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MoIC responds to media reports on domestic airports

Mar 29, 2013

MoIC-DomesticAirportsThe Ministry of Information and Communications has issued, ‘a statement of fact’, saying the ministry will not respond to some media that have been carrying unauthenticated information about the construction of the three domestic airports.

It says the MoIC will respond to all media when the official exchange with the RAA is over and RAA’s report is released.

The statement says that one newspaper, and sections of BBS news, have been quoting and reproducing verbatim, a premature Royal Audit Authority (RAA) observation.

It says since this audit observation, MoIC and Department of Civil Aviation have had three high-level formal meetings and a number of informal discussions with the RAA and that the ministry has also handed over to the RAA numerous government documents in response to RAA’s initial observations.

“It is unfortunate that an incomplete audit report is given to the media, obviously with ulterior motives. The media have ignored the most basic tenet of journalism, that is to seek the opinion of an organisation or individual it is writing about.”

The statement also says that MoIC is not responding to the media because it is not appropriate to conduct an auditing process through the media. “The official period given to the ministry to respond is not even over. Such a period is sub judice in a legal case and is at least unethical and immoral in the case of an auditing process.”

4 Comments for “MoIC responds to media reports on domestic airports”

  1. cock

    what moic is informing public now, if it is really unauthenticated why cant moic drag that media house to the court. m sure this must same like gyelposhing land case. lest see the output any way

  2. leeeeeeee

    As DPT is in power it will be changed after meeting! So to believe or not is up to individual. I have loss my trust on govt so will never make same mistake again!

  3. Bja

    Hold on for a minute. MOIC minister is irresponsbile by making such statments to public. Funds that were used for these airports were taxes which I have paid; that, in fact, every citizen has paid to government.
    Is he trying to make Bhutan look like one of those corrupted countires?
    The authority of the people has been delegated to him expecting him to deliver results for the people—that is why he is paid more than an average salary–, and not use that authority to cultivate corruption.
    He should be put on trail, and should take responsbility by resigning from the position.

    I am ashamed for choosing him as our representative. Shame on him!

  4. laso

    Lets true pictures comes out, If there is any corrupt practices done, should punish with equity and justice. The media should also give true information, otherwise u also liable for it equally.Judging is our responsibility,we will take it seriously.

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