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ECB demands action from PDP

May 26, 2013

ECB--PDP-Candidate-of-Gangzur-Minjey.The Election Commission of Bhutan has asked People’s Democractic Party’s former candidate of Gangzur-Minjay Constituency, Sonam Jatsho, to stop campaigning, immediately and unconditionally. Sonam Jatsho is said to be campaigning even though he is not the candidate-designate of the party for the constituency. The Party has Lobzang Dorji, 25, as their candidate-designate.

In a letter to the People’s Democratic Party President, ECB says, Sonam Jatsho has printed pamphlets and distributed, without the approval of ECB, to the people of Gangzur-Minjey demkhong. ECB says this is the violation of the Election Advertisement Regulation of kingdom of Bhutan.

The ECB has also asked the President to justify why ECB should not take legal action against the party within 5 pm today.

The supporters of DNT and DCT had put up a complaint letter against Sonam Jatsho for campaigning as candidate-designate of PDP, even though his name does not reflect in the list of candidates PDP had submitted to the ECB. They has said he is also not a registered member of PDP.

Sonam Jatsho, on the other hand, says BBS has misquoted him. He had told BBS’s Lhuentse Reporter, Sonam Ugyen, earlier that he is campaigning because he will be representing the party if PDP makes through to the general round.

PDP’s media spokesperson, Damchoe Dorji, said the allegations against Sonam Jatsho are baseless. He also said the pamphlets were approved by ECB. Damchoe Dorji also said Sonam Jatsho is a registered member of PDP but his name somehow got left out when the party submitted its letter of intent.






24 Comments for “ECB demands action from PDP”

  1. soda

    Why can’t ECB take legal action when someone is doing unlawful things.

  2. lhajigs

    are those candidates whose name is mispelled in the letter of intent is treated as the candidate? what you think of yourself Damcho Dorji? and ypu still wanted to prove that the complaint from DCT and DNT is baseless upon urself speaking that he is missedout during letter of intent? had he got his valid degree fearing of RUB attestation? had he got valid security clearance, audit cearance and is he eigibli himself? if so why Lobzang Dorji isput in lace of him? ptherwise PDP should withdraw from campaigning and ECB should take strong action against PDP for violating the rulesand regulations…

  3. truthandjustice

    lets see wat will be the reaction from ECB. Wat we people thought these days is ECB is in support to PDP that why no questions has been asked during the first corruption done by PDP during letter of intent . Now its very serious and we people are very active on this matter. Moreover, please justify on army issue and making lots of promises … wake up people its time to Judge the people .

  4. Kadola

    ECB please take the matter seriously in the larger interest of the nation. There needs to be proper scrutiny of the “Letter of Intent” and if the parties gets disqualified then this can safe a lot of election related expenses for the country. In this year’s case, even PDP and DCT should be disqualified.

    What PDP, spokesperson said to bbs can’t be true because how can a supposed to be candidate for general round can be left out.

    I am sure this news are quite disturbing for all the concerned citizen of this great nation. I hope that ECB will be take appropriate action against the party and the candidate. RCSC has already take action against those involved!

    • sonam

      ECB should take intensely action against PDP’s campaigning at Gangzur-Minjay Constituency,PDP is breaking the Rules and Regulation of the ECB, Kingdom of Bhutan. Before wining the votes the party fools the Tsa-Wa- Sum, people of Bhutan please be careful. We don’t trust PDP anymore. We are afraid that PDP would sell our country or neither put the Bhutan upside down.

      • Sherab Gyeltshen

        As sonam has pointed out rightly, that we are getting worried that PDP would sell our country for the benefits of their supports (lying behind) or put the Bhutan upside down.
        Now, only two days left to cast our valuable vote, for the primary round, but we haven’t heard anything from the ECB regarding the two teachers who has joined in two political parties, before resigning from the civil service. Is it allowed by the law to join politics before resigning from civil service? If so, it wasn’t fair for the BKP, which they could have done the same thing. ECB, please be fair and justify, why no action has been taken against the two individuals as well as against the two political parties. Please do something, before public loosing trust to the ECB.

  5. Bamin55

    PDP does everything for the want of vote this implicate to the party,s fame. Although PDP is trusted party but something some where is always going wrong. I met very recent days please OL and partymember do something to divert to happen such unsound condition to the individual candidate and to the name of party. I am your sopporter and may make difference.

  6. PDP Fan

    Although I voted for PDP in 2008 and a support of PDP to this day, I am not happy the development things lately. I didn’t expect such unlawful practices from any of our registered members, candidates. Therefore, I urge ECB to look into this matter seriously and we also need to look into the conducts of other parties and candidates. This way, our country benefits at the end. Thank you, la.

