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Haa residents object to a mining study

Apr 27, 2013

Haa-MiningResidents of Haa Thromdey have appealed to their Dzongkhag office to stop the ongoing mining feasibility study at Wang Tsha near Haa town.

Wang Tsha, a rocky hill located just a few meters away from Haa town is believed to be highly rich in mineral content, and a survey is currently being carried out to study mining possibilities. Residents near the area, however, are complaining that they have not been informed by the Dzongkhag nor Thromdey representatives about the activities. They say they found out only, yesterday, about the project when an excavator was clearing the road.

The Haa Dzongrab, Jamba Tsheten, said RSA company in charge of doing the feasibility study is only looking at mining possibilities in the area.  The Dzongrab added that a meeting had been held prior to the survey, and there had been a people’s representative.

“The company has a document to show that they can carry out a survey in the mineral area. We have had meetings on that, but there shouldn’t be any adverse effects because of this survey. Major works will be done underground. The works will not be allowed to carry on if done on a large-scale. We have discussed in the DYT that no mineral extraction work will be allowed in Haa Dzongkhag”, maintains Haa Dzongrab, Jamba Tsheten.Haa--Mining

People seem surprised that Pema Jungney from the company carrying out the study was the one who represented them during the aforementioned meeting. They say they have their own Thromdey Thuemi as their rightful representative and, therefore, are questioning how Pema Jungney came to be their representative.

Pema Jungney, in his defense, said his company has approval from the Department of Geology and Mines and is complying with DGM norms.

While the Haa Dzongrab says works will be halted for the time being, Pema Jungney says survey works will continue. The Haa locals claim they will not allow the survey to continue.

With people so divided, it appears that tomorrow is a little uncertain. When tomorrow comes, one wonders if it will favour the people or the mine?

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  1. Tshering Tashi

    I urge People of Haa to stand their ground at any cost, coz this mining has robbed people in many ways. This miners where as drives Big cars and never gets satisfied. I also urge people of Bhutan to stand against such activities in our country. People had no or very less benefits and more harmful effects.

    I wonder who is going to save us from such rampage now and time to come.

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