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ECB not to reconsider the appeal by BKP

May 8, 2013

bkpThe Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) will not be reconsidering the appeal put forward by Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party. The Chief Election Commissioner, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi, said the ECB will abide by the decision they took. The Chief Election Commissioner also said their decision was based on the Constitution and electoral laws.

BKP was disqualified from contesting in the primary round of elections, after the scrutiny of Letter of Intent by the ECB. The party had failed to secure candidates for two constituencies in Gasa before filing in letter of intent.

BKP’s president, Sonam Tobgay, said they had submitted the letter in a hope that ECB will look into the matter with a wider wisdom.

8 Comments for “ECB not to reconsider the appeal by BKP”

  1. ugyenTnorbu

    ECB lacks the wisdom indeed. Look at Druk Chirwang, suppose it goes on to win the General Elections. Who will form the cabinet? Therefore, the people of Bhutan has to rise up to the situation and usher in their wisdom which the ECB lacks.

  2. jigme

    It is indeed very sad for all the supporter of BKP. We understand their hard works which went in vain. But you have opportunity in future. Any way decision made by ECB is wise for vibrant democracy in Bhutan . Such excuses or consideration for the appeal will lead big space or scope or opportunity for those who makes mistake and again ECB has to give opportunity for all . Good job ECB

  3. Citizen of Bhutan

    ECB has done up to the constitution of Kingdom of Bhutan.

  4. Samdrup

    As a Bhutanese we all had empathy over others well being so as the officals of the ECB but this time it was the hard time for the ECB too i guess coz such consideration would develop weak system that would affect the true essence of democracy. For not considering the matter the candidates and suppoters of BKP should not demotivated and feel heart broken. Your party will always stand there and every things happens for good reason. 2018 is not far away. the 5 years will clicks very fast. Take this years obstacle as composure and grace with morale dignity and wisdom. As for ECB, tashi delek for adhereing to the laws of the land and surely our democracy would take root and stable foundation

  5. atakota

    donot lose ur hope BKP,ur hardwork will pay you with success.

  6. Kumchho

    Hearing many things from different sources.But decision taken cannot be rolled back.Mistakes made by others have to be overlooked coz decision taken cannot be rolled back.

  7. Bhutanese


  8. dorji choden

    what about DCT with an unresigned teacher from Monggar-as stated in your story.if a un resigned teacher who is a civil servant was on the candidates list during the submission of LOI to ECB .So technically DCT had 46 not 47 candidates.in the interest of holding a free,fair and a fast election,can ECB overlook these shortcoming?

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