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PDP's party worker penalised

Jun 24, 2013

Haa--PDP's-party-worker-penalisedThe Haa Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement body has penalised People’s Democratic Party Worker, Nima Tshering, for distributing a sum of Nu.16,000 to 11 people in Rangtshe under Gakiling Gewog.

A complaint was made by DPT party worker, Mintu,on 16th June to the dispute settlement body.

Nima Tshering now has to pay Nu.3000 as penalty and he will also have to collect the entire amount distributed and surrender it to the dispute settlement body. He was also warned that if he repeats the same offence, the Dzongkhag Election Dispute Settlement Body will double the fine imposed.

14 Comments for “PDP's party worker penalised”

  1. Solar

    Who is this Nima Tshering? Hope he is not our DNT candidate Nima Tshering.

  2. dorjip

    hahahaha truth shall prevail who is right and wrong; whether DPT or PDP is better.. People of lower Haa should think twice while voting for the candidates and party.

    • chado

      huh.. i guess no one is better. Common Youths!! its our duty. lets make everything clean. Lets follow our wise leader and no one else. DO YOU THINK THE CANDIDATES From the parties deserve your VOTE?????? think over.

  3. nima

    The action is being taken against Nima Tshering, a party worker of PDP. Was the investigation full scale to prove that the bribery is not funded by the candidate concerned? How did the dispute settlement body rule out that the candidate concerned is involved? Looking at the severity of case, if the candidate is involved, he would be liable for election red card.

  4. pun

    ha ha quite funny penalty imposed by ECB, ECB will is setting precedence for new coming up political parties to go ahead with such dirty action as penalty is very minimum.

  5. GTTHaye

    Money is nothing for them to fine. Any one does that kind of mistake should be disqualify.

  6. signo

    Shame on you Nima Tshering,…I Guess you are not a true Bhutanese. And Shame on those who accepted the bribe money.

  7. Sonam Toka

    Only Nima Tshering and the people who accepted the cash are loser,but the leader behind it. ECB only penalized them why?

  8. Sonam Tobgyel

    Wai! It is proving now.

  9. Daji

    Hello election.
    As per the Penal code Section 438(a)stated that Crime against Public election, offering or pays a bribe or otherwise uses undue influence in an election, the defendant shall be a fellony of the fourth degree, term ranging from 3 years to 5 years imprisoment.How it come Nu.3000/-Which law describe you Nu.3000/-? It is big crime against the public and nation.ECB In Tashigang also bribe by PDP. who has many money distrubedt by Someone Suspicious.

  10. ugen

    C’mon ECB.. dat’s too low …. pls. dnt encourage for others too…

  11. rohngf

    ECB must be really joking!!!!peanut penalty!!!!! even after convincing with the evidence that perhaps party members have distributed cash, the penalty seems to be similar to what RCSC penalized those two teachers….we are making mockery of our system!!!!
    on the brighter side, it is good that all those black moneys are getting distributed to people in rural areas during election!!!!

  12. harmony

    Simple conclusion, ECB has become a JOKER, a FINE Nu. 3000? Did ECB made sure the money TRAIL and which felony does this CRIME FALL? ECB is really shaming us, the BHUTANESE, who is becoming DORMANT, a statue indeed…….

  13. Daji

    Which section of laws allowed ECB to fined or take the legal action.
    There are two Judiciary in Bhutan. If anyone can take action than there should not be judiciary in Bhutan.They can investigate the case and for the action to be taken has to be forwarded ot the Court. But ECB is repeatly saying somtime basely and sometime simple action has taken. The Pdp’s case at Rangse is purely bribed and need to prosecute through the laws not by election. IF same case happened in someother places can you compromise like Pdp’s Birbery case at Rangse.
    Even now and than Thimphu South PDP candidates said about the hiding of corruption by DPT government, what about Rangse Bribery case? Tandin wangmo of Thimphu South PDP’s candidates who is shouting like hungry jackle also need to penalise as per the Penal code section 438(a).

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