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DNT’s seven candidates to move to PDP

Jun 10, 2013

(Left-Right: Dorji Choden, Jigme Zangpo, Norbu Wangchuk, Lekey Dorji, Tshering, Pelzang Wangchuk and Kinley Dorji)

Laying rumors, speculation and name-calling to rest, the seven candidates from Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) have confirmed they are moving to People’s Democratic Party (PDP). The decision, which most of these candidates called it as “difficult but conscious”, comes almost after a week of closed-door meetings.

The candidates include DNT’s President Dorji Choden from Thrimshing, Vice-President, Jigme Zangpo from Monggar, Norbu Wangchuk from Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong, Lekey Dorji from Bardo-Trong and Tshering from Panbang, Pelzang Wangchuk from Jomotshangkha-Martshala and Kinley Dorji from Radhi-Sagteng.

In last one week, there were speculations and accusations- some questioning the moralities and integrities. Most of them took to social media. There were name callings- some called horse-trading undesirable, there were others who supported the move as they believe this would create a vibrant democracy.

Norbu Wangchuk, who was also the first one to confirm the decision, said it was not an impulsive decision but rather a decision that was well considered. Asked, if they thought they are an opportunists, Norbu Wangchuk, said yes, because they see an opportunity to serve the country better by being in politics.

“What we see is a greater cause- the cause for vibrant democracy and when I say a cause for a vibrant democracy, I think a vibrant democracy is unfolded in the kind of parliament we have. Nurturing of robust parliament where ideas are contested, where alternate views are explored, where policies and legislations can be fashioned through meaningful debate and deliberation,” said Norbu Wangchuk. He said this can take place only when there are good candidates, not just good in terms of competent and skills but also in terms of the numbers.  “We would not like to see a parliament which is dominated by one singular political party.”

The other reason, which the candidates considered, was resting the rumors and interpretations by people that DPT and PDP were east and west parties. This, he said, was a dangerous development after the primary elections result.

“People could be spreading and fuelling this regionalism and therefore we found there is a cause for us to correct this. And therefore if you look at the profile of seven candidates, who are joining people’s Democratic Party, most of us are from the East and we find if some of the constituencies in the East can be secured by the PDP then the impression that is being spread that eastern and western party could somehow be neutralized and therefore we could correct the wrong that is happening right now.”

Asked if their candidates moving to PDP is a coalition, Norbu Wangchuk, said it was difficult to interpret but he said seven of them would contribute in making a vibrant parliament by joining People’s Democratic Party. Meanwhile, the candidates -who are already on their way to their constituencies- said they are waiting to hear from the Election Commission of Bhutan as two parties, DPT and PDP, file a nomination of candidates to the Commission tomorrow.


51 Comments for “DNT’s seven candidates to move to PDP”

  1. sad

    Three of the candidates has already changed party from PDP to DNT and then to PDP. Four hav moved to PDP. Now what do they mean to DNT. THA-DAMTSE-MAY-BAI-ME DUEN(7)

  2. tshangla

    where shall DNP hide its head?

  3. Olive

    The article has several grammatical errors. Please don’t falsify my belief that the BBS is so much more competent than this.

  4. Nima

    I think they are just opportunists- in the name of politics.

  5. Tshewang

    What the Crap!. What happened to these people? I am not into politics and i am not voting either but they sound weird to me. Why did they have different Parties at the beginning?
    I would say,
    There forms a different party if they have different notions( rules, intent, views etc).
    If the candidates in that particular wants to move to other party after a failure and because other party is doing good then these candidates are infidel to their own party or it would mean they are just selfish for the power.

  6. Mongggar

    Liars..new people, new corruption now is their motives. if they are realy here to neutralize west-east concept, why some of them join western Bhutan


      Yes truly said @ mongarpa. I really don’t understand the intension of Aum Dorji Choden.She is the founder of DNT and she didn’t even realized what will be the situation of DNT. she is self- fish that s why I even get frustrated to see her on TV screen. So how can self-fish person like her can serve our kingdom. so think thrice before voting.

  7. bhutjolokia

    Some of them seem to be half dead….

  8. Sup

    In the name of serving people and for a good cause for vibrant democracy, these uncivilized cows are going for money and power. Disgrace!

