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Cigarettes confiscated

May 23, 2013

 Tobacco-ConfiscatedThe Regional Revenue and Customs office in Phuentsholing confiscated cigarettes worth Nu. 31,000 on Monday morning.  The product was intercepted at the Rinchending check post loaded on one of the public transport buses travelling to Thimphu. It was hidden inside a box used to pack fish.

The driver of the bus had stated that the box with the cigarettes was loaded without his knowledge. The Customs have therefore confiscated the products and reported the matter to the Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency for further course of action.

This is the third tobacco case confiscated by the Phuentsholing Customs this month.

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  1. Bamin55

    The statement given by driver seems incorrect. Every and each load is known by driver while loading. Detail investigation have to be done. Such act of ban is known and by knowing he is doing and got excuse. Need to investiagte when some are still in the prison.

  2. Stashi

    Stop this tobacco act! Instead of earning a lot of revenue in taxes, this government is putting people into prison. Make sale of tobacco legal but put a reasonable tax on it, make it strict that people do not smoke in public places. The state earns revenue, people don’t go to prison, everybody is happy. The only ones not happy are the people who are against other people’s freedom.

  3. citizen

    i agree with bamin 55 coz every driver checks the luggage and if its a parcel they charge for the luggage.it must be his or someone he knows

  4. Udee

    No one to blame except police and law maker are to be blamed at the end.
    Had it been law on public buses that
    each passenger had to declear all their baggage and tag with passenger identity, such wont happen…

  5. passa

    Bus drivers are very much aware of the results if they r caught by the police but there are ways, excuses to hide out the real fact e.g the box may get load by the coolie and sender as fake.the box may be of drivers but act innocent.so what i suggest is as of real honorable police officers of Indian counterpart let the vehicle they take be kept in custody of police and see the results.there will be definitely change in smuggling the band stuffs.

  6. Jamsel

    Driver must put into jail coz with small parcel with weight he is charging shut,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,chocho driver ,I think that driver knows onli how to kill ladies

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