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Exercise self-restraint, ECB tells political parties

Jun 24, 2013

ECB--Political-Prrties--AllegationsThe Election Commission of Bhutan has sent a notification to the Party Presidents of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) stating that the two political parties are becoming increasingly regional in tone and divisive in nature.

The notification says both DPT and PDP raking up issues related to national security, national language and citizenship which are beyond negotiation for short-term electoral gains and political mileage.

ECB has asked the presidents of the political parties to exercise self-restraint, instruct and advise candidates, and party workers.

ECB also warns, if any public statements by the political parties incites and are likely to foster regionalism, it will be viewed seriously and legal actions will be taken against them. The legal actions, ECB says, will be restraining orders or even cancellation of candidature.

The notification also says many of the elections-related complaints lodged with ECB, after investigation, are found to be baseless. ECB has advised parties to come up with an internal mechanism to prevent unnecessary litigation to avoid social acrimony. ECB says they will accept the complaint lodged on behalf of Party if only it is endorsed by the concerned candidate, party president or the authorized representative of the president.

4 Comments for “Exercise self-restraint, ECB tells political parties”

  1. Nidup

    ECB, please Clarify LIVE on BBS TV about the coalition issue going on right now. PDP and DNT says No and DPT says YES. Both are firm on their justification. Please clarify.

    And ECB please let there be a Presidential Debate before elction. It is really required.

  2. pala

    In the way to win their own party, the party presidents are trying to destroy the country…..so fuuny

  3. Daji

    It is very sad to know that Army Millitary intelligent officer across the Country are distributing and making suport compulsory to vote for PDP by conducting meeting with the Army and famalies using the Fifth kling’s name.They have also assigned or desiganted one each person to collect the postal ballot from the Concern army and famalies and dsipatch by that particular person. I have seen at Samtse Army Camp. If you believe please come forward and do something to this officer as per Penal code of bhutan.

  4. haha

    If its true? its really sad to know that…… hope this country will choose good leader

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