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Bridge in Lhuentse collapses a day ahead of completion

Jan 28, 2013

langchenphuZamcollaspesThe Langchenphu bridge in Lhuentse collapsed one day prior to its completion. The 140 feet long bridge gave way on the January 15 after the launching nose of the bridge broke. Only one worker at the site suffered a hand fracture, the rest escaped unhurt.

The launching nose is said to have broken as it had been old.

The bridge is being built by the Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL). CDCL officials have said, in their defence, that except for the launching nose, they have been following proper construction norms. The CDCL Regional office in Lingmithang has built 15 bridges, so far, and this bridge is the first one to collapse. The CDCL hopes to have the bridge complete in a little over a week’s time.

The bridge, when complete, will connect the remote villages of Kurtoe Gewog.

3 Comments for “Bridge in Lhuentse collapses a day ahead of completion”

  1. tshering

    A probe further would let us (the people) understand if it was just a launching nose…..I see a big story here! All the best BBS

  2. sonam

    thank god no one got hurt..imagine if innocent villagers,men,women and children were there crossing the bridge..!! thank god!!

  3. dorji

    if 15 bridegs were built so far by CDCL , what happened this time? were they sleeping during construction or were merry making with local women? Who is responsible with the expenditure of broken irons and maintainance? goverment money is public money, some public people are hard to live from day to day with inadequate food and clothing. Do you aware of this? Be compassionate in your official works, because money from goverment indirectly is public money. Be mindful next time ! Be loyel to country and people.

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