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Regionally Balanced Development on Track?

Mar 29, 2013

bidung-rural-migrationWhere does Bhutan’s goal of regionally balanced development stand? Is it on track? Is enough being done to advance the goal?

Rural-urban migration, which is largely attributed to unbalanced regional development, has been found to be the highest in Bhutan among the South Asian nations according to the UN Human Development Index Report 2009.

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Trashigang, a dzongkhag that seems to be the hardest hit continues to people from its villages leave in quite a number.

Would it be apt to describe the growing rural-urban migration in the country as a stark indication of development not happening in a balanced manner?






9 Comments for “Regionally Balanced Development on Track?”

  1. Kezang

    Couldn’t BBS get a rural representative? It’s a pity!

  2. Langshoor

    Owning to this Rural – Urban migration, we face housing shortages in our Urban towns. We cannot find a house below Nu. 10,000/= as a monthly rent even for a decent house that hasn’t have all necessary facilities.

  3. Papa

    I thought that it was an insult to be watching 3 so called ill informed experts

  4. Saazhig

    It would be thankful if somebody also find out the data on barren/fallow land that are granted on Kidu and resettlement grounds. In our southern districts, we still see barren and ignored fertile land left uncultivated for the reasons not known to us, but people say that that lands belongs to somebody absent from the locality for a long long time.

  5. Migseer

    Abandoned empty houses and deserted fallow land in our rural villages AND scarcity of the same in our Urban Towns. Who is responsible for such management and planning??????????????????????????????? We feel that if something is not done seriously, this trend is going to continuously go on and on and we will be seeing that our rural pockets ignored and Towns problems increased as we already see burglary, robbery, jobless people in towns and many social problems in the Towns area.

    We feel that our Rural houses and farm lands are being taken care by all of us. Thanks.

  6. Zhuwa Phuelwa

    Can’t we do the survey on this empty houses and barren lands to find out who who are the ones of those emptied houses please. They must be called back to their villages to take care of their houses and farm lands than to suffer in towns in search of job and houses that are not affordable within one’s income level. People are putting themselves into troubles and problems in search of comfortable life in Towns running away from rural villages emptying houses and abandoning farmlands.

  7. Semchen

    We those who lived long in the Towns also feel the pinch now that due to more people migrating in the towns, the essential commodities prices like food and vegetable items are sky-rocking and becoming beyond our means. We also see that many friends and family members (people) had to live in a very conjusted quarters/homes on share basis under compulsion coz of HIGH HOUSE RENTS they could not afford to pay from what they earn.
    We see many social problems both in Towns and Rural due to this RURAL-URBAN MIGRATION. Concerned Human Management authority should look into these problems and find solutions so that we all are happy without such problems. Thanks.

  8. Naykaap

    Due to Rural-Urban migration; people are already facing many problems like:
    1) Shortage of houses and high rent charges,
    2) Increased number of Unemployment of people and burglary cases,
    3) Garbage problems,
    4) Water problems,
    5) Traffic problems and what not…………. there are many many to say……………. more emphases are many many people in the towns are facing HOUSING PROBLEMS and HIGH HOUSE RENTS. HIGH HOUSE RENTS, HIGH HOUSE RENTS CHARGED BY PRIVATE BUILDING OWNERS. WHEN BASIC NEEDS LIKE HOME GOES BEYOND ONES MEANS, OUR HAPPINESS are washed away by this unaffordable housing for us.

  9. Dorji

    Is very sad to see barren land and empty houses in our rural villages in spite of our Beloved Kings grants Land Kidus for landless people with the hopes and kind wishes for utilizing the land for producing agricultural produces for self-sufficiency of food and vegetables by us.
    If something is not done to make them go back to their rural villages to take care of their houses and land; we foresee many such fallowed land and empty houses abandoned and ignored and deserted rural villages by our people.

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