  9. pim pong

    wow.. power hungry guys…

    If you guys are not hungry of power,,, you should have thought of making your party stronger and returning in 2018 to beat other parties… but as soon as your party got defeated, joining other parties doesn’t justify to serve the country and to make the democracy vibrant one…

  10. Namsss

    Welcome to PDP. Congrats to you all!

  11. penjor

    voted for DNT but now know the real intention ………we shall stand to throw you guys and show that people in the villages are not fools

  12. Rngdl

    That is really good of DNT, knowing exactly where they should join. Now DPT are very much threatened…Lets see what this party will do…M sure they ll do something, which we will never think of. Great PDP.

  13. Cheku

    Though it is a very good news to have new candidates from DNT but the question is,”how will it be the DNT in near future? will they join back to former party after 5 years?

  14. NADOLA

    Every Bhutanese citizen wants to build a vibrant democracy that serves Bhutanese citizen in a transparent and fair manner. In order to make this possible, we certainly need people like you actively taking part in the democratic movement to bring new changes and opportunities.

    While many do not seem to have commented online, there are thousands of people who actually wanted to congratulate you for joining into PDP. When we needed changes now, why to wait for another 5 years and make people struggle for r years when it is painful even for a day.

    You made a great decision and we all know you have done it with your heart to serve our nation at a larger interest. Congratulations once again.

  15. Jayda

    I feel ashamed to those 7 fellows, besides saying lots of things of DNT ideologies, promises and people didnt liked them, Now again they want to join PDP and say different things…

    They are not for country and the people, they are looking for their own power, perks and designation…

  16. Karma

    Primary round suggests deep divisions. Sharchops/Lhotshampas verses Ngalops? With this move (DNT moving to PDP), such potential regionalism can be prevented, can provide stronger opposition in the NA, minimize authoritarianism/dictatorship, improve economy rather washing people head with rhetoric of GNH, and curve corruptions. Isn’t these good for democracy and good for the people of Bhutan?

  17. lees

    You all fellows its not, it could not create a vibrant democracy, your aLL comments are to be studied by ecb bfore. its useless better we all remain calm, it creates a buddhist society in dangerous zone………

  18. rocky

    I really appreciate, should select good candidates to make good government. What we want is good government thats all. I will vote to PDP and my wife vote to DPT..equal vote…

  19. doto

    Thank you all 7 for joining PDP to give better choice to the people of Bhutan and to make vibrant democracy. When it comes to division in the country (east and west)we the people of this beautiful country is not harmed/hurt since we are all same. For example I am from west and my wife is from east. Our kids (3) are incubated with ingredients of east and west are much better then we(me and wife) in terms of speaking different dialects, culture, connectivity and many more. My wife at times call me ngalop and i too call back sharcop when we have some differences but our kids never created difference among them. We are both (drupka) and it must prevail for all times come. We are all netted and I see no no harm/damage/social difference at all in future. We must accept using words like sharchop (from east), ngalop (from west) and lhotshampa (from south) but what we don’t accept are drag (upper class), ding (middle class) and zheng (lower class) since these will create social difference (status) like cast system in the past. So lets call for “no use of these words”

  20. Citizen

    Firstly why those three candidate join to DNT, if they want to return to PDP. I can’t understand…there is some behind for those three.

  21. Meto

    Trying over again & again………….is your ROAD TO SUCCESS TO SERVE THE NATION & ITS PEOPLE. Welcome back to the general election. Congress to the seven newest candidates of PDP.

  22. Rinzin Bidha

    dnt and pdp must be having a ulterior motive.This is made clear to whole world by 7 frog jumpers of dnt. But do always remember the famous bhutanese saying,” KELWA CHEN GE MA TOW REWA CHEN GI MEY THOB.”

  23. wartful

    Shame shame for DNT candidates for joining PDP—

  24. Kaktar

    When including president herself and vice president do not believe in their party’s ZHITSA and TAWA, why did they fooled the nation?. DNT is even biggest liar than DPT. If not then there is really something fishy behind for forming DNT. Otherwise, why all of them go for PDP?


    we shold wel come DNT members for the change that we want to see in the country. so all the best and you all can do it with PDP and can bring change. Tashi delek


    I heard that PDP paid 1 core to each out going candidates with support from singye group of companies and some other companies. If incase PDP get chance to rule the government they are going to recover the amount back to those companies indirectly. I am shock that they got 1 core each and happily staying without have faith to serve our country. Now I knew PDP and DNT is always after money and power. If it is the case I think they will tumble the government instead of peace and prosperity.

