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ECB shares NA election calendar

Apr 29, 2013

ECB-NA Election DatesThe Election Commission of Bhutan, after a royal decree, officially issued the schedule of the National Assembly elections at a press conference, today.

The Chief Election Commissioner made a detailed reading of events leading up to the general elections scheduled on July 13. Beginning today, the political parties will begin their submission of letters of intent for their eligibility in the elections, and eligible postal voters will start submitting their applications to respective returning officers. The letters of intent will be scrutinised by the Election Commission on May 6, which is also the date when political parties can start campaigning.

“The campaign for the primary round will be party-based and we expect that parties and their supporters will talk about their manifestos, vision and mission…and not bridges, roads, schools, etc.,” the Chief Election Commissioner, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi said pointedly, establishing that during this period, parties should refrain from making specific promises.

A party can withdraw from the elections on or before May 8.

The Commission, with lessons learnt from the National Council elections has considered certain improvements.

“We will create “clinics” in some public areas, so that anyone who wants help will find it. One of the Commissioners will also entertain long-distance enquiries as we have lots of students and people living abroad who are confused or want to know more about the elections… This time we have also incorporated the correct email addresses of returning officers, last time we had cases where the email addresses were wrong and people had difficulty”, said Dasho Kunzang Wangdi.

The primary round of elections scheduled for May 31 will see two political parties with the highest votes being invited to nominate a candidate for every constituency to contest in the general elections.

2 Comments for “ECB shares NA election calendar”

  1. Bamin55

    Election officials need to extend their knowledge and information that how to apply online application submission and Bhutan Post Service should ensure fast delivery service where there is no bus/dak service as many of us missed during NC election. Also leave for one day during election is inadequate if we have to go personally and if provides atleast three days. Party have to make very sure their Logo if they have to win, otherwise it is lucky for some one but unlucky for some one as I experienced during NC election.

  2. Bjop

    I too believe and consider election as the important steps towards nations development but sadness thing is that most of the inservice and students were left with no offdays to vote.Though postall ballot system is offered ,yet i don’t trust in this means as in last NC candidate too some of the ballot were rejected which actually had made great difference if given a days holiday to vote personally.I don’t think there will be any effect with a few days holidays.Rather it will helps to choose strong and the vibrant political party and the member which ultimately benefit the nation.ONE VOTE WILL also make difference,so not accepting 7 to 10 ballot in some dzongkhag is really sad thing to hear.SO better late than never la.BALLOT system is not really precise

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