  7. GakyiPelzom

    BBS, please update if PDP President has sent the party justifications to ECB on why ECB shouldn’t take against the party and the candidate.

    Looking forward to the BBS news tonite.

  8. watchingeyes

    What the hell is happening out there……some deceivers and outlaws cheating the innocent people????? What the is law of land doing???? Dreaming????? Or letting the bigger fish pass the net uncaught?????? Funny ya.

  9. Mongggar

    If PDP thinks BBS is lying, then BBS should be taken to court. There must be recorded version of what that guy said.

    PDP is cheating ECB twice first by fielding civil servants and now campaigning by false candidate to confuse people. ECB shouldn’t tolerate that..

  10. BY-HEART

    Who are we to demand disqualification of parties? How dare we can point out the misdeeds of parties? Do we possess more knowledge about norms set by ECB than any political party? Do we really concern about our country’s future? If yes, then how come less voters turn-up in recent NC election? We are not opposition here, all the parties are ours.

  11. Damworng

    If such things could be accepted, then it is grossly unfair to BKP. They should have also submitted somebody’s name who is of course one of registered voters from that demkhong and could have easily obtained clearance for PR election. We would like to see ECB’s fervent decisions.
    Damchoe Dorji will say anything because it’s going to cost him if party faces legal consequences.

  12. Norbu Drukpa

    Such unhealthy practices must be strangled at its buds. Lest it will spoil the show of a vibrant democracy which has come up so far so good. ECB should seek the support of ACC to deal with such cases with appropriate legal action if situation so demands.

  13. sangchung

    what the hell people’s democratic party is doing these days.firstly they had cheated with ECB by allowing a Teacher before resigning from civil service,which is against the civil service act.Secondly they have cheated ECB allowing a non registered party candidate to campaign at Lhuntse. These type of party should either be disqualified or dealt with the law of the KINGDOM OF BHUTAN.

  14. Phala Man

    I think BBS should find out the reason why the PDP is doing such things to the nation…i think they dose beyond the norm of ECB they always blames to other party instead of doing their campaign… its too much…

  15. goodness

    what about ex-lenpo Minjur???? Hello ECB??????????? Are you listening????

  16. lhajigs

    there is no law for the PDP members…they can violate and laws and cost to sell our country but the law doexist for the DPT members and they will be penalised even by doing the gracious act by offering land to spiritual and religious bodies. The law is blind for the PDP and will ave clear vision for the DPT…some crucial reporters of media industries who did dug those cases of Gyelposhing should be responsible for this case and they should do the research and bring to the notice of Law…

  17. Manjid Kumar

    go with what is there in front of you. you cannot be director to ECB. they have their code of conduct and set of procedures which directs them. they can clear path and find way….. those person who direct or reminds ECB and blames pdp were all pitiful people who do not lack analyzing power. sorry if you are hurt. think and write or speak. you will gain or lose with your mouth so be careful always.

  18. Rngdl

    I guess all the above commentators are against PDP. Is ECB your puppets?…They know what to do and what not to…Go and cast your votes, it’s already 29th today, instead of sitting in the office and writing comments. I know maximum of office goers won’t go this time too. Lets see which party goes through primary round.

  19. Bhutanese

    It is sad to note on the discussion on PDP campaigning processes and candidature nomination.
    I don’t know whether it is true or not but in case if it turns out to be true, I as an individual citizen and party supporter would be disheartened to the extent of not trusting the party and its ideologies/manifestos any more.
    The first issue of PDP candidate getting through without having formal resignation documents and second issue on disguised party candidate campaigning the Minjay-Gangzur people on behalf of eligible registered candidate is a serious fraudulent act. In this very beginning if the PDP candidates are with such issues then what might not come in long run if they are to be next government.If teh case is true I personally discourage such cheat on people, country and TSA-THRIM-CHHENMO.
    Now, the rightful action to be acted in finding the matter to be true or false is ECB (the most respected body), ACC (the most trusted body)and of course we the true people of Bhutan.
    Let us not just criticize each other but critique each other and correct ourselves before the audience of world at large.

  20. Bumdilingpa

    ECB has already publicly reprimanded PDP for allowing him from campaigning on behalf of the party. This confirms that he is not the candidate-designate. Then why is his picture still there on the Kuenselonline know NA Candidates? This would really confuse the voters.

  21. Tshering Tashi

    Knock, Knock ECB, Lets see this time around what is your reaction. Or are you THE interest of PDP. What some have been saying. we are waiting The people of Bhutan.

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