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GNH, a new global economic paradigm?

Jan 30, 2013

New-Development-ParadigmThe world is in pursuit of a new development paradigm. The present global economic paradigm, many scholars and economists believe has failed many a times and is becoming obsolete.

The focus is now on Gross National Happiness. Many countries in the world have already endorsed GNH as the next global development paradigm.

The Prime Minister, Jigmi Y.Thinley, said the time has never been more ripe and ready for a genuine change. He was speaking at the International Expert Working Group for the New Development Paradigm which began in Thimphu today.

During the opening remarks, Lyonchhoen said the time has come to ponder on a new global economic paradigm that will move away from the current materialist obsession to a much broader and deeper view of human happiness and the well-being.


This is not to say that the idea of a paradigm shift will find easy acceptance by the world community. On the contrary, the resistance to any change from the conventional GDP led development model continues to be as unyielding. Therefore, while our objective must remain the same, it would be expedient not to use the term ‘new development paradigm’ in our report.”

Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley
Prime Minister


Lyonchhoen said the unique partnership will help succeed in formulating a new development paradigm.

“The partnership between your extraordinary knowledge and expertise and our own sovereign status as a member of the United Nations will enable this initiative to succeed where efforts by great scientists, active NGOs, and respected agencies have foundered.”

The Prime Minister said Bhutan has learnt the hard way that it cannot be a GNH bubble in a GDP world and that Bhutan cannot build a GNH society in one corner of the Himalayas surrounded by a world obsessed with accumulation of material wealth at all costs.

“Our collective endeavour is to present to the United Nations a new development paradigm to promote human happiness and the well being of all life forms within a sustainable environment to be considered for implementation in the post MDG (2015) world.”

Lyonchhoen said the UN is actively engaged in the search for a global development vision and strategy to replace the Millennium Development Goals. The High Level Panel of the UN Secretary-General is working in parallel with the group.

He also said the objective is to gain acceptance of the conceptual framework as a follow up to the resolution and the High Level Meeting. He said it is also to prepare the ground for an open-minded deliberation in 2014.



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  1. now.. we the Bhutanese really know abt the GNH and its papular even in the world….but till now i hav not seen one proper logo for GNH..so for dat i hav made simple wit great meaning logo for GNH..but till now i cud not share as i don know wer to share,,ask for this all…so even in dis also if am go in wrong way means plez am sorry..forgive mee

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