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Not a single woman gets elected

Apr 24, 2013

Female-VotersNot a single woman made it to the National Council seat yesterday even though more than half of the electorates were women in yesterday’s election.

Albeit consideration and discussion continue to take place when it comes to women in decision making and how to encourage them, quota could prove useful and necessary in case of yesterday’s situation said the Chief Election Commissioner, Dasho Kunzang Wangdi at a press conference this morning.

“Given the yesterday’s kind of situation while we respect the wishes and the decision of women but some aspiring women candidates, sometimes some kind of quota concept may be useful or necessary. Because thing is that we would lose in the critical decision making position contribution of women or women prospective.”WomenVoter

Numerous reports and publications also make a reference on general stereotyping that women do not make a good leader because of various other reasons. However, it is also considered important to have women at the decision making to bring in the inclusive perspective of both the genders.

Dasho Kunzang Wangdi said particularly women may also rethink of making concerted effort to give little bit more support if there are capable women coming forward. “Not because they are women but given their potential they could contribute more.”

Out of 67 candidates, there were five women candidates which include three incumbents who did not make it this time. Out of 379819 registered voters, 192799 are female voters.

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  1. yes

    it is matter of serious concern in early democracy.

  2. ugyen

    Empowering women or power of women

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