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A battleground called common forum

Jun 26, 2013

CommonForum-WamrongInstead of making promises, candidates in Wamrong constituency in Trashigang are using the common forums as a battleground and a platform to clarify rumours. Our reporter Pema Namgay has this.

Both the candidates have been using the common forums to clarify and counter argue the allegations put up against each other. This, according to the candidates, is important since people have been made to believe in rumors spread by party supporters.  Yesterday in their last common forum in Moshi, in Wamrong, both the candidates spent almost ninety five percent of their time for clarification and argument. 

“If I get elected, we will have one gynecologist in Reiserboo hospital. There are already two ambulances. We don’t promise to give Helicopters. We will give other developments with the money spent in buying helicopters,” said DPT’s candidate for the Wamrong Constituency, Lhatu. He said helicopter will come only when the weather is clear. “It cannot come when its cloudy and during the night. Therefore, ambulance is best since road has now reached everywhere. It will benefit, if we invest in activities, which will benefit the people.”

PDP’s candidate for the same constituency, Karma Tenzin, said PDP has never criticized DPT’s promises. “But DPT has criticised all our promises. When it comes to buying Helicopter, in a year there are 365 days and it will not be rainy and cloudy throughout the year. We will use the ambulance if it is raining. And when it is clear, we will use our helicopters.”

People who attended the meeting said, to gain more political mileage, party supporters have been spreading rumors against each other. The clarification, therefore, is important not only for the candidate themselves but also to the voters. 

12 Comments for “A battleground called common forum”

  1. f.r.leavis

    Dont try to cheat with floating and false promises. Lets fight against clouds and rains. Its nature. The nature of some parties are like nature; untruth, unchanged and unmovable.

  2. goodgirl

    DPT gives nonsense explanation about HELICOPTER to public no civic sense at all. I think helicopter is not as ambulance, there is many patient in the country and two helicopter cannot reach every places. It is for emergency to use when there is accidental problem,disaster problem like flood, earthquake and many other disasters problem. For example many boys died after suffering a lot at Chhukha . In such case if there is helicopter nobody can lose their life. And also there is good example ,recently in India Uttarakhand flood thousand of peoples were died but still than helicopter saved life of the many peoples .

    • ugyenTnorbu

      I recommend PDP to place their helicopters at Mao Khola instead to ferry passengers simultaneously from left bank to right and vicecersa.

    • Karsel

      Helicopter 2 Nos. cost around say approximately around 90000000 x 2, power tiller for 1044 chiwogs say 180000 x 1044, utility van for 205 gewogs 700000 x 205, each year gewog level fund 2000000 x 205 x 5, 20% house rent allowance for civil servant say to 25000 civil sevant. regularizing of NFE instructor, building comfort for remote teachers, etc…bla bla bla…..so our Country is running in debt is aware to everycitizen. so from where and how this much capital will be arrange by PDP and on top one of the member from Monggar (Jigme Zangpo) said that they will not that much get help for other country and will not make any loan tooo. so how can they? its toooooooooo much…….. i think. Our PDP Govt. are in full confident that they will provide every need of the people, its good but they have never realized about the debt that is currently existing in our Country. No single candidate of PDP mentioned about the clearing of the debt made by the DPT government…. what u say abt this?

  3. Namgyel

    All DPT members say the same thing in all the common forums. I think such criticism has come from the leadership.

    I Guess DPT is feeling really scared to loose the power to PDP

    • pemgyl

      I think that the candidates believed allegations are the game of politicians. They can play it, untill to their fullest satisfaction. But its the people of bhutan who will give the judgement on 13th July, 2013.Lets see………

  4. Daji

    Bhutan has till now no enough Ambulance and others industires like in other country, wat for Helicopter. Who will use this helicopter. PDP Tshering Tobay and his High and powerfull man will use this.Bhutan Revenue cannot buy this, this Helicopter will brought by Singye, Damchen and Zimdra afterall who is to became rich. Think our people. It is not a dream but this is real one. The power is going back, through PDp, because this people supporting PDP. if not go and see and learn from army around Bhutan.

  5. awaza

    It is true that choppers will be used in emergency case, but DPT trend to criticizes the PDP’s manifestos since they are guilty of their work done in 5 years of tenure and also afraid that they wont get opportunity to rule the government and to gain somthing after 5 years too.

  6. hari p. sharma

    forget the helicopter services for any other development. the candidate is making the statement only for the votes. we have well experience the circumstance in the last session in sipsu after giving votes to the party, who promise for all activities.

  7. jones

    Happy to hear that PDP is going to buy helicopter for emergency purposes. But we cannot predict when emergency cases are going to happen.. it may happen during day, night, bad weather, clear weather. I think idea of buying helicopter for emergency purpose is not suitable. and moreover running cost would be too high.

  8. anti-forum

    Yes one engine helicopters will be supplied by Singye, Damchen or Zimdra. Not only they benefits by supplying those choppers, most of the time patients from this companies will get services.

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