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PDP files a complaint to ECB against DPT

Jun 26, 2013

PDP-PlingThe People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has filed a complaint with the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) against the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), yesterday. In the letter submitted, PDP has requested the ECB to ask DPT to prove the allegations made against PDP during campaigning.

At a press conference in Phuentsholing, yesterday, the President of the People’s Democratic Party, Tshering Tobgay, said that DPT instead of talking about their own pledges and manifesto, has been criticising PDP’s pledges.

“During the BBS live debate, DPT’s Bongo-Chapchha candidate alleged that the newspaper, The Bhutanese is owned by my brother which is not true. Also, a few days ago, at a public meeting in Tsirang, the DPT President accused PDP of bribing the media,” said PDP’s President Tshering Tobgay. He said allegations are baseless and also questions the media’s credibility.

Tshering Tobgay also denied having any connection with the webiste, Bhutanomics.

The complaint letter, likewise, stated that such campaigning, which is both defamatory and irresponsible on the part of DPT leadership as well as candidates, is of serious concern not only to PDP but also to the nation as a whole.

“Whether the ex-PM’s remarks damage the prospects of PDP or not is one question. But the bigger question I am concerned about is the ex-PM’s attitude and remarks damaging the democratic process,” said Tshering Tobgay. He said he invites them to prove that the statements are true. “If they are unable to prove, it exposes them as liars, as cheap politicians willing to go to any end to hold on to power.”

The President added that if DPT fails to prove its allegations, the party will have no option but to take the case to the Royal Court of Justice.  Tshering Tobgay was in Phuentsholing, yesterday, meeting the party supporters there.  During the meeting the President shared his Party’s pledges and its manifesto.


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  1. wiseman

    Yeah, people have started gossiping that Bhutanomics is owned by the brother of his excellency Ex-OL. Therefore, DPT please prove your allegation against PDP or else it is confirmed that what ever the comments made throughout this debate are all untrue laa. Both of the parties are well respected by the public.

  2. pim pong

    Actually, Mr Tshering Tobgay started defaming DPT in the beginning. But now, when DPT started the race, it is on fire…

    Something is going wrong with these two political parties…

    Bhutan can’t afford to have such political parties…

    • Dragtshen

      Yes Mr.Tshering Tobgay Defamed DPT I agree but it was during their tenure as Government. The role of opposition is to defame and obstruct if thing is not in line.

      Now see all the DPT Candidates they dont have any promise as such for the rural people and criticizing PDP’s over whelming rural pledges.

  3. Namgyel

    It is the people of Bhutan, the voters who should give the verdict and not the court or the ECB. That verdict would be best as it will happen on 13/7/2013. Court case will take some time.

  4. Daji

    If PDP denied on coliation than, It will be corruption,prove that PDP has paid Nu.1,00,000/-each to DNT Candidates for joining PDP.Fist Mr. Tsehring Tobay and his party blame and defamed, therefore, it is very easy for Court to decide action fisrt to PdP. But DPT can’t be in the defamation since this was their answer to their Fisrt defamation and critising.
    PLease Revoke PDP’s Tsheirng Tobgay who is always interest to be in the Court, from begining of the year 2008. Acyually we didn’t see his capablilty to became PM of Bhutan who is always bdad minded person like him. Never he will be success to became PM in his like, this is my Promise with three releam of god.
    GOOd luck for DPT.

  5. Daji

    Please wakeup DPT.
    Army officer around Bhutan are collecting Postal ballot of Army staff and their families unknowinly and signed by the officer on behalf of Army and their families and dispacthed.Therefore, army and families were unawre of their postal ballo. but they said postal ballot were reach to their constituency without their secret voting.
    Why this is happening in Bhutan. please make it clear for the People of Bhutan.
    Something suspicious is there with PDP. PLease DPT Don’t be scared. if it is real one, we the 90% people are here to support you.

  6. Sonam Toka

    Why people don’t like Tshering Tobgay? Because he barks to much as if he is the only one above.

    • pemgyl

      How can you say that people don’t like Tshering Tobgay. It may be someone like you who is against him. There are many who is after him. Lets not to hate, learn to love the leaders.

  7. Yeshey

    Yes, its true what Pim Pong has written. To my observation also it was PDP who started first. Now when DPT turns back PDP is on fire. Even a dog if we start kicking it, it will surely bite back. What ever it may be the BHUTANESE CITIZEN will give the best JUDGEMENT soon.

