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Parking-fee hike angers truckers

May 28, 2013

Increase-in-Parking-FeeTruckers and medium-vehicle drivers in Phuentsholing are not happy with the recent hike in the parking fee of the truck parking area designated by the Thromde. The fee has increased by over five times more.

The new parking fee came into effect from last Saturday. From Nu.50 for 24 hours it increased to Nu.265. Drivers using the parking space said the new rate decided by the Thromde office is not reasonable.

“For those big transport companies and contractors they have their own area for parking. But for those who park here are all from lower income and cannot afford private parking spaces,” said Tshering Nidup, one of the drivers. He also said Thromde office did not even discuss with the drivers before fixing the rate”

Another driver added that the increase has come at a time when their business is dwindling.

“We bought the trucks on loan and there is not much work because of increasing number of trucks. As a result we have to compromise on the transportation charges despite increasing diesel price,” said one of the truckers, Gembo Dorji.

As a solidarity move against the hike, the truckers have also drafted and signed a petition to the Thromde office asking for consideration.

However, the Thromde has rejected their application saying that the rate was fixed through tendering of the parking fee collection contract and then passed by the Thromde Tshogde.

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    Really heartless step taken by the thromde & contractor knowing every situation of country. If Nu.265/- each vehicle is charged then annual revenue reaches at 4,836,250.00 if only 50 trucks per day taken into account. Whereas, the parking is just for namesake as there is no proper safety, surfacing, lighting, boundary wall etc.Please keep ethic of being human and help poor people instead slashing them further to the ground.

  2. yaktsap

    oh, it is really funny, who is making money on the pubic, land or government land, where does these money goes, where they use. why not the Thromde (city corporation) collect the parking fee and use in maintaining the town I mean the road in the city,

  3. roudy

    Draining the sweat, toil beyond the ability…Need to look into the matter seriously. Why to steal the money of our own kith and kin? Where is justice and equity, embedded deep in Gross National Happiness ideal. Is this the GNH wish by our Visionary Monarch, the 4th Druk Gyalpo King Jigme Singye Wangchuk and the 5th Druk Gyalpo King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk? Please, Need to reconsider…
    From the Voice of your humble sibling

  4. Nidup

    I think the fee is very high. Imagine Nu. 265 for 24 hours; that means Nu.265 daily and in a month it is Nu.7950. Do the Thromde think it is fair enough for poor truckers?
    City officials are always after innocent people. They poke their nose about the sign Boards of shops, displaying of goods outside shops but they are not concerned about the pothole riddles roads, garbage lying every where and water shortage.
    I think government should scale down the power given to city. They are misusing it.

  5. Dorji

    This is very sad, the idea of privatization and outsourcing the fees is good but not at the cost of the people. Some of bad examples of such practices around the world have led to outbreak of unwanted incidences such as public marching the streets even cause of civil wars when the burden keeps on adding. I think it is very important to consider the income of our bhutanese commoners to implement such a raise. Imagine the burden parking fee raise, electricity raise etc… All though a separate entity is adding on the burden of same person, so the question will it be sustainable when income is same and expense is increasing….. Policy makers really need to look into this angle and have a mechanism in place to regulate such hikes, or another question is what is our representatives the tshogpas and the thrompon in the thromde doing… Did they forget that they are suppose to represent the people.

  6. rocky

    Thromde are revising the parking fees like GUNDA TAX. We the citizen of this country would humbly request Thromde official to revise in minimal rates. Is to high. Look down our poor drivers how they are surviving day to day and we need to see their problem la. You don’t need to do tendering. Thats why the rate has increased, therefore Thromde office can employee the fee colector by yourself and make the government revenue in minimal rates… Please don’t kill before it die…

  7. citizen

    its very high for the truckers…multiply 265 by 30 days ..the amounts is too high as a parking fee…think thromde should revisit their decision…
    this kind of decisions are the reasons why bhutanese population are affected and their business fail……………in the end it leads to more low income people and evn poverty

  8. kintse Wangdon

    why do they increase rate?
    why do they want to make our people suffer?
    All wants to stay happy, enjoy their life but how can people survive if Thromde over take such innocent people,
    What is FAIR and JUSTICE, Ans…………….., I think its like ruling our people without any realization,

  9. shadow

    By any count, I also feel that the parking fee is unreasonably high. if the tendering process is to be blamed for at this time, re-tender the work, based on the petition submitted by the truckers,so that a reasonable rate is fixed to benefit people and government.

  10. leoman

    Again people’s are not consulted n informed about the revision.

  11. karmala

    this is call collusion between parking fee collector company and thromday officials coz. it was not done in a democratic way. i heard people say municipal guys are corrupted, now i ground to beleive. even in thimphu it was done with the knowledge of us..atleast me

  12. yaktsap

    where does the collected go, where they use the money.

  13. kamrup

    the parking fee is too much and the concern authorities ought to be mobilize and bring to the reasonable. think every people gets money with hardship .

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