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Couple and two men detained for illegal transactions

Mar 28, 2013

dangchu-Golden-ScriptPolice in Wangdue Phodrang have detained a couple and two other men for alleged involvement in the illegal sale of a Gaytongpa or golden scriptures.

In 2010, the couple had filed a complaint stating that miscreants had stolen the golden scriptures from their house in Dangchu Gewog in Wangdue, but by February, this year, the police suspected their involvement in the case.

Police say the couple had sold the golden scriptures to two buyers, who had then sold it across the border.

While the husband has confessed to the crime, the wife denies the allegation.

The buyers, men aged 25 and 28, have been arrested and have confessed to the crime.

The couple and the men are from Dangchu in Wangdue.

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  1. Chang Cham

    As a very much concerned citizen, I/we really wonder why some people are selling of religious items for money and wealth for their personal comfortability and enjoyment. We see many people runs after money, wealth, name and fame.
    So I am in my opinion that we all good citizens must join our hands to do something to protect our common wealth from such illegal business and thefts by such evil and corrupted people.

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