    • Nita

      Don’t see any deserving candidate to be a minister in PDd”s list. pray they don’t win.If they win then i think economic situation of our country will be more worse than we have now.


      If u have that much concern on 7 candiates from PDP, why dun u concern about 2 candidates from DPT? atleast 7 candidates got some money bt..2 from DPT has sent without any benefit mena? what will they do? ppl from their dzongkhags like them & select them, why DPT PM JYT take them out? what happen? what to say to this?

  27. Choptong Tashi

    yes…yes …. you all are right, i too thought that DNP will come more stronger in 2018 but i am very sad that DNP get dissolve after defeated in primary round and it seems that they are not really mean to serve country….they are awfully hungry for money and power, specially President of DNP……plz. dont vote for PDP, coz. 7 hungers are join there.

  28. Bhutanese

    What ever be the reason behind Jumping from one party to another,suspicion is being build inside the mind of many people now and the questions seems to left unanswered until the election now.
    Forming a party wasn’t a easy job and i think most of the candidates of DNT knows that very well. It is discomforting to see that the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT, who is to lead the party, themselves are getting under the roof of another party. What about those great party Ideologies that they spoke of so proudly during debates???
    They didn’t get through the primary round in whole ,though their vote was high in their respective constituency but that does not mean that they have to go to other party to serve the people. They could have waited five more years trying to sort out things and build the roots of party well. I very much appreciated the strong will of AUM lily wangchuk and i would have expected the same from AUM dorji.
    We do understand that the people might have approached their candidates to join other party now that they have lost, but this was not that right way in any case, especially for the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT.
    Have a thought AUM dorji and JIGME, if you are reading!!!

  29. Sangay

    7 candidates above good luck, we r here to vote for u , good choice from eastern Dzongkhag.

  30. Doro007

    What Ex. OL is doing? Instead of asking the party supporter, U all decide ur self in getting DNT members. U r making big mistake, as faith on u is decreasing. In a way giving an opportunity to DPT win like in 2008. As a voter i cry for your decision…..

  31. Eden

    It seems unjust and unfair. They should not have formed their party if they wanted to join the PDP after their failure.Rather we would have been glad to see them working hard for next election after 5 years if they really meant to serve the people and country.Anyways hope things go better….Wish you all good luck.

  32. sonam

    Its really sad to hear this…I am a DNT fan but now nt any more….for cheating that they are independent party….in fact they hold different name and license from ECB but internally they are one only….looking at their creation and members, I always felt they are just PDP n PDP only…however, I din’t believe until this swapping business….in reality just getting to their own party.
    Now I m for DPT whatever….my vote for DPT

  33. singye

    Politics is dirty so play it as a game….where will the DNP go…

  34. Sanja

    haha! nice mug shots BBS. It’s not a crime to change parties, is it now? Someone said, never to change horses in the middle of a race. Wonder if it will prove true this time?

  35. asa

    Dear Seven Candidates,

    my first question is, Why did you join DNT in the first place? Is it the ideology that attracted you? or Did you see it as an opportunity for you wear a blue/orange kabney?
    What should we call you people, who have sold you belief and ideology?

  36. jazz

    Crazzzzzy woman n men….

  37. Tashi

    very disappointed with DNT.Specially with Aum DC.Boooo DNT.

  38. Karma

    Well done DNT Puen Dhuen. You are strengthening the Bhutanese democracy. There should never be one party domination AGAIN in Bhutanese parliament.

  39. leki

    People were talking from the inception of the DNT that it is affiliated with the PDP and funding also from the same sources to run the party. Now it is real what people were talking. Keep it up DPT to rule the government and try to work harder.

  40. Kharka

    i was wrong i voted for DNT last time thanks to you all i will be carefull this time

  41. bayong

    what ever may be we Bhutanese people can understand the fact we can differentiate the sand and soil from the port int he final game.DPD N DNT dont expect a ruling party

  42. karma Penjoy

    All this 7 People are like animals, they try to eat other food, we feel shy to see them, this type of party is good, they take care our country, even they do not no what they are doing, they are equal to animals, if they won’t feel shy also we the people of Bhutan feeling shy to them.(DNT will hamper next election also, is 2018)

  43. konglong

    seven power hungry atsara of DNT…..

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