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ACC’s charges legally unsound: Home Minister’s legal counsel on Gyalpoizhing

Jan 30, 2013

MonggarCourt-GyalpoizhingLandCaseThe legal counsel, Jamyang Sherub Wangdi, submitted the fourth rebuttal statement on Gyalpoizhing land case, today, on behalf of home minister, Minjur Dorji.

Jamyang Sherub Wangdi said the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), raising issues of administrative procedural lapses and charging it under the Bhutan Penal Code is “legally unsound”. However, he said, it doesn’t mean the defendant is accepting it as procedural lapses. He said the defendant will also justify the procedure accordingly when it is necessary.

He said ACC had charged the defendant on section 294 of the Bhutan Penal Code under the “presumption” of administrative procedural lapses.

ACC will submit their rebuttal tomorrow.

2 Comments for “ACC’s charges legally unsound: Home Minister’s legal counsel on Gyalpoizhing”

  1. leki

    isn’t time for bhutan to kick some so called legal experts too. I think there must be some sort of legal procedure to make even these “so called experts to be answerable for coming up with undue explosion of their point of view. ACC is doing great!!!! REMOVE ALL THOSE WHO ARE CORRUPTED AND ALL THOSE WHO ARE ASSOCIATED WITH IT AND ALSO THOSE WHO ARE GETTING ASSOCIATED WITH IT.

  2. anti-forum

    Me too against corruptions, but its not enough simply by saying ACC is doing great!!!!. You should subtstantiate with facts and figures. These so called legal experts defend substantiately.

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