong word for the Bhutanese people.

  20. Namgay Penjor

    I am very much worried about the future of this country. If hatred against each other continues,democracy would fail in our country.

  21. Karma

    Initially when the primary election was over, i was very happy of the fact that two competent parties went through…but now i was wrong.PDP President say that they gonna take the matter to the court….always court…court.
    I would also like to inform both the parties that please don’t generalized everything with whole of the population. For instance..i heard some candidate speaking that “All the people of the Bhutan were worried of the huge debt” but actually i as a educated citizen of the Country and knowing of the fact that where it has been invested…i am truly not worried. SO my suggestion here is to use the word “SOME” instead of “ALL”

    • Pema Thinley

      Please note that neither I am supporter of PDP nor i am supporter of DPT. Several questions, Do you feel happy when someone tells lie to the nation? Do you want Opposition leader who is simple and quite so that the ruling party can decide what ever they like for their own interest? Please judge yourself and then reflect , sorry to say this but it is my interest to whole nation as Drukyul.

      • S Norbu

        Hello Brother,
        Are you in dream, at the moment, who is ruling and opposition party? I believed, you are somewhere between 2008 – 2012.

  22. lepchu

    PDP, don’t loose your focus on campaign. Let anyone say anything. At this juncture, they are trying to divert your attention so that they could have a quick landslide victory. It is wisely advised not to pay heed to anything other than campaign wining the hearts of many. All the best of luck.

  23. Sonam Toka

    Wait for the Results. Really interesting to see the 7 Namrup’s results and PDP’s at the end. Useless shouting every where and every time.

    • Pema Thinley

      Wai. Sonam Toka what do you mean? yes you are really Toka, what has DPT brought good to the nation rather than economic crisis and do you know that till 2008 our country was 8th happiest country in the world and in 2013 it came to 20th Happiest country in the world. The research was done by famous Researcher from European and American people. They are neither supporter of DPT nor supporter of PDP, they did randomly for Bhutanese people. So, what does it speck to the nation within 5 years? Again they found out that within 2 years Bhutan will fall down to 30 in the world if this conditions still remain as it is. So we need be very careful for the interest of Nation.

    • TrueCitizen

      Un-loyal and rejected 7 candidates of Namrup joining PDP will bring big loss on PDP’s final election result losing more seats this time and for sure PDP will not get more then 10 seats in NA but still much better than 2008. Just watch, this time people of Punakha and Haa will definitely vote for Lyonpo Namgay Penjor and Dasho Dr.Gado Tshering because the post of NA Speaker and Health Minister is waiting for their constituency candidate.

  24. wiseman

    I just wonder! what our beloved Kings are thinking about this shameful ongoing in the country which is definitely wouldn’t think even in dream. Dear JYT & TT (President), how dare you go into the extreme depth of dispute like this being leader. Please listen to your humble citizen and stop at here, please please please…..care us like our King did…..

    • Pema Thinley

      You are really good citizen of Bhutan . I like your concern and may be this is happening due to their short term benefit of their votes. Lets see. Thanks

  25. Chota Don

    Dont vote for Tsherinh Tobgay….it s better if he loose frm his constituency. …….then Dasho damchoe s far better then him

  26. Pema Thinley

    BBS, Kuensel, BhutanObserver are puppet of DPT. Do you know that BBS, Kuensel and Bhutan Observer are good enough to judge as media?. I am confident they really don’t serve the nation wisely. I am not supporter of any media but much appreciated who are concern about transparency as like the Bhutanese.

    • Penden

      For Pema Thinley, the medias like The Bhutanese and Bhutanomics would be an ideal media because it reports negatives of DPT and positives of PDP.

    • S Norbu

      Hello Brother,
      Are you talking transparency of single political party. What necessary is this idea? We all the Bhutanese would appreciate if this media house talk transparency in general

  27. kuzutasi

    Only former MP Damcho Dorji of Gasa and Ugyen Wangdi of Mongar are good enough who talks to sense. They are really capable to be next PM. Not trust to anyother who cant be PM for sure.

  28. Drukpa

    lets not blame our two political party as it is confirmed that Tshering Tobgay will now become PM n from my point of view the result of 2nd round election was good actually, since, opportunity was given to PDP. as we know that we will not no the capabilities of everyone until n unless opportunity is being given. so lets look n watch their important game…
    we know everyone will have a loop holes,…..instead of counting and pointing to it let….be mindful….
    as some of u have shared that DPT has brought many developmentals activites in our country…but,,,y don;t u think about PDP if they would have won the election in 2008….i don’t think that they would have sold our nation to other countries…i m sure that every candidates they joined politics were wished to serve tsa wa sum…..

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