  8. Sharchokpa

    DPT has been doing a very cheap politics. They have to prove wat they said in BBS news. If not we would expect them to face presidential debate or the court of law

  9. Sonam Toka

    Any way i am waiting for Tshering Tobgay’s helicopter and Bolero to enjoy sooner

  10. Dorji

    I think the President Tshering Tobgay is playing a dirty politics..why they have to blame and dig out the negatives of each other.. If the party is worthy enough to rule the country and benefit the people then please mind your own business towards achieving your goals. Certainly the people will know who is the real hero to win the battle. Please don’t try to defame each other, our country is just a small nation. Don’t try to tear it down by dividing the community… DON’T COMPARE WITH OTHER NATION. THINK!! THIS IS A BUDDHIST NATION WHO IS SEEKING FOR PEACE…

  11. Star

    There is only few day for the poll day..plz we request both the party not to create problems..Both the party are supposed to inform public wat u have for pledges if u come in power, not to critise eachother..
    we are not happy with wat u all are doing everyday. all the time we hear of blatantly blaming eachother and complaning to ECB.
    I personally feel PDPs president is quite aggressive. he is the first person to critise DPTs work done.
    Our country is too small and in a young democratic country like ours shuld not be happing such things. Please think of our king who is alys worried abt the country and ppl. When our king is giving power to PPl it doesnt mean u can do watever u like.

    let this election go well and STOP BLAMING.

  12. pema duckpa

    To our Lhenchen JYT “

    We will not demand like helicopter, bolero, Bank, BOD at Gewog.

    But we need all the road/phone networks /electricity and etc. should be connected to all the gewog and every villages of the Bhutan.

    Helicopter- buyer will Tashi commercial (for PDP).
    Bolero –buyer will Zemdra for PDP.
    Bank- only Tashi Bank for PDP.
    BOD- it may be by Damchen and Tashi for PDP.

    About 1 to 4 point will be business to the for PDP, if PDP has given all, directly or indirectly all the cash will run to PDP, all above firms are supporters for PDP. In future what Bhutan will be???
    For that reason we the Bhutanese do not want above 1 to 4 point.

    “We need what the country have but do not want what people promises”

    One and all think thousand times to your king, country and people & press your one finger to the vote machine. go for very good party………………….

    Kaden chee druk meser

    • Domapani

      Sorry, right now nobody is Lenchen, may be you can use Lenchen dav JYT. We will get our new Lenchen only after july 13th.
      Road/phone networks /electricity and etc will be provided by any party who becomes government. Don’t think only DPT can provide these infrastructure. Telecom and Power was there since 1960 providing social services to people, and these companies will remain for ever providing services to people.
      Hope you will not consider Tashi Cell also started by DPT, who provides the same services at same rate.
      We don’t care who supply Helicopter, but our rural people really require Ambulance Helicopter. This is very good promise made by one of the party.

  13. tama

    whatever it may be what we want is a good leader, we do’nt mind about the business as long as people in the country is benefited. come on people/// are we not fade up with old DPT? lets vote for PDP and see the changes.

  14. Pemaz

    I don’t want helicopters nor I do want bolero pick-up trucks, I just want safe drinking water, a good education system and a safe place to live. All I want is basic needs in my village. Now, I don’t want too many fake pledges from PDP & I am wise enough to cast my vote.

    God is always there to witness! Let us see the result on 13/7/2013.

  15. Nita

    Grow up both DPT and PDP and stop acting like tom and jerry. Both these parties are busy in blaming and digging out mistakes of each other. be realistic and think of the country and the people.

  16. Sonamwangmo

    Tshering Tobgay has been criticising DPT for a long time and when DPT criticised him, he can’t take that much also..how can he become our PM? He is one cheap dirty politician who promises unrealistic just to buy votes. He is in fact supported by rich businesses like zimdra, Damchen, singye, lhaki and also by media like the Bhutanese and Bhutonomics. His younger brother owns the Bhutanese with tenzin lamsang.

  17. Sonam Tobgyel

    It is really sad to know that Army Officers are malpractice for Ballot than how can we trust on them for keeping our Country safe. Authority concerned is hereby requested to intervene into the matter before it is too late. It is known by many people now. Prove is within the area these days.

    Kencho Sum Khenno!!!!!!

  18. salman

    BIG TRUE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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