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Presidents of new political parties meet PM

Mar 29, 2013

CourtesyCallOn-PMLeaders of the new political parties made a courtesy call on the Prime Minister Jigmi Y.Thinley, this afternoon. Lyonchhoen said their participation is significant as it completes an important process of democracy- the primary round of election.

DCT’s President, Lily Wangchhuk, DNT’s president Dorji Choden and BKP’s president Sonam Tobgay met the Prime Minister behind the closed door.




4 Comments for “Presidents of new political parties meet PM”

  1. leoman

    Its not surprising No PDP president. So it is 4:1 for 2013.

  2. BhutanRebirthdotcom

    Just love the way politicians are so diplomatic, say one thing in the front “Their participation is significant as it completes an important process of democracy” and inside think “How dare they stand against me and my party! Who the h*ll do they think they are?? I’ll smash them, just wait and see”…

  3. Gyan

    Thanks for serving the country & people whit utmost alacrity and most welcome to the new comers in political field. Move together and work together to make brighter Bhutan. Good Luck.

  4. Gyan

    The general public never makes mistake to choose their leader, it is their unfortunate day for them and as well as for looser.Very interesting part in this is, they have to convince themselves later on and forget about. It is the human’s character.

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