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Patent Certificates awarded to two inventors

Apr 26, 2013

WorldIntellectualDay.Coinciding with the celebration of the World Intellectual Property day, patent certificates were awarded to the first-ever two inventors in the country.

With patent rights, the inventors have been given the sole right to make, use and sell their invention for a set period.

Redeem time-control plasma is one of the patent recipients. This is an anti-aging product, jointly, developed by Quantum Pharmaceuticals Ltd based in Hong Kong and three Bhutanese co-inventors.  Redeem is a biochemical invention that contains plant extracts for cosmetic treatment.

“Inventors spend a lot of their time thinking, and doing research for many years. And this time investment must be protected. This (patent) is also an incentive/protection for people to come up with new ideas”, says the vice president of Quantum Pharmaceuticals and also an inventor, Dr. Atti-La Dahlgren.

Redeem is currently manufactured in Switzerland. Dr Atti-la added that they are collaborating with the Ministry of agriculture and forests to look into the possibility of manufacturing other products in Bhutan in the future.

Similarly, an electrical engineer by profession, Jigme Tobgyel, received a patent certificate for inventing a cement-based electrical grounding system that is durable, safe, reliable and maintenance-free.

“To be a knowledge-based society, we must develop in terms of intellectual property. I think our youth should definitely be inclined in this direction. It is not absolutely essential to be brilliant, even a very simple idea can be used to create something with industrial applicability”, Jigme Tobgyel says.

This year, the World intellectual Property Day was observed on the theme, “Creativity: the next generation”.

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  1. kasadawa

    Congratulation!! This is such a great news to learn that Bhutanese are becoming creative and innovative. Considering Bhutanese small domestic market and little scope for expanding manufacturing base given its resource constraint, the most sustainable and potential economic sector for the future of Bhutan is the service sector. We should invest more in R&D and laboratory facilities in the country. Education curriculum should be geared towards making students excel in technical papers. If Switzerland can become one of the most successful OECD country given its small land size and resources, we should also be optimistic. It is not impossible to have our own Mark Zukarbarg, or Steve Job.

  2. Tshewang Jamtsho

    Jigme Sir,
    You will, like always, inspire me…

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