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Man arrested for killing new born

Mar 28, 2013

sephu-murderA 25-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his baby. The baby was just a day old.

The police said the accused had thrown the baby twice on the floor after    a quarrel with his wife and father in-law.

The wife in her statement to the police said the accused had been drunk.  She said her husband had thrown their baby in a fit after not being able to find his citizenship identity card.

The accused is from Trongsa.

31 Comments for “Man arrested for killing new born”

  1. Namgye

    Is he man or animal? No pity to quarrel his post pain wife after deilivery that usually takes 14 days or more to recover. Or is he feeling ashame to have a child in his life? If so better avoid making pregnant by using many types of contraceptives that abudantly available in all health centers. It is serious crime, sinful and pitiful who borne to human life and murdered within a day after birth. Blamming to alcohol is plain excuse that everyone dose. God has given to limit for everything and knowing that his wife is with severe pain have drunk beyond limit. Such comitted people be dealt as per the act of country law.

    • taxin

      This is a shoking news killing their baby for the cost of not finding the ID. what could be other alternative than to be called him a devil man. Really,people take life as granted and whatever the mischeivous happened is blamed for consuming alcohol..actually its not alcohol that determines but the cruelty of humanmind that makes to happen.That man deserves the high degree of criminal charge for killing, and for not taking care of his acking wife and showing no respect to the parents

  2. kinzang wangchuck

    What a stupid animal father he is. Killing his own baby .Law of Bhutan should penalize him without mercy.

  3. pema

    demon in a form of person … Give him life imprisonment …

  4. dorji

    Better ………kill him diretly

    • Ugyen


      • larry kumar

        Why those police force has been kept for watching the violence? Why not killing such a killer? He should be not be alive because he is not going to improve his life style from such crime………….

    • yangphel

      I am away from my Mother countr, my family, my friends………..what a man…..I am so surprised and deepened by the sadness, emotional, and I even dont know what to do after reading this news……such kind of man live in our country of Heaven….How comes…..He should be dealt with the law of our country to safe and protect some more children…..and innocent women from deadly, mindless, heartless, shamfull man…

    • Heruk Tshering

      Wow! it is a disgrace to all bhutanese fathers

  5. karma sherub

    Animal is better then him.

  6. Sherap Dema

    This shows how much the husband cares for his wife and children. Its high time now that women should come forward in all the fields especially to subdue such stone heart person.

  7. rinchenlhaden

    what kind of human is it,even animal can know how to care there baby,better give him imprisonemt

  8. f.r.leavis

    Such an inhuman act. I cant think of. That person may be mad or must have some psychological problems..

  9. ugyen

    He is a cruel man killing his own blood and giving a lame excuse. please, don,t kill him but instead give him life imprisonment because killing him will make us no better than him and if we kill him his pain is short but life imprisonment would kill him many times before his death….. god bless the child and light the way to nirvana……

  10. rathoo

    No mercy being human,half animal half human, sooo stupid,better throw him and kill it.

  11. Tenzing

    Evil Devil in the form of human being. Even the animals take care of their baby so dearly. What happened to this inhuman human-being.

    These days, human beings are becoming animals and dangerously corrupted ones. Something very serious needs to be done to improve our human characters and behaviours. Human beings are doing more harming things both to our mother earth and fellow beings.

  12. dorji

    do not make judgement. he may be a sick man beyond our understanding.

  13. Pema Choki T. Wangmo

    Shoot him without mercy.

  14. BhutanRebirthdotcom

    As a recovering alcoholic I promise you that no matter how drunk there will be some bit of sense somewhere that will prevent one from doing certain things such as banging your one day old kid on the floor. Sure, inhibitions are removed, but in this case he did do something that you cannot blame on alcohol (mebbe just a bit). He hit the infant on the floor.Not once but TWICE!! This crime cannot be reduced with the excuse of “did under the influence.”
    Alcohol did play a small part so I say, still the Government does nothing with alcohol. What has to happen before they wake up and say, “Oh! why are we bothering with tobacco when the real evil is alcohol?”

  15. sonam tobgay

    that man has to b given hang to dead s he is not a human …………………

  16. sonam tobgay

    that man has to b given hang to dead…………………….

  17. sonam tobgay

    THAT MAN has to b given hang to dead………………………

  18. drukpimekhung

    That kind of person should not exist in the world . better kill him right away without mercy.

  19. Tsajangchen

    We all are concerned of our fellow humanbeing’s attitude and characters. What is more dangerous and serious than killing. We need some social behaviour improvement breifings to our society. We all must join to do something to improve the spoilt human attitudes and behaviours like these sorts which jeopardizes the way of peaceful living and safety of all of us.

  20. lhaden

    yeah,government should more concern on alcohol,that is the main evil, not the tobacco, they are not forming proper rules, ofcorse ban of tobacco is good but what about alcohol?u

  21. sonam chophel


  22. KEZANG

    He is relly in a inhuman form, so heartless father,give him imprisonment right away and torcher him day n night in the cell.

  23. tashi

    what a barbaric and beastly man, no…even an animal or beast doesn’t kill their newborn child, such a father doesn’t have any rights to live on this earth and in our society itself. The law must give him the harshest of the harsh punishments of all. God! Can’t imagine the life and pain of poor no longer living baby who have painstakingly grown and spent nine months in his/her mother’s womb and took equal labour pain just as his/her mother to come out into this world. And poor mother too, she must be undergoing trauma due to the loss of her own blood line.May god bless all our sentient beings and specially protect the innocent babies from facing any sorts of evil acts by an evil man or women!

  24. neygu s ohstnuhp

    half human,half devil????????????????no,no,no he is completely devil, he isn’t human at all.make sure he dies slowly. my suggestions -cut off his limbs first and let him live and let him die like that……if this is case,i will not accept any excuses.Devil must be dealt with devil no mercy.

  25. Taatookpai Samchar

    It is understandable that people are angry of the evil act. So simply getting angry isn’t sufficient. We must look for solutions and answers to help curb and stop such incidents in future. These sort of evil acts and corruptions in our society must be driven away for ever from our root.
    We are seeing that EVIL and CORRUPTED PEOPLE are winning from us. We must join our hands to fight to stop all EVILS.

  26. Saazhig

    Wai wai Fellow citizens, please let us help curb corruptions and evil action like this sorts. Let us find solutions to this problems please.
    Really many people are turning bad from good these days. We see and experience that they don’t fear of anything. How to make calm and peace of our society please. More jealousy and anger and hatred are increasing in the mind of our people. Any solutions to this things please.

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