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Bhutan’s futsal national team loses

Jun 27, 2013

Futsal-InchoenBhutan’s futsal national team lost to Thailand by 28 goals. The match was held during the 4th Asian indoor and martial arts games at Incheon in Korea, yesterday. Bhutan could manage only one goal against Thailand’s 29. 

Out of 100 disciplines in 12 different sports will be played by over 2,400 athletes from at least 45 countries; Bhutan is taking part only in futsal. Bhutan will face Malaysia tomorrow.

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  1. Yalama

    This is shocking! Cannot believe that we conceded a goal almost every 2-3 minutes. This should not happen even if we play against the best team in the world. What went wrong? Was it deliberate? Were best players selected? Should they give up playing the game at all & focus on studies? As I read the news and write this, I am still shaking my head and trying to recover from the shock and wondering how can we, how can we….?

    • Dhokdola

      Give it a break boss. I have the same feeling about it but we gotta understand that with the present facility (the blacktopped ground at Changlimithang parking) that we have at hand right now we are still far behind. The BOC and BFF as a whole has to provide the necessary facilities without which it’ll always remain the same. We need the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT POST (TOP POST)..


      • takashi

        There will be improvement in sportsman, teams, federations and associations if only the frequency of trips outside country made by General Secretary of Bhutan Olympic Committee is cut down and the same fund is diverted to build the capacity in Bhutan.

  2. Sonam Dorji

    Soccer and Futsal are two different games… a good soccer player is not necessarily a good futsal player; someone should put this logic in the heads of the committee who selected the futsal team.

  3. qwerty

    Be the change??? What does that even mean? Nice observation but a little too cheesy remedy you offered Mr. Dhokdola 🙂

    • Dhokdola

      I meant it apolitically.. My bad… _/\_

      Was trying to put it this way that there should a change in the scenario..and priorities should be given for sports too. It can one source of employment.

  4. oggy

    well i would say its a complete embarrassment.was Thailand really that good enough to score 29 goal’s or is it Bhutanese players were not confident enough play better? As per my opinion if you don’t have confident to play around people then its useless but i hope soon they well yield good result in the